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I've got a 50cc vepsa ET2 as well. 5000 miles and 4 years later, it's still my reliable daily rider. I'm gonna sell it for a giant flat-screen tv once I no longer need it for the commute to school. In Calif, you still need the M-class (motorcycle) license for the Vespa since it doesn't qualify as a moped (no pedals). About the issue on what to wear... I suppose it depends on whether you the want the road rash on your ass to match your suit, or relatively minor...
Quote: Originally Posted by thinman I should also say that, even though American students in general don't enter graduate school as well prepared as international students, they are by far the best problem solvers. So while the international students tend to be "book smart" and need to work on creativity, independence, and problem-solving skills, the domestic students need to hit the books, but usually have much better creative problem-solving...
For more of a divey bar to go to (if you want to venture outside of the touristy downtown places), I used to love going to Bar Dynamite and Nunu's back in my college days.
+1 on the Oris TT1 recs. You can get the Oris TT1 Divers Titan for $875 which is just a hair over your price range. http://authenticwatches.com/63375627059mb.html Rubber strapped TT1's can be had for about the same price or even cheaper. Never purchased from this website, but they do have a physical store which reassuring.
Quote: Originally Posted by premo Half pint of Guinness + shot of half Irish Whiskey half Irish Cream = Irish Car Bomb Quote: Originally Posted by Thomas Sounds revolting!!! I must try this. You gotta down it quick (the instant you drop the shot in) before the cream curdles. Chunky Guinness isn't very pleasant.
My college roomate used to sling dope through our dorm room (we used to get some sketchy-ass people knocking on our dorm room at weird hours of the night). Mary Jane paid for his undergraduate degree in PoliSci and ironically, subsequently funded his law degree at Loyola. Not sure if this reflects positively on my friend's hardwork and dedication despite toking daily, or rather reflects negatively on the relative ease of becoming an attorney.
Quote: Originally Posted by rdawson808 Could be, I have no idea. Something about it just really appeals to me. And to clarify, only the New Order cover is Peter Saville. b ... that and the Unknown Pleasures album cover. After looking through Saville's bio and portfolio, I never realized he essentially designed all the iconic album covers that I grew up on (everything that came out of Factory Records like Joy Division, New Order, as...
Unknown Pleasures - Joy Division Second Toughest in the Infants - Underworld Violator - Depeche Mode Take Them On, On Your Own - BRMC (I liked this one mainly because it was reminiscent of Corbijn's Joy Division tunnel shot)
Just watched Felon with Val Kilmer and Stephen Dorff on DVD over the weekend and I highly reccommend it. I thought this was a great little indie movie that flew under the radar. Was this movie even released in theaters? The ending was slightly tinged with a bit of cornballness, but I suppose it worked with respect to the rest of the movie/plot. Extra points because you get to see Marisol Nichols' boobs (Agent Nadia Yassir on 24). I think Val Kilmer is...
I purchased my Oris Williams F1 TT2 used from the sales corner at timezone.com for just a bit over $300. I thought this was a fantastic deal for a virtually pristine condition watch (I know ETA movements are the most plebian workhorse movements... but I can't really complain for $300). If you wait it out long enough, some pretty good deals will occaisionally pop up on timezone from monied fellows with too many watches that want to thin out their herd.
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