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Anyone familiar with this brand LOVA (carried by Forward by Revolve)? I'm digging this herringbone jacket: ... but I have reservations about blowing 7 bills to look like an extra from the movie Equilibrium. Not even sure where I could wear something like this too. Picking up milk and eggs from the supermarket... in the future? Burning my copy of Fahrenheit 451?
Quote: Originally Posted by King Francis I think the growing prevalence of these films is driven partly by the disconnection from basic physical reality felt by today's youth (and Generation X). Lumping Generation X with today's youth? Seeing how gen-x was in their teens and early 20's back in the early 1990's when reality bites, singles, slacker, and the like came out... gen-x should be nearing middle-age now. I don't really think torture...
On saturday night, I saw styleforum interwebz celebrity Get Smart in the illustrious orange country suburb of Brea, Ca leaving the 8:00pm showing of Zack and Miri make a Porno. It would've been way too geeky to go up and say, "Hey! I recognize you from an internet clothing forum!" thereby shaming us all in front of our respective peers. I really wouldn't know how to explain to my buddies why I knew some random asian dude wearing white jeans.
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart yea this was really funny. That scene i thought was pretty obvious in cumming....it was funny but you could see it from a mile away Justin Long's cameo is a stealer. Elizabeth Banks has been in EVERYTHING lately. W, this, and next week "Role Models", which we're seeing for sure. But she's great, and proves her turn in 40 Virgin wasnt a fluke performance. It's weird to see Kevin Smith apeing Judd Apatow,...
Glasvegas - Glasvegas I really hope their album gets a wider stateside release and tour in support of it. It's not everyday you hear a rock/pop band with a rockabilly influenced frontman that actually sings in his native scottish brogue (other than The Proclaimers).
Rocco Longview
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart Megan Fox has a similar tattoo...some text across her hips. perhaps that fact is going to make you rethink it now? heh actually it looks like it's in the same spot where I want it... maybe the latin you were thinking of was Angelina Joile's Quod me nutruit me destruit - "What nurtures me destroys me" above her pubes?
How totally weird... I've been thinking about getting inked for almost a decade or so now and it wasn't until the past few days that I just figured out what I wanted to get (oddly... it came to me in a dream). After mulling over the decision and getting ready to pull the trigger to contact a tat artist referred to me from a friend, I see this thread rise up from the annals of SF. Maybe someone can give me some input/advice either for or against. So my idea/epiphany...
My current 5 of the week in heavy rotation (I'll post again later when I'm on an indie/garage binge): Glasvegas - Glasvegas Oasis - Definitely, Maybe Pulp - Different Class Idlewild - The Remote Part Morrissey - My Early Burglary Years Let me give you a headstart about me to start your diatribe in the right direction: 30yr old Asian male, (unhealthily-obsessed) anglophile that read/reads too much Q and NME for guidance on musical proclivities.
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart I've never been into Monkey Boots, but DM has their own version now called The Peter What's the historical/subcultural story behind monkey boots? I don't think I've ever seen them before... another skin thing? ... oh and that platinum blond in the navy fred perry jumper she looks like she could be Gwenyth Paltrow's younger, infinitely better looking sister.
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