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Yellow ties are classic and have a place in every mans wardrobe. I even wore light pink...some years ago.
A very faint pink would actually not be so bad.
Quote: Originally Posted by TRINI If that's a Solaro suit, then I FINALLY get what Ed's been going on and on about. Also, dude has the best pochette in the fucking world. Looks like Solaro, but the light could be deceiving me.
Looks like white to me.
Looks good, however I think you would benefit from slightly lower buttoning point.
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton Every time I see one of these that I like, I think "I would like it better if it didn't have that visible elastic and if the laces were real." +1. Horrible.
Looks great, all though I prefer my coats more slouchy and with belts.
Quote: Originally Posted by dragon8 I believe all suit trousers should be cuffed. +1
Ridiculous gimmicks such as -felt flowers; -bracelets; -fun socks. I also do not like flat front trousers.
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