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Just browsing the new stuff.... what kind of boots is this model wearing? I really like them.
Quote: Originally Posted by Macallan9 My favorite DB look: I think as long as you're slim and the jacket is well fitted it can be done by many people. You don't think that dude looks just a little bit like a little boy? That suit seems to emphasize his diminutive statue and make him look tiny. On the other hand, I think Gene Hackman, not the most slender of people, looks great in The Royal Tenenbaums wearing his ever-present double...
None taken! My brother, the best man, will be wearing my Alfani suit. It is far better than the black bag-of-a-suit he bought from Macy's in high school and had tailored into another sort of bag. It actually fits him better than it does me.
Well, after careful and fast-thinking deliberation, I decided to go for the RLPL from e-bay for $625. The price is great and I think it is a suit that I will be totally thrilled to own. Another world compared to the Alfani Red suit I bought from Macy's I'll have to find a tailor to finish the jacket and pants, but I am so excited. My fiancée loves it as well! The next step is finding appropriate wedding ties for my groomsmen and me, which seems to be a less expensive...
I'm new to all of this, but I think they work. Especially since summer is upon us, and they remind me of boat shoes (Sperry etc.).
That looks really nice, I am intrigued. Do you have any pics of the db being worn? Also, is the blue that bright? I really like the look. If I am 42R in J. Crew, Burburry, etc. should I expect any surprises from RLPL? Thanks!
I think I am just going to order a few sizes and return the ones that don't work to a retail store. I went today and didn't realize that it has limited availability. I tried on several jackets but found that they all fit differently for each style. I tried on several pairs of pants that had the same measurements and they all fit me differently as well. One pair was a 33X30 and fit perfectly, another 33X30 was too tight in the waist and way too short. I guess I'll just have...
Luckily her gown will match my suit in formality quite well, it has no train at all and is not covered in lacy adornments at all. I think it will be perfect. Thanks for the help!
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