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That necklace is, like, really not cool looking in that context (probably not in any context). It have special meaning @metranger8694 ? @Auximenes - looks great, man. Like this so much more than your In Aisce fits and those black cargo pants or weird Ute Ploier jeans. This direction suits you much better, IMHO
Are you for scuba?
Such neo nazi
I thought I might have mismatched the brands. Personally I don't value/judge appropriation like that either which way - if it's generally harmless and the imagery being us[urp]ed isn't rooted in something deeply meaningful to some peoples. It's hard to distinguish righteous indignation and hold on to it when stuff looks so cool, sometimes... Fashion is pretty cargo culty
Sasquatchfabrix loves that (mis)appropriation stuff. Eototo line is named after Hopi god that represents Nature, uses tons of aboriginal patterns. Though a sacred geometry etc not the same thing as Nazi references...
shah so gud
Red2c mentions "the arm" on rais's jacket and The-Arm then comes in out of nowhere? Coincidence? Probably!
That dude with the pocket squares? Was hilarious
Bene that style suits you so much better than all your slouchy schneider stuff does Imho
Is there room to let out in sleeves?
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