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That's the second bunk Corner code I've seen this week.
Think part of their business model is producing a set amount of product in advance, so when they run out, they're completely out.
Good luck man. I've been after some 43-43.5 ones. I sold my first pair of these and regret it greatly.
I've been happy w all my uniqlo purchases of late. Tasmanian wool trousers fit so well. I am guessing there's not going to be any restocking on the UU stuff. Wish I'd copped more earlier on.
I always size down in veilance tops, trousers tts. I'm bigger in the shoulders as well. Speaking of veilance. Someone sell me a size small deploy jacket.
I hate the hype surrounding it, but I really like the stuff. I just finished a bottle yesterday. Resisting taking a trip to Neimans for more.
Can we have less Sinnedk/moo bitching and more pics of shoes please?
New Posts  All Forums: