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Toe holds, ankle locks, heel hooks, wrist locks ftw
if you check the sizing link on coverchord, there should be a corresponding cm size to the number sizealso, i have shrunk a hat significantly by dipping it in just boiled water. is kapital boro hat and still the top is a bit wonky. really risky i think and wouldn't bother getting a hat you know is too large...
dang that's nice, lorcan. proxied?
v nice
You like you are wearing gag eye-eyeglasses Edit:kinda...
All of @Caustic Man's posts should have thought bubbles in each from: "Hmmmm, maybe I should post one more picture showing the same thing." "You know what? I think one more would bookend this series nicely." "Hm, now maybe I'm not so sure, but I look awesome so the guys will appreciate this.' :P
Current dries fw has very nice reversible, colourful and quilted "linings" - super cool
weird. i wash everything that isnt every day pants or underwear/socks in the delicate cycle/cold and also hang dry...i think the spin fucks with the fabrics too. sucks that expensive stuff turns out not even a little robust, sometimes
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