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Quote: Originally Posted by babygreenspots Would we say that no break works best on the very slim opening? Yes we would and I do.
You are definitely not alone. Most print ties lack depth and texture, which is why I prefer to use woven ones.
Another vote for the 2" cuff.
Rome I have yet to hear of anyone who hasn't enjoyed their stay in the lovely city of Rome. If there only were time for more and longer visits..
I would only wear one of those if I were into racing and got paid for it. The only Porsche item i would purchase would be a car, not any of the accessories.
I'm not one for labeling things but i would describe it as subdued. Gray, blue, black, brown, white. I do too on occasion feel adventurous enough to go bolder and I intend to do that more often.
Good read, thanks for posting
Quote: Originally Posted by pg34 It's from a great film directed by Jean-Pierre Melville. The definition of cool. Melville
I'm for the tapered cut pant with a tight cuff, 18-20cm.
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