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Does anyone have any care tips on white guidis? Do they age well left alone or should I treat them with something?
Are the standard tall Wyatt boots without the strap available anywhere? I'm a size 43-43.5 in most brands. Have only seen the one on the SLP site which is available in a 45 I think.
That Allure coat at Notre is hot. Looks like an interesting fabric as well.
Personally don't think those APCs look great with the boots. Try something like SLP, Dior etc. and in a different color. The dark blue denim in that kind of cut looks messy against the sleekness of the boots. IMO.
Has anyone ordered from Suitsense before? Contemplating the Brigadier Hi Folk, but cannot find them available anywhere else in suede. I'm a 10.5 in Nikes, am I correct in assuming I'd need a 10 in the Brigadier?
I was looking for the brown, either pebbled or glossy versions. Maybe when SS15 stuff starts rolling in there will be some available. I will go with the black at FWDFWD if I can't find either of those, so thanks for posting.
Anyone know where I can still find these Raf derbys in a size 43?
Sold Nearly new, size 4 Stephan Schneider Rock Coat. Fits a 46 or 48. I am a 48 and the arm holes feel a little high, but I have much tighter fitting jackets in 48. Comes with NMWA hangar and garment bag. Will trade for Algae coat in size 4 or 5 or a Rick Owens stooges that will fit a 48. Nothing wrong with it, but I bought my wife a Stephan Schneider coat in the same fabric (Hirsuta) that she wears constantly and I would rather we didn't match. Will fed ex or express...
Toasty that kaftan looks awesome. Wish I'd gotten one.
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