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for some reason i am reminded of that south park where tom cruise won't come out of stan's closet
That guy is awful
simple stuff - white tee and shirt, slate coloured cotton. suit - unlined relaxed. if I had another grand to unwisely spend I would have gotten some of the wilder printed stuff - shorts and couple of tees. such nice shit - 46's almost all gone already at RG
dreez suit, shirt, T-shirt. jeez $$$
I put some Greek yogurt into my veggie smoothie and it was pretty gross. true story, guys
but they're dead!
I smoked four djarums on the weekend and my cardio is pretty weak this week
@Mr. Moo - now, all you'd need is a two dollar lacrosse ball. foam roller would help too (rumble roller). half the book is on body mechanics and lifting/movement technique, though (also?), not just stretching exercises
this book is fucking awesome and worth every penny. helped big time after car accident and just for general maintenancevoodoo floss is the shit for joints after heavy lifting/bjjraft: Roden Gray's spring/summer buys this season are some of the best I have seen in years. dope stuff. new dries drop is soooo nice
fo hrealz
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