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It's not as good as aw12 but there will still be some decent pieces. There are a couple of bad color ways though.
I like those Roshes except for the neon side panel bit.
Mine took a couple weeks of wear to break in. The leather quality on incarnation jackets is definitely a step above most other brands I've handled.
Anyone ever hurt their soleus muscle? I have been trying to up my distances lately and ended up coming home after a 6 mile run with a pain that seems to be from beneath my gastrocnemius. How long should I wait until running again?
massive price drop
Those windshell jackets are great. I wear mine all the time. edit: just measured the p2p on mine and it is 22 p2p. Oops. These fit really well so I thought it was slightly slimmer in cut.
Nice. I just got the deploy anorak (a grail of mine) and some trousers from a previous season. I love Veilance for its minimal, functional approach. Everything I've owned from the line has been a 'keeper'.
Don't know if it's already been mentioned, but Harvey and Pungetti (ten c designers - erstwhile Stone Island and Cp Company designers) are going to be creative directors for CP Company starting next fall. Should have some good pieces coming in the pipeline.
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