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You speak to the All-Father and he answers????
That white margella jacket no look good Give to your wife's grandma!
tried on a Ten C rain parka today - shit is nice. Making me reconsider getting a Veilance rain jackit....
Not good for getting shoes and pants and flattering jawline angle tho
Does anybody else's gf/partner hate taking pics of you in your fancy outfits? Srsly how hard is it to fulfill one fancy rekwest amirite
Looks good!
Muscles and tattoos are better than jewelry, guyz. And super good looks. So I just wear tons of blingg
Funny you say, because Iceland was the contender for this trip. Will now end up being my next one
heck ya man - I'm going to Haida Gwaii next week for 10 days. doesn't get any better than that, I don't think
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