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Just email Patrizio and ask if they can expediate your order. They are usually extremly helpful.
Last time I checked there were more than 500+ shirt cloths available for less than $100. I am pretty sure that that selection has grown over the years. I don't really see it is as a problem that they also have added more exclusive alternatives. If I were working for Luxire I would study which customers buy at their sales. I would keep having the sales events if it brings in new customers who then will go on and shop at regular price throughout the year. If the new...
@Gerry Nelson You are one of my favorite posters but, to me, this is a rare miss. The combination of the clear blue striped shirt and the yellow tie (which screams 80's yuppie to me) does not go with the informal suit. All items are nice on their own but they do not mix well together.
I like them. Have been looking for something similar for summer.They look good as they are but if you plan to order more I would suggest considering:- Maybe slightly less suppression in the lower waist. (Could be due to camera angle?)- Sleeves would look better if they were a tad shorter. (Don’t go mid bicep.)- Thinner buttons on the breast pockets. (They look thicker than the other buttons which gives a strange nipple effect.)
Do you have a picture of the brown and grey plaid that you can share? Luxire's pictures make it difficult to see what it will look made up.
Sorry I took the bait. Cross threads jokes are too advanced for me.
Well, since the cabin is located in Norway I am pretty sure that it is triple glass insulated windows. Heat loss through the window will therefore not be a major problem.
I have spent too many hours in my life ironing unfused shirts where the collar have started to bunch at the end.To me the choice of lining depends on the fabric.I use a version of the NOBDII and for heavier fabrics (e.g. oxfords) I ask for a light lining and fused. For lighter fabrics I just ask for lined and fused.(To be honest I do not think I would be able to guess which collars have the light lining and which have the regular lining by just the feel and look of it.)
New batch in my replacement project arrived today. From left to right: 1 (C6) Seems to be out of stock. 2 One of the new Madder ties. Do not think it is up on the site yet. 3 (ZZZF4). 4. (L5) 5 (H7). ...
I ordered the one to the right earlier today. Will post when I receive it.With my last orders there have been one or two fabrics that are out of stock. I have a long wish list so finding replacements is not a problem and Patrizio is always supportive and suggests great alternatives. But I must admit I get a little disappointed every time. I would therefore be the first to applaud if they chose to update to a modern site which also tracks inventory.
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