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Has anyone placed an order recently? I ordered a tie on 1 November and have not had any confirmation of the order. An email has yet to be responded to either.
Anyone buy self tie bowties locally? Have tried major department stores but to no avail. Online is the only way?
Excellent condition - used Iphone 16GB 3G, I just got a 3GS so obviously this has to go. It's white. Selling phone only as I lost the charger and charge via the standard USB cable. $300 Payment via paypal. Pics of the actual phone: Uploaded with Uploaded with
What is the weather like in London during mid September? I ask because I'm heading over in 2 weeks and still deciding what to wear and would appreciate some advice.
matinique shirt, edwin sen, nike.
That suit looks good on you Opoika, both the fit and choice of colour. well done.
Quote: Originally Posted by whacked +1. That and the only pieces worth having from either are outerwear and (may be) shirts. Agreed with respect to some G-star shirts. They appear to be cut well and in fairly subtle colours/ designs.
Voted crunchy, we call creamy smooth in Australia.
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