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Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing Wouldn't Phil Spector's old stuff fit into that? While music snobs may deride contemporary pop, they seem to love '50s through '70s pop. Which is why I can't completely follow the herd mentality in dismissing modern manufactured boy bands (backstreet boys, nsync, etc) and bubble gum pop artists like britney spears and the like. It'd be hypocritical to completely disregard them strictly because they...
Quote: Originally Posted by bachbeet I think some have gotten away from the OP's original statement. I can't think of any bands/artists that I know produce what's considered quality music that i think I should like. If it doesn't "strike a chord" with me (good pun, BTW) then I simply don't like them. And, I don't feel that I should like them just because they may be critically acclaimed or liked by others. At the same time, I may not get why others...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mauby In no particular order here are 10 things that I hated/didn't like 10 years ago but really like now. cigars Jack Daniels Cadillacs Filipino food Bill Maher French cuffs snowboarding wine Christopher Walken single breasted suits I'm assuming you're closer to your 30s than your 20s... how the hell did you get into boarding so late? Didn't it kick your ass enough to be put off by it? Most people I...
+1 to the aforementioned Post-Bends era Radiohead, Sigur Ros, Flaming Lips, Belle and Sebastian, My Bloody Valentine, MC5 Other critically lauded artists I respect but never really got into: Jesus and Mary Chain Stone Roses The Doves Mercury Rev Mars Volta Muse Bjork Pink Floyd Bob Dylan Post post-punk/Goth era Cure (eg. seventeen seconds, faith)... aside from singles on Staring at the Sea... Black Flag
Quote: Originally Posted by sonick Are you sure it wasn't Abalone? That shit's a delicacy. At chinese restaurants/supermarkets you can commonly find signs for geoduck... much to the chagrin of pre-pubescent Pokemon fans.
A couple relatively new bands I'm really diggin these days: Glasvegas - Buncha rockabilly-gone-pop Glaswegians highly touted by Alan McGee The Subways - This song is used in the trailer for Guy Ritchie's new film Rocknrolla. They're oft compared to Arctic Monkeys, but I liken them much more to the Von Bondies. Skybombers - noisy little lo-fi aussie garage band
Quote: Originally Posted by robin It's amazing that just those two survived. http://www.tmz.com/2008/09/20/travis...es-by-jumping/ Apparently the two of them jumped out of the burning fuselage as the plane came to a halt.
I've got a 50cc vepsa ET2 as well. 5000 miles and 4 years later, it's still my reliable daily rider. I'm gonna sell it for a giant flat-screen tv once I no longer need it for the commute to school. In Calif, you still need the M-class (motorcycle) license for the Vespa since it doesn't qualify as a moped (no pedals). About the issue on what to wear... I suppose it depends on whether you the want the road rash on your ass to match your suit, or relatively minor...
For more of a divey bar to go to (if you want to venture outside of the touristy downtown places), I used to love going to Bar Dynamite and Nunu's back in my college days.
+1 on the Oris TT1 recs. You can get the Oris TT1 Divers Titan for $875 which is just a hair over your price range. http://authenticwatches.com/63375627059mb.html Rubber strapped TT1's can be had for about the same price or even cheaper. Never purchased from this website, but they do have a physical store which reassuring.
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