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I'd say it's a slim straight cut.
I have the peddler trouser (At least that was the name that Other shop had it listed as), They are actually wool, polyester and cashmere. They are probably my favorite pair of pants at the moment.
This is my favorite piece from last season. If it were a 5 I'd get it to go with my charcoal version. Definitely worth copping.
Got these last month but... Schneider Cardigan Guidi Boots
Ghostface fit is best thing since last ghostface fit.
Bump. Send me offers.
Does anyone have any care tips on white guidis? Do they age well left alone or should I treat them with something?
Are the standard tall Wyatt boots without the strap available anywhere? I'm a size 43-43.5 in most brands. Have only seen the one on the SLP site which is available in a 45 I think.
That Allure coat at Notre is hot. Looks like an interesting fabric as well.
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