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Cyc I dunno if it's the angle or a diff cut of JE, but those jeans look great/the best I've seen in your fits in terms of pants (gr8 outfit, too tho)
Dude I'm rockin' my orange Poler "campvibes" trucker hat as I type this. Snapbacks ftw
How bout "this hot babe is sportin' a sweet snapback..."? What year is it again?
lol and also cringe at whoever is doing sf insta right now using the phrase "fetching young lass"
cheap monday stuff looks good!
Oh wowzers. Dat Jan Jan and WvB
i too went overboard this summer! in addition to my previous to rp posts i also posted the much coveted Synthese Blue Blue shopcoat, a wide brim nonnative rabbit fur hat, nonnative flip flops, kapital necklace greece aint got nothing on my fiscal responsibility
get some danner hiking boots and camp vibes poler hats!
I'm suddenly and disconcertingly reminded of van wilder for some reason...
@Caustic Man - wear boots as they're meant to be, please never wear them undone like that
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