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New batch in my replacement project arrived today. From left to right: 1 (C6) Seems to be out of stock. 2 One of the new Madder ties. Do not think it is up on the site yet. 3 (ZZZF4). http://www.patriziocappelli.it/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=2_17&products_id=2747 4. (L5) http://www.patriziocappelli.it/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=2_30&products_id=1810 5 (H7). ...
I ordered the one to the right earlier today. Will post when I receive it.With my last orders there have been one or two fabrics that are out of stock. I have a long wish list so finding replacements is not a problem and Patrizio is always supportive and suggests great alternatives. But I must admit I get a little disappointed every time. I would therefore be the first to applaud if they chose to update to a modern site which also tracks inventory.
Thanks for the suggestion. It might be my computer screen but that one looks more charcoal than brown to me. Almost every time I have bought brown ties on line I have been surprised by the actual color.Do you have any pictures of it in “the wild”? Would really appreciate it.
I am looking for a chocolate brown neat (small medallion or flowers) but have a hard time deciding which one to order. Does anyone have a suggestion?
Not a fan of “fun” socks but I actually think they work quite well here. It helps that they are solid. The sock color goes well with the blue pants and the shoes. Looks great!But, why so sad?https://youtu.be/aJM696jKWA4?t=113
sugarbutch- Track day? What do you drive?
Thanks! It has green (with a hint of yellow) in the middle of the medallion. (Or bacteria infected snot for lack of better description.) It is not as apparent as in Cappelli’s picture, where the green bleeds out into the other colors. Hope this picture helps.Thanks! They are all 9,5 cm standard three fold.
Cross post. Some new Cappelli ties arrived today. Very happy with all of them. They are all much lovelier than my poor picture shows. One can not have too many classics. Wife was not that impressed. -“Three blue and two green? How adventurous… Can’t you buy some fun ties once in a while?” I tried to explain that all of these are fun in their own way. She didn’t buy it.
Some new Cappelli ties arrived today. From left to right: 1 I ordered number ZE7 but that one was sold out. Patrizio suggested this one instead. Can’t find it on their homepage. 2 (ZZZI4) http://www.patriziocappelli.it/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=2853 3 (G5) http://www.patriziocappelli.it/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=2694 4. (F1) http://www.patriziocappelli.it/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=2465 5...
Their normal email seems to be working fine. I received an email yesterday from the normal address: info@patriziocappelli.it Have never seen that address before.
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