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Quote: Originally Posted by ManofKent For those who don't like jeans with odd jackets, do you feel the same way about moleskins? Moleskins and other fustians were designed to be rugged workwear as much as jeans were, but they somehow have a slightly less casual feel. Thoughts? I think moleskins are fine, mostly due to them being cut like all my other trousers. Sure they are casual but still way more appropriate than jeans.
I'm not sure, that sweater looks too thick to be worn under a coat. Just look at the arms, sausages.
Not that strange at all. I enjoy quite a lot of North African cuisine. Lots of fish, olives, tomatoes and spices, quite close to sicilian cooking. Here's a great recipe for potatoes that makes use of harissa, an ubiquitous condiment in NA: http://www.thedailyspud.com/2009/03/...y-spicy-skins/ I would likely pair this with a poached white fish or even sardines sparingly seasoned with a bit of salt and lime.
Sorry, none of these really work for me. I'm with Fuuma, ed and Parker on this one.
The fabric looks great. As the shoulders and length is fine, you should try to have it altered.
Quite happy with wrappers. Plenty of different materials.
Still very much interested if anyone can proxy the shirt jacket in BB2. Also interested in solid colour cashmere sweaters in the same size. Please send me a pm if you can help, thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by chorse123 Not this morning, although it wasn't there in BB1 earlier in the week. They might have them in back--they have limited rack space on the floor. I see. If you're going back soon, would you mind asking them? I'd appreciate it.
Quote: Originally Posted by chorse123 I checked again today for BB1 outerwear on what should be my last boot run. Nothing in overcoats. They had this shirt jacket in navy in BB1. Originally $2100, now $399. was this available in BB2?
Boomkat is great.
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