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A 25 cent freshly made chocolate chip with nuts from diddy reese. More recently I've been addicted to golden oreos. I think crack makes them golden.
I may lose any semblance of music cred with this admission, but I find myself not changing the radio station when Good Charlotte comes on. I think they piqued my interest when I actually liked their cover of OMD's "If you leave" on the Not Another Teen Movie soundtrack. No, I'm not 17 and no, I don't shop at Hot Topic.
Anyone familiar with this brand LOVA (carried by Forward by Revolve)? I'm digging this herringbone jacket: ... but I have reservations about blowing 7 bills to look like an extra from the movie Equilibrium. Not even sure where I could wear something like this too. Picking up milk and eggs from the supermarket... in the future? Burning my copy of Fahrenheit 451?
Quote: Originally Posted by King Francis I think the growing prevalence of these films is driven partly by the disconnection from basic physical reality felt by today's youth (and Generation X). Lumping Generation X with today's youth? Seeing how gen-x was in their teens and early 20's back in the early 1990's when reality bites, singles, slacker, and the like came out... gen-x should be nearing middle-age now. I don't really think torture...
On saturday night, I saw styleforum interwebz celebrity Get Smart in the illustrious orange country suburb of Brea, Ca leaving the 8:00pm showing of Zack and Miri make a Porno. It would've been way too geeky to go up and say, "Hey! I recognize you from an internet clothing forum!" thereby shaming us all in front of our respective peers. I really wouldn't know how to explain to my buddies why I knew some random asian dude wearing white jeans.
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart yea this was really funny. That scene i thought was pretty obvious in was funny but you could see it from a mile away Justin Long's cameo is a stealer. Elizabeth Banks has been in EVERYTHING lately. W, this, and next week "Role Models", which we're seeing for sure. But she's great, and proves her turn in 40 Virgin wasnt a fluke performance. It's weird to see Kevin Smith apeing Judd Apatow,...
Glasvegas - Glasvegas I really hope their album gets a wider stateside release and tour in support of it. It's not everyday you hear a rock/pop band with a rockabilly influenced frontman that actually sings in his native scottish brogue (other than The Proclaimers).
Rocco Longview
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart Megan Fox has a similar tattoo...some text across her hips. perhaps that fact is going to make you rethink it now? heh actually it looks like it's in the same spot where I want it... maybe the latin you were thinking of was Angelina Joile's Quod me nutruit me destruit - "What nurtures me destroys me" above her pubes?
How totally weird... I've been thinking about getting inked for almost a decade or so now and it wasn't until the past few days that I just figured out what I wanted to get (oddly... it came to me in a dream). After mulling over the decision and getting ready to pull the trigger to contact a tat artist referred to me from a friend, I see this thread rise up from the annals of SF. Maybe someone can give me some input/advice either for or against. So my idea/epiphany...
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