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Why exercise compassion at all? I bet if someone rounded up the homeless they'd make some fine leathers.
Depends on the market you are in and the quality of the property you're selling. If you have a well-designed place in a 'hot' area you can pull it off. Especially if you've got things like housing shortage on your side.
The badge on the arm signifies it as Stone Island (though some early c.p. Jackets had arm badges, they do not feature the 'compass' logo.) If you're looking to find the season, you could try joining osti archive if they are adding new members.
Try a small sample before getting a bottle. I found it to be a pretty abrasive and loud fragrance. But I also prefer subtlety in colognes so your mileage may vary.
@ accordian, is the jacket Veilance?
Another pair of boots
Worn a few times, selling because they are too small. I normally take a 10.5 or 43.5-44 in footwear. Come with original box. Shipping is included to most locations. Pics have now been added, the color of the boots is off-white. pics seem to be a little yellowish.
Fit and overall quality are great. Thinking of getting the derbies now as well..
I think they fit a half-size big. Been trying to find the tan ones to fit a 10-10.5 to no avail. All people are flipping on the bay are the blue, black and white ones.
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