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I really don't get you...
go full keith flint for manbunbacklash
you guys is killin' it latelyhere's mine: [[SPOILER]]
just try not to try so hard...
yeah, man! grabbing a pair of fishnets and a thong to complete my outfit!
Is Alberta Rockies @ Moraine Lake specifically (close to Banff, even closer to Lake Louise)@nicelynice lol i want those exact gyaskou tights and flyknits for morning runs/workouts too! gyaskou should make rash guards and fight shorts for no gi rolling
wheeetoo bad didn't have a real camera [[SPOILER]]
old [not old] macdonald [had a farm] lanny mcdonald ftw
i would have thought juun j for that bomber - a tamer juun j print.... i'd totally wear that
lolwut? dlester fit is A+. blue shirt, light grey pants, brown boots, dark coat. you think boots the same colour as his jeans essentially would work better and not wash it out? poppycock
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