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wheeetoo bad didn't have a real camera [[SPOILER]]
old [not old] macdonald [had a farm] lanny mcdonald ftw
i would have thought juun j for that bomber - a tamer juun j print.... i'd totally wear that
lolwut? dlester fit is A+. blue shirt, light grey pants, brown boots, dark coat. you think boots the same colour as his jeans essentially would work better and not wash it out? poppycock
unfortunately, that coat looks absurd in that pic, @Benesyed - not sure what to do to make look better also @ghostface is to styleforum what that dude mail-moth is to stylezeitgeist
@solargarden A+++++
my shoulders look like a barrel of snakes
man, snoopy is fuckin' annoying
gastropods totally wouldn't survive a nuclear holocaust, but I do welcome our new nudibranch overlords
super cool tumblr http://jbetcom.tumblr.com/
New Posts  All Forums: