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Don't be such a fool of a kender
^totes @Caustic Man that is a huge improvement already, kudos. Still not my cup of steeze, but still. Some subjective tips: for me, with boots that (relatively) sleek, I would wear slimmer jeans. Conversely, with those jeans, I would wear chunkier boots, but not those silly ugh type things, more like what Teger is wearing. The white T-shirt is a good idea, but that particular one is sa'boring and unflattering: needs way narrow neck ribbing, maybe even u-neck type shape,...
Ooo ordered a bunch of kapital, mostly accessories, and a kolor shirt through fromjapan.
Does work in the fashion business mean you work at H&M? Outfit would look even better with an ascot under the collar, and a fedora or a trilby with a purple bowtie around it
Do you just want the fabric or are you looking for a tent?
Aw shucks, dudes
There's measurements on their website...
Synthese are you captain Malcolm Reynolds?
dat shearling tho
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