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Loving the hooded cotton coat from this season. Stood up to a week walking around in Vancouver rain and kept me dry and warm the whole time. One of the best and definitely the cheapest of recent outerwear purchases I've made.
I just did an order with them around that much and the duties were like $70
Is there a way you can tell what season your boots are from? Don't remember if my wyatts are 2013 or 2014.
Can anyone who has the hooded coat put some pictures up?
Price drop - 150
^ I see Comme Des Garcons Homme Plus at both those places but neither of them seem to have CDG Homme.
Does anyone know who stocks comme des garcons homme stuff aside from Haven? The coat I was looking at is sold out in my size there.
my wife wants to sell the Schneider coat I bought her last winter. Anyone know if there's a site like Grailed or SF for women's clothing?
3 miles in 90+ degrees. Just getting back into running again. God I have missed it.
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