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Austin is pretty much picked-over now. The black boots are down to like three pairs in small sizes. I think there was a 40 and possibly a 41. Suit pants are gone. Edit: won't be in the area of the h&m in the next week so can't proxy for anyone. Sorry
Purchased the camo nike x gyakosou jacket. My niece thinks I look like this guy now.
I think I'm anosmic to Erolfa. I sprayed a ton of it on, but could barely smell it. Then an hour later some woman at the coffee shop said, "Your cologne is so good I almost swooned." I couldn't smell anything. Sounds like something that would be posted in the basenotes thread about 'panty dropper' frags (AKA the compendium of 'Those Who Will Never See a Vag in the Wild').
When they scanned the box the boots were in, it came up as 300, but inside on the boot itself was a price tag for 149. The SA went and talked to someone then came back and credited me.Note on the trousers - if your calves are swole you might want to size up.
Returned boots and got the discount. Copped some of the Margiela trousers as well. Those white pleather coats are pretty cool for those who could pull that sort of thing off. The jacket made of belts - not so nice.
I hope they'll refund me the difference if I bring them back with my receipt.
Anybody know what the retail on the black boots is supposed to be? I think I paid 260 with discount, but when I brought them home, one of the boots has a price tag for 150 attached to it.
If a kind soul would proxy something for me, I'd be most grateful...
...and they do. thank god I didn't size down. 1/2 size down would have been way uncomfortable for my feet.
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