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Looking forward to seeing those in a fit, ngreen!
No probs pulling off a longer short. I'm 5'6" and look awesome in them. Just make sure the pants you wear at least narrow out below the knee. Ie skinnier pants, loose top, tapered bottom, kind of same relative deal for shorts
2nd Jabk fit looking super dorky. For sure lose that hat and maybe put on lighter shoes
Are those Hender Scheme vanalikes? Looks cool
MoK that hair is reaching grandma levels, be careful :P Benes....why with those hideous shoes always
You have a bright future ahead of you!
Don't be such a fool of a kender
^totes @Caustic Man that is a huge improvement already, kudos. Still not my cup of steeze, but still. Some subjective tips: for me, with boots that (relatively) sleek, I would wear slimmer jeans. Conversely, with those jeans, I would wear chunkier boots, but not those silly ugh type things, more like what Teger is wearing. The white T-shirt is a good idea, but that particular one is sa'boring and unflattering: needs way narrow neck ribbing, maybe even u-neck type shape,...
New Posts  All Forums: