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Sold Nearly new, size 4 Stephan Schneider Rock Coat. Fits a 46 or 48. I am a 48 and the arm holes feel a little high, but I have much tighter fitting jackets in 48. Comes with NMWA hangar and garment bag. Will trade for Algae coat in size 4 or 5 or a Rick Owens stooges that will fit a 48. Nothing wrong with it, but I bought my wife a Stephan Schneider coat in the same fabric (Hirsuta) that she wears constantly and I would rather we didn't match. Will fed ex or express...
Toasty that kaftan looks awesome. Wish I'd gotten one.
Check a couple posts up the page
This thread could use some fits
Can anyone who owns the lamium cardigan comment on fit? I wear a 4 in the Rock coat, but I generally take a 5 in shirts and sweats. Should I get a 4 or 5?
I am a 38 and have a IV and it fits fine. Think it depends on how you like to wear it. Kind of wishing I'd gone with V for the more oversized look though.
The good news is that you don't need a password.
Sales generally start when all items on your wish list have sold out in your size.
I have the grey one. The wool is soft to the touch. It's lined so I'd say it's pretty warm as well.
UJust get the Rock coat. I guarantee people will be hunting for them next year.
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