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It's regular straight leg fit like this past seasons usn pant. Nothing huge like past fatigue pants. Drinkwaters has them in olive sateen in addition to Nepenthes
Yes, take your normal size in the CPO as you would the workshirt.Also random, but if anyone is looking for Brown Workaday cords in sz 34 (actually measures 17" across), PM me. I purchased two pairs from The Bureau during the recent sale. Figured I'd give someone a chance to get them at the discounted price before I ship them back. One pair was undersized, but the brown pair is actually TTS and too large for me to wear.
Here's my black pair, close to a year wear on them.
Lower weight denim is only due to the fact these are for SS13. Not too thrilled about the switch to Cone either but they are supposed to be custom fabrics and not the same used by every other brand using Cone
Medium straight is a new fit which has the rise of straight leg with same overall fit as the Low Straight. Good for those who wear shirts tucked in. Also they are switching to Cone denim
Got my pre-sale card in the mail today w/ unique code for the 15% kicker. I wouldn't get your hopes up for anyone thinking icon/core items being discounted as the private sales exclude them.
Both of mine measured 16" when new. After wearing them a bit, it's stretched to 16.5" which isn't enough to button even one of the tabs. I would go TTS with this years USN pants.Probably going to have to order overseas for the USN pant in 32 in the reversed sateen at this point. I got mine from The Bureau, but it's sold out now. Only stockists in North America were Stuart & Wright and J+O. Shoot Nepenthes NY an e-mail to find out who the European stockists are.
I agree on this with the exception of the workaday Chambray. Due to the thickness of the oxford fabric, the extra room in the shoulders and chest aren't super noticeable and it's not like you are wearing a sack. And if you wash and put them in the dryer for a bit, they'll shrink further you can get them down close to the fit of the workshirt.The chambray version on the other hand is much thinner fabric and is unwashed afaik. I washed mine in warm and put it in the dryer...
If you have any intentions of getting the liners the jackets are sized TTS. You might be able to downsize if you plan to wear it liner less but could have issues with sleeve length, etc depending on your build
I agree, this jacket is slim by RRL standards, not sure why dastig is saying it's large. If you go your normal size, you probably only be able to wear a t-shirt underneath. Sizing up would ruin the proportions. Shoulders were fine on a Small for me, but chest was like 20" pit to pit.
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