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Quote: Originally Posted by Pablo-T And do you really own a 57 Gold Top? Respect!
Quote: Originally Posted by robbz9206 dnb Hands down the best music to run to. Most of my 'go to' running mixes come from this guy. http://www.wozowski.com/blog/
Precisely 49 to 61.5 degrees fahrenheit.
It's called a 'shandy', bro and it's just half-lemonade, half-beer.
Ran 8 miles, cycled 1.5 and worked my chest and abs. Grrrrrr.
AE has them for $20. Target sells them for $10.
Quote: Originally Posted by imatlas Mark McNairy did a longwing high boot last season, and it was a disaster. I don't think longwings work as well in boot form. Where did you see them? Are they still available?
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo This is better than the ultra-thin supercreep that Okini uses. The white kid with the horrible shoulders that makes every jacket/shirt look like shit. lolol he's just so punchable isn't he?
The mall.
Having a beard was great 6 years ago. Now it's embarrassing. I hate people putting anything 'heritage' under the umbrella of 'work wear'. It's a good, masculine trend that is sadly despised by effete goths in $800 hoodies with silly asymmetrical zips.
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