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Even though I haven't had some for years and years, I recall liking sour cream the best.
Quote: Originally Posted by 888style ^^ What are they? G&G
Quote: Originally Posted by username79 While you can probably drink as much you want under calorie deficit, I do find excessive drinking at odds with a healthy lifestyle. I used to go out and drink 5 nights a week, now I'm down to one and feel much 'clearer' throughout the day. On the contrary, alcohol affects the fat-burning process as detoxication gets priority over fat-burning. Hence, all else being equal, if you're looking to lose weight,...
Quote: Originally Posted by tricota Thanks guys. I do belive my very cheap wine days are over - unless I visit my parents - so I am getting in to the around 15 - 20 $ bottle of wine at the moment. Any recomendations would be hugely appreciated... In that range I think there are a lot of good rieslings to be had, gomestar listed a few producers earlier worth looking into. General recommendations are hard to give, you would do better to specify...
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 In my experience, you open the guests' bottles after the already opened host bottle(s) are finished. This can mean that you don't get to open it at all that same night, in which case you make sure to open it and put it on the table the next time they're over. This is my preferred way to handle it too. Naturally I've already picked wine to go to whatever I serve, but not appreciating gifts as gdl203 mentions...
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire If that Spatburgunder is like the one I've discovered, think very light drinking rose, not Pinot Noir. You have to figure, someone with some background designed that wine list. Don't you think they'd tend to stock wines to go with the chef's tasting menu? I appreciate wine lists, but sushi is fast food to me. Ordering "ordinary" wine, not sake with sushi is as incongruous to me as red wine with pizza; I...
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson Pinot w/ sushi? +1, wouldn't dream of it, well nightmares possibly.
Quote: Originally Posted by gomestar Here is a question. I'm going out for some sushi tonight (Chef's tasting menu) ... but what should I get to drink? Lets figure $60 for two people, any guidance would be superb. This is the place. Cold sake and beer, I also like to finish off with some Shochu.
Quote: Originally Posted by ljrcustom Thanks for the info. I just checked out the site. I am not a big fan of the selection that is currently available. Hopefully they will be getting in some more soon. Is ASW my option in the US. -LR I believe there is a trunk show of Neapolitan goods a few times per year in N.Y. where a few members have bought Cappelli ties.
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