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^ Plugs make you look like a complete tool. Is that a good reason?
Wonder where the inspiration for those came from? There isn't a good sneaker in this thread that isn't RO. Just tons of multi-colored garbage dunks and sub-nike design in shitty exotic leathers.
Damn, purchased some stuff from porter the day before it dropped again in price.
Are you only wearing the boots during dessert? What footwear will you have on during the main course?
I hate places that charge you for shopping.
Wow where can you buy these for 650 euro? I'll have to grab some...
Think about 1 to 1.5 sizes below what you'd normally get from nike. I wear small in normal nike stuff, mostly large and medium with the gyakusou range.
Wear mine all the time when I'm running. They function well and look cool as fuck. Just like the rest of the gyak stuff. If you can't afford it though you can always stick to getting your workout gear at tk maxx/Ross like the rest of the plebs. HTH.
I am a 10.5 in most shoes, 43 in Ann D, and I have had the combats in both 43 and 44. The 43 felt slightly small, so I wear 44s now. FWIW, HTH, YMMV etc.
How can you homos not handle carrying your phone in the gym/running? I put mine in a 'pocket'. Works well imo.
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