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Looks really good @flowcharts - good buy!
China still cool! You pay later!
I want to see more dragfits
I don't think this type of line of reasoning is helpful if you want to figure out what works for you yourself - I mean when you're "going" for something. It kind of shows that you're trying too hard and not necessarily, um, "feeling" what you're doing or into, per se. Also, a lot of styled outfits on runways, or (even worse) from stores and such look pretty terrible or only look good on models. That being said, I don't think heavy black derbies look good with shorts look...
@Rais n @Tirailleur1 lookin' like the coolest dudes in town. @kgfan5 look boss. @The3rdConch0rd those shoes don't work with what you're going for. If you wanna keep it in that vein, something I think way better would be some thin-soled shoes like the summer collections Marsèll makes. A beaten-up soft leather, or a fabric-over-leather oxford w thin soles. Ssense has some good selection of Marsèll - the black and splotchy white ones would work...
why does canada post suck so bad 24 hour delivery been out for delivery since yesterday at 9 am with expected arrive date of.....yesterday. meanwhile a 1600 dollar package is not in my mailbox and i don't get to wear my cool pants tonight thumb comments are cool
Yikes - please don't wear that suit as a suit - think pieces would look better sepaeately. Classified in some srsly constricting vêtements - I like skinny jeans, but those are super tight, same w the cardi IMO.
Not even close
Heheh. It's a pair of Kolor pants, just tried to buy both sizes and for some reason it declined. It's a sign to not buy at ssense's stupid markups
Contemplating pulljngg trigger on 700 doll hair pair of pants from ssense. Would need to order two sizes to make sure of fit. Wonder when sales are popping up...
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