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those are all icky, regis ps - if anyone sees that silver kapital bracelet w the erotic scene engraved in it hmu, i can't find it anywhere anymore
I got john Elliott sweatpants a week ago or so. They are pretty cool
Your sleep prep so previous level. Wrassle dudes 60 pounds bigger than you for two-three hours straight, then take a hot hot bath loaded w Epsom salts n some lavender oil/arnica oil. Pass dafukout - get out of bath first tho. I guess Epsom salts are loaded w Mg, too
diniro ftw that dude distorb posted looks like the dude from foreign beggars
I got some cool nonnative wallabees they r doap
That's overeem and his brother in there lolz
Such jealous for dat hair tho
Nice bondage-dungeon chair
Bene you must burn those shoes That coat is really, really nice. Unfortunate super slim arms must be a pain putting on with a sweater on though, I bet
New Posts  All Forums: