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@OccultaVexillum where you find that James Long? They have tiny ppl sizes (XS or S)? Regret sleeping on it when lncc had it
I'm gonna soak it minus the brim in hot water and pop it in the dryer for intervals
Super sad. My super cool boro kapital hat with a 'B' for breezy on it is too big Proxied too. Poop
this jacket is the coolest
Even though we never see their faces, DLester, Synthese and Regis surely must have a battle for the Award of Most Handsomeness.
those are all icky, regis ps - if anyone sees that silver kapital bracelet w the erotic scene engraved in it hmu, i can't find it anywhere anymore
I got john Elliott sweatpants a week ago or so. They are pretty cool
Your sleep prep so previous level. Wrassle dudes 60 pounds bigger than you for two-three hours straight, then take a hot hot bath loaded w Epsom salts n some lavender oil/arnica oil. Pass dafukout - get out of bath first tho. I guess Epsom salts are loaded w Mg, too
diniro ftw that dude distorb posted looks like the dude from foreign beggars
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