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Tom Ford Champaca Absolute today. I really like this one. It's got a rather floral opening underpinned by some darker musky and patchouli elements. Wore pure havane yesterday on Thomas' recommendation. I like it better than Tobacco Vanille. Good stuff.
Does anyone on here work as a personal trainer? I'm thinking of getting. Certification. It there's so many options I'm not sure what would be best.
Earplugs! I think l'incandescent's suggestion of VIW is excellent.Today: Insense.
Thanks for the recommendations, I shall try all of those. I scored some Coromandel but have yet to try it. Timbuktu has been on the radar but I have feared it would be too floral for some reason. Speaking of L'artisan, my girlfriend was wearing 'traversee du bosphore' last night and it was fantastic. The first time I tried it, I was put off, but on her it smelled fantastic.
Can anyone recommend some good frankincense or incense in general frags that don't have a strong cedar or sharp woody note? I once bought some frankincense in a market in morocco and have been looking for a frag that smells like the genuine article ever since. So far, only Jubilation 25 (which I absolutely love) has really done it for me. Dia and Epic man are on my list, if anyone can recommend some others I'd appreciate it. Wore Neroli Portofino again today. It is...
I'm fairly new to the concept 2, but I managed to churn out 14k in an hour today. Felt a little ill afterwards tbh.
I have this irrational aversion to Mugler products due to the hideous bottle designs (looks like his products would be exclusively utilized by hirsute Greek clubbers with shirts half-unbuttoned and non-ironic Elvis sunglasses), but I think I'll have to try this.Tried some Neroli Portofino after the gym today. It's not something I'd normally wear, but it's largely inoffensive. Meh.
Tf champaca absolute today. This one seems to have more depth than the average private blend number. I like it so far. Tried tobacco vanille yesterday, was disappointed as I was hoping for the deep rich tobacco of c-men, which tv doesn't really have to my nose.
I just got Rose 31 out again yesterday after not wearing it for 8 months or so and I liked it a lot better than I used to. I don't really get the 'rose' in it, what I do get is a subdued vetiver with a buzzing cumin/pepper haze around it and some cedar. There is something mysterious about it though, and a sense that I can't quite pick out all the parts, which I find very appealing.I cracked open Santal 33 again this morning and I still find it to be an obnoxious one-note...
New Posts  All Forums: