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damn grrrrrl
I like moo's dad jokes!
the living tribunal will intervene, have no fear
pope, take it to next level and go without pants - tights, if you must that guy heirloom from SZ had some great andro fits iirc
nice, @ADVANCED - clean and simple
i have a cool ideer for dis
sap barena/carpe diem
I find the climate/environment of my work/day-to-day and mood dictate what I end up wearing in terms of beater stuff (jeans etc) or more "appropriately formal" stuff. If it's hot day or I know I'll be stuck in a lab coat all day then it's easy wearing stuff. If it's Friday or cooler temperature inside and out then am more likely to put on the nicer stuff (trousers, knits etc.) Less physically taxing the day the nicer my clothes get
condolences, bro
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