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Think about 1 to 1.5 sizes below what you'd normally get from nike. I wear small in normal nike stuff, mostly large and medium with the gyakusou range.
Wear mine all the time when I'm running. They function well and look cool as fuck. Just like the rest of the gyak stuff. If you can't afford it though you can always stick to getting your workout gear at tk maxx/Ross like the rest of the plebs. HTH.
I am a 10.5 in most shoes, 43 in Ann D, and I have had the combats in both 43 and 44. The 43 felt slightly small, so I wear 44s now. FWIW, HTH, YMMV etc.
How can you homos not handle carrying your phone in the gym/running? I put mine in a 'pocket'. Works well imo.
I've tried tracking the item sent thru Colissimo via usps and nothing shows, which is strange as other posted items from the EU usually are trackable on the usps site. I hope it shows up soon, it's been about 20 days now.
Has anyone received shipments through Colissimo? Did you get hit with customs? Does anyone know what service they use for US deliveries?
Can't you just treat it again to improve the 'waterproofness'. Any fabric that is not intrinsically waterproof will need to be treated periodically. This doesn't necessarily reflect on the quality of the garment itself.
Lunarspiders look sick. Gonna cop those and the pants/jackets without stupid big branding on the back. Not as good as last season for sure, but still pretty good. Plus you know everyone hating now will be scouring the 'bay for that shit by the end of summer.
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New Posts  All Forums: