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just go to your local REI/MEC and they will take care of you
No-show loafer socks really boost my confidence
Cool! I in Canada
Yeah, use From Japan and order the shit out of it!
Congrats benny
maybe the titanium ones are tougher?
Yo, sorry for late reply. I got actuator jacket and voronoi shorts and a ls merino tee and a short sleeves. In one of the rainiest places in the continent and it was sunny the whole time, lolz. Very lightweight and breathable stuff, wore hiking and in super windy-ness - basically works exactly like their mainline stuff but looks cooler (at 1.5-2x the price). Functional technical wear, essentially - would have gone for mainline jacket if sleeves weren't wonky. The copper...
Gah. Woke up to bed bug bites for my last day of vacation. Gonna have fun night tonight in quarantine by the dryer with garbage bags of stuff....
Congrats @the shah! @Shah?
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