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I hope they'll refund me the difference if I bring them back with my receipt.
Anybody know what the retail on the black boots is supposed to be? I think I paid 260 with discount, but when I brought them home, one of the boots has a price tag for 150 attached to it.
If a kind soul would proxy something for me, I'd be most grateful...
...and they do. thank god I didn't size down. 1/2 size down would have been way uncomfortable for my feet.
Bought flyknit trainers in my normal size as every time I size down on things they end up being too small. Hoping they actually fit.
Listening to this mix over and over lately. Basic Channel/Chain Reaction style stuff. http://thekort.com/post/34824652546/interview-best-available-technology-w-mix-of-original
Serge Lutens L'eau today. Prefer the L'eau Froide version to this.
Rose 31 for a cool day.
Wore Lutens' L'eau Froide today. A very clean aquatic with a heavy dose of frankincense. I've been looking for fragrances I can wear on gym days without choking myself and others out. This fits the bill nicely.
Found a local Serge Lutens retailer and got a couple of samples. I hadn't tried anything other than Borneo previously. Fille en Aiguilles and Daim Blonde stood out to me as pretty good. Also applied some Ambre Sultan while I was there. Damn this stuff is nice! It's the kind of thing I'd apply to my wrist and periodically sniff while watching a movie at home (is that weird?).
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