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Terrific photos! Many thanks for sharing.
ordered a bunch. Iirc he seemed quite happy with them.
Quote: Originally Posted by George Buckles belong on watch straps or belts; not on men's footwear +1, granted the workmanship on these look good, still...
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero greatest city on earth Quite possibly. Definitely the most impressive in every way thinkable.
Looks good, too bad (single) pleats are treated with slight disdain though as I feel most would benefit from that, especially with office pants.
Trying out a daily drinker, Trimbach Rielsing 2007. Rather enjoyable.
Quote: Originally Posted by A.L.Z. Treated myself to a pair of (exotic) Oxfords...and a 'matching' accessory:
Quote: Originally Posted by apropos +∞
Unless Arial is the company stationary font, I don't see why anyone would use it.
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