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Quote: Originally Posted by whnay. Problem is, when you get darker it ends up looking like a suit trouser. Indeed, which is why I opt for light coloured odd trousers. Quote: Originally Posted by aportnoy Disagree with this. Yes a dark charcoal trouser may have that effect, but a mid-grey mottled flannel, in my opinion, is the perfect odd trouser. Mid-grey is great as well, just not as much.
Quote: Originally Posted by whnay. I think its pretty much perfect. I agree, my darker greys does not get much wear at all...
Quote: Originally Posted by culverwood http://www.anderson-sheppard.co.uk/thenotebook/ Interesting, thanks.
Suede isn't as delicate as most people seem to think (I wear it in rain and snow). Just make sure you brush them afterwards.
Bespoke spoils you. I hardly ever wear the few RTW items I have left.
What a great, and unmistakably British, jacket. Kudos to you and your tailor.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cravate_Noire By average I just meant most other models I have seen by. Gotcha, I agree.
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan It's not so simple. If you were talking about a fungible vendor, you could--worse comes to worst--threaten a charge back. But ostensibly Manton went to A&S because theirs is a distinct product not easily gotten elsewhere. Also, you need to foster a happy relationship with your tailor to get the best work out of him. So, while you would be within your rights as a consumer to take a stand in Manton's position, refusing...
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