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Quote: Originally Posted by Jumbie Speaking as a newly minted doctor looking forward to a minimum of 3 years of further schooling + another 2-3 if I decide to pursue a fellowship (all this at less than minimum wage when I count hours worked)...ditto... At least you have the expectation of a good income post-residency, which is not the case with Ph.D's.
Quote: Originally Posted by indesertum engineering is pretty profitable right out of college. but i have to say you can't do much with a bachelor's these days if you want more than a call center or a bean counter kinda job. you can make decent money as a phd and most science phd programs with good prospects for grants give you stipend and free tuition until you get your phd. sure a plumber can make more right away than a recent college graduate but...
Pizza Fries! Maybe I was drunk or what, but the combo of waffle fries, homemade pizza sauce, and mozzarella cheese was seriously the bees knees. Odessa Cafe - East Village, NY
I just received my Tanner Goods belt this weekend (ordered on Black Friday). I gotta say, it's definitely the most substantial belt I've ever owned. It's like really long strip of thick beef jerky.
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart Last week I had one of the best burgers ever at The Blue Dahlia Cafe which is actually a wine bar in the industrial loft district of downtown LA. Their menu has the one burger, along with several panini sandwiches and salads But this burger was severely righteous!! 2.5+" thick patty, super tender and cooked perfect. The brioche bun was just the right bread to hold this in, and the kicker is that their patty is...
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart ^^ i don't think it's pretentious, and large tattoos that remain hidden are really cool in my book it's gonna hurt like a motherfucker tho (across the ribs), so be prepared to pay for it in blood sweat and tears, moreso than $ Megan Fox has a similar tattoo...some text across her hips. perhaps that fact is going to make you rethink it now? heh btw, this being your first tattoo, just go for it. It's a long...
I ordered 2 pairs on tuesday and they just arrived this afternoon (from Omaha, NE to Los Angeles, CA in 2 days! Why can't all e-retailers be this quick?). I'm wearing a pair as I post... the external seams while not as sleek looking on the exterior, make a world of difference in comfort on the inside. My testicles thank you for their support.
Anyone watch that steroid documentary "Bigger, Stronger, Faster"? Apparently beta-blockers are used quite ubiquitously amongst concert musicians to calm their nerves during a performance. If they can take those and bust out complex classical music pieces, I'd imagine beta blockers wouldn't be that detrimental to your mental/physical faculties when giving a presentation.
A 25 cent freshly made chocolate chip with nuts from diddy reese. More recently I've been addicted to golden oreos. I think crack makes them golden.
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