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i'll glaze your windows
nice! those shoes look real comfy
for some reason i am reminded of that south park where tom cruise won't come out of stan's closet
That guy is awful
simple stuff - white tee and shirt, slate coloured cotton. suit - unlined relaxed. if I had another grand to unwisely spend I would have gotten some of the wilder printed stuff - shorts and couple of tees. such nice shit - 46's almost all gone already at RG
dreez suit, shirt, T-shirt. jeez $$$
I put some Greek yogurt into my veggie smoothie and it was pretty gross. true story, guys
but they're dead!
I smoked four djarums on the weekend and my cardio is pretty weak this week
@Mr. Moo - now, all you'd need is a two dollar lacrosse ball. foam roller would help too (rumble roller). half the book is on body mechanics and lifting/movement technique, though (also?), not just stretching exercises
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