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massive price drop
Those windshell jackets are great. I wear mine all the time. edit: just measured the p2p on mine and it is 22 p2p. Oops. These fit really well so I thought it was slightly slimmer in cut.
Nice. I just got the deploy anorak (a grail of mine) and some trousers from a previous season. I love Veilance for its minimal, functional approach. Everything I've owned from the line has been a 'keeper'.
Don't know if it's already been mentioned, but Harvey and Pungetti (ten c designers - erstwhile Stone Island and Cp Company designers) are going to be creative directors for CP Company starting next fall. Should have some good pieces coming in the pipeline.
Lol at people thinking its the retailer's fault that they have to pay duties. You are paying tax to your government on an imported item. It's not Tres Bien or whoever exacting extra money from you.
No longer available. Thanks for looking.
Just got this and it is ever so slightly too small. I'm cutting and would keep it, but the wife thinks we need new furniture more than I need more jackets. Color is grey with sort of greenish tones in it. It is made from an unusual knitted fabric. New cost is around 1800 dollars.
I wear an S in most us brands but consistently get mediums in si and si shadow. Mediums are generally 21 p2p. Having said that, a trench may come up slightly oversized.
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