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That sounds absolutely lovely. Do you get anything animalic in it? I was sampling other stuff when I tried this, but I thought it had a pretty pissy note in it.
DIa Man this morning. It's like an airport toilet stall recently occupied by a sweaty arab. This afternoon: Bois D'argent.
Wore Borneo 1843 this morning and got called a 'hippy' by my girlfriend. This afternoon I visited a specialist shop to try some l'artisan. The owner of the shop really dislikes the house for some reason and spent his time actively trying to get me to try other brands. I hate aggressive sales pitches. Eventually he allowed me to sample some - Al Oudh seems pretty good, although more animalic than I expected. Poivre Piquant was alright as well.
No Chinatown, but I will keep an eye out for it. Riverside Drive is in there, which I have read good things about. There is a nice rose/tuberose one (something like Saks En Rose I think) that smells great on my gf.I'm trying Creed Original Vetiver today. Definitely don't like this one. The Dior Vetiver I've been wearing is much, much better.
I really want this one. Do you find the coffee note to be prominent? I've read some people saying they think it's pretty light.I went to the Saks perfume counter today and when asked what they could help me with, I just said, "I don't think I want to buy anything today, I was just hoping to get a bunch of samples." and the very nice sales assistant got a small Saks bag and filled it with about 16 sample bottles. Mostly Bond and Creed though. I didn't think it would be that...
I have to say, if it weren't for this thread, I would have never gotten into fragrance like I have. I asked you guys' advice on some things about two years ago and I have been buying decants constantly since then. Thanks, I think.. I just got Dior La Collecion Vetiver today and I'm trying that out. Pretty conservative so far. Also got some others from the exclusifs collection in the mail today but haven't tried them yet. I was so impressed with leather oud that I wanted...
Champaca Absolute tonight.
It's the original insensé not ultramarine. I like it. It's a very green smelling floral to me, with kind of an unpleasantly sharp opening that smells like a dated, flowery, liquid hand soap or bubble bath.
Td'h doesn't do it for me personally. I like voyage d'hermes better. Today I'm wearing insense again.
I love Coromandel, but only when I apply it sparingly. Wearing Gucci Pour Homme tonight. There's a particular aldehyde in this that is also in cdg 2men and rose 31 that smells like a snuffed candle. I used to like it, but now I find it sort of nausea inducing. Wish I'd gone w something else.
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