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Champaca Absolute tonight.
It's the original insensé not ultramarine. I like it. It's a very green smelling floral to me, with kind of an unpleasantly sharp opening that smells like a dated, flowery, liquid hand soap or bubble bath.
Td'h doesn't do it for me personally. I like voyage d'hermes better. Today I'm wearing insense again.
I love Coromandel, but only when I apply it sparingly. Wearing Gucci Pour Homme tonight. There's a particular aldehyde in this that is also in cdg 2men and rose 31 that smells like a snuffed candle. I used to like it, but now I find it sort of nausea inducing. Wish I'd gone w something else.
Layering oud wood and champaca absolute today. Dark and muddy with a flowery top. I'm thinking I need a bottle of oud wood. Though to me it's notes are I'll-defined and slightly grim, it has a pleasing minimal nature.
Speaking of Oud 27 - I'm wearing La Collection Couturier Parfumeur Leather Oud again today. It's very similar to Oud 27, but I find it softer and less harsh.
Amouage Dia Man today
Dior Leather Oud
Rainy / foggy in Austin today. Wearing Oud Wood.
I really want to try this one! Sounds interesting. I have yet to try any Malle actually. Thinking of getting some of this, MR, and Carnal Flower from STC.Today I'm wearing Coromandel.
New Posts  All Forums: