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Didn't I already buy the Easy Emils?
4.5 miles this morning, going to go for another run when the gf gets home. Still getting used to actual outdoors running, as I used to only do it on a treadmill. Signed up for my first 5k race today as well!
Quote: Originally Posted by sharks9022 I wish they had that Calabama Sweatshirt in looks baller. What times are these when a stained, rumpled sweatshirt could be considered 'baller'? Like the wool trucker jacket. Some good details on other bits.
I can't believe this stuff hasn't sold. If I had more cash at the moment I'd be picking up that sweatshirt.
Quote: Originally Posted by HisAirness32 So its just for aesthetic purposes? Doesn't really help the shoe/leather in any way? The cedar ones absorb moisture and help keep the shoe's shape when you're not wearing it. Speaking of shoe trees, I need another set. I stopped at a Dillard's I saw from the freeway the other day and asked in the shoe dept. if they had any shoe trees. "We won't be getting Christmas themed items until closer to...
Some nice things here. Surprised they're still available.
Your pm's. Check them.
Great thread.
"Shine butler" sounds like some sort of slang term.
If that Bal Coat doesn't go soon, it will be mine!
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