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Took this opportunity to add some basics.
Yes, but I would recommend using a proxy or you will have to pay VAT (25%) + customs duties (12%) + import declaration fee (~150 SEK).
A more fitting version since it is Winter.
I watched the same show. It had a pretty long segment featuring his marriage preparations and ceremony. Mafoofan also flashed by. Whnay and his wife looked great but the price for best dressed goes to Mr (Pepe?) Fanjul who appeared in the first segment of the show.
Hope you had a good time. I have been there ten times over the last year but must have missed the secret topping.
Burger, Bourbon & Beer for $25 in the lounge at Fifth Floor. Hard to beat.
I assume he is looking for something in Midtown.I can recommend The Benjamin. About $350-400 per night with corporate discount. http://www.thebenjamin.com/A step up would be The Peninsula. One of the best hotels that I have stayed at but it will be closer to $750 per night. http://www.peninsula.com/New_York/en/default.aspx.
Ok, the suit looked dark grey on my screen. I wear blue ties with navy suits all the time. Just make sure there is enough contrast between the blues. If you want some tie inspiration I recommend scrolling through this thread.http://www.styleforum.net/t/104040/soporific-tie-pornI would not worry about the suit. It looks fine to me. (It is tough to judge from the picture but arms might be a little big.) If you show up looking neat in a crisp freshly ironed shirt with well...
Did you interview on a Saturday? Hope it went well!Suit is fine but I would have chosen a more sedate tie. Maybe dark blue with a small pattern. I would also use a FIH since the Windsor gives of a “playing grown up” vibe.Your haircut is quite youthful. I would therefore recommend growing your hair out slightly and using a little less product.Good luck and let us know how it goes.
Twenty something years ago I actually wore the same style and colour shirts, ties, blazer and pants for four years straight. But I stopped when I graduated high school...
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