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Size 2 Blue Blue Japan indigo box print ma-1 bomber jacket. Fits best on a 46 depending on how you want to wear it. A thin 48 could wear it for a more fitted look. Brand new with tags, tried on once and put away. Shipping to continental US is included - more for out of the country.
Rasos have been faked for awhile. What do the zip and pockets look like?
Amazing fit, Brad-T.
AW14 Peddlar pant, size 5. Fits 32-33. Pics will be added later.
Schneider 'Bark' knit in size 5, which fits a 48.
SLP Wyatt boot in nut suede. The straps have been removed, otherwise in great condition. Will add pics soon.
Should be available next fall...
I bought that lyocell jacket as well(also inspired by Parker). Really like the random line pattern on it.
There was a time in my lifting career when I would have copped those Metcons immediately, however, having seen them in person they look like one of those plastic-y failed Nike designs you see at the outlet stores.
New Posts  All Forums: