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Wish he could clone himself and do a Italy/France tour for a year since the only photos that really interest me has been the ones from said countries. Unfortunately the resolution on most of the photos are a joke as one cannot see the details too well.
I would try a bd or a rugby shirt. Trying to stick a one-collar/shirt-only rule is not something that gets me overly excited.
The wholecuts are gorgeous!
Looks like a good deal and I am tempted to go for it! However, I am a bit worried about the arm length, would you mind measure armpit to cuff please? Also, was this bought as a used garment, hence is there any wear or tear noticeable?
Quote: Originally Posted by xarope I have to ask, is this a real rabbit?!? yes it sure is! read all about it here: http://www.spiegel.de/international/...458863,00.html
Fabio rocks the perfect trouser length. Looks smashing.
If you rather hit the gym than doing yoga, classic deadlifts would be your best bet for a better posture overall. However, I would recommend a full-body workout 2-3 times a week for even better results.
Definitely light/baby blue.
46 is the size. 46 = 12 US, 11½ UK.
I bet he did it for the attention
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