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Quote: Originally Posted by Phat Guido Rain x suede = meh, shoes are for wearing not treasuring Just saying * Special reserve tobacco suede, PG-last, Old Engrish Medarrion Great colour on those.
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson Nice pics. I didn't realize Amsterdam was so dirty. Most cities in the old world are. Doesn't make them any less lovable though.
Quote: Originally Posted by fritzl you take this way too serious. though, they never appeared in my book of classic tailoring. so you are right in the saying, that they did not exist(for me) before sf and i didn't know about them. both phenomens do not keep me away from my thinking, that they are clownish and ridiculous. long story short: they throw off the balance especially in the combination with a chisel dizzle... cheers On the...
[quote=lasbar;3118828] Quote: Originally Posted by fritzl 3.5 cm[/QUO 3.5 to 4 cms. After that ,That's starting being a bit high... Quote: Originally Posted by fritzl if any, 3.5 is the absolute maximum. 2 inch is, you know... they will cry bitter tears, when they run out of "fashion". SG said, it's fixable, but its a pity and mostly ends up in a mess. You know, big cuffs i.e. ~5 cm isn't fashion at...
Meh, they are not exciting at all.
One of the greatest shows ever. The setting didn't call for eloquence as they're all some form of brutes, why I think the Tourette's-like dialog is rather fitting.
Quote: Originally Posted by ManofKent For those who don't like jeans with odd jackets, do you feel the same way about moleskins? Moleskins and other fustians were designed to be rugged workwear as much as jeans were, but they somehow have a slightly less casual feel. Thoughts? I think moleskins are fine, mostly due to them being cut like all my other trousers. Sure they are casual but still way more appropriate than jeans.
I'm not sure, that sweater looks too thick to be worn under a coat. Just look at the arms, sausages.
Not that strange at all. I enjoy quite a lot of North African cuisine. Lots of fish, olives, tomatoes and spices, quite close to sicilian cooking. Here's a great recipe for potatoes that makes use of harissa, an ubiquitous condiment in NA: http://www.thedailyspud.com/2009/03/...y-spicy-skins/ I would likely pair this with a poached white fish or even sardines sparingly seasoned with a bit of salt and lime.
Sorry, none of these really work for me. I'm with Fuuma, ed and Parker on this one.
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