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Can't you just treat it again to improve the 'waterproofness'. Any fabric that is not intrinsically waterproof will need to be treated periodically. This doesn't necessarily reflect on the quality of the garment itself.
Lunarspiders look sick. Gonna cop those and the pants/jackets without stupid big branding on the back. Not as good as last season for sure, but still pretty good. Plus you know everyone hating now will be scouring the 'bay for that shit by the end of summer.
Edit: double post
Only a true baller could comfortably rock a jcrew tee. I'd be terrified to wear it outside of the house. What if something happened to it?
Not even close
It's not as good as aw12 but there will still be some decent pieces. There are a couple of bad color ways though.
I like those Roshes except for the neon side panel bit.
Mine took a couple weeks of wear to break in. The leather quality on incarnation jackets is definitely a step above most other brands I've handled.
Anyone ever hurt their soleus muscle? I have been trying to up my distances lately and ended up coming home after a 6 mile run with a pain that seems to be from beneath my gastrocnemius. How long should I wait until running again?
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