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dress codes are the lamest
I still don't follow. why didn't he just say "point oh oh three kilograms"?
nonsense to my fellow tiny people fearful of 46 snowpants. wearing mine today tucked into yang like boots w white damir ls tee and they b cozyyy
i think it would be more beneficial if you somehow manage to electrostatically charge your entire body and hope all rain falls in a downward V shaped fashion after the shape of water molecules so that the dipole moment of the partially negatively charged oxygen atoms come towards you first and get repelled by your negatively charged body. pretty simple. carry a fuzzy rug around at all times and make sure you're barefoot. should need an umbrella to keep the rug dry, though
i don't get it
3 grams of what?
just posted one today about the superfood antioxidant powers of immortal, whale-sized jellyfish this one brought me many laughs:
what do you guys do to troll your friends? lately i've been posting completely made up, intricate, vaguely scientific sounding bad health advice on my facebook feed - it's pretty funny also, i really want a pair of geobaskets
fwiw bene i think those pants fit/look great. you should grow a beard, would suit you well
juggernaut punch!
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