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Thanks, but Ikea only seem to have to skimpier type, i.e., more of a shirt hanger.
Anyone know where I can pick up proper wooden suit hangers? Thanks.
striker and tv2177, thanks.
What's the recommended sizing for the boat and ranger shoes? TTS? I usually wear 9.5 UK in Edward Green.
Single pleat has been my default since day one, you'll not be disappointed. It adds a nice, moderate fullness for the thigh and works very well with a typical Ambrosi style taper.
I have a pair of BNIB Enzo Bonafé Wholecut in Etrusco Calf, UK 10, for sale ( PM if interested.
@nickrut @PCK1Also in on a light coloured one. Chestnut, Pine or Cherry would all be awesome.
To be completely honest, all of the trousers NSM made for me are a let down. It could be that they were switching tailors too frequently (perhaps still are?), but each trouser is different from the other. And I never found then to be very shaped at all. Salva on the other hand, keeps delivering the same fit and quality time and time again.That being said, I know some here keep other makers in higher regard, but for those of us not being able to travel to Naples frequently...
Don't get the Ambrosi v NSM comparison, been a client of both for many years and Ambrosi are leagues above NSM. Not gonna rain on anyone's parade, but anyone who says NSM's trousers are similar or better than Salva's need to re-evaluate the meaning of fit.
Very nice. Classic, yet unique.
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