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UCLA - '01 BS in neuroscience. UCLA again for more pain - '08? Ph.D in molecular and medical pharmacology. What is all this basic science education going to amount to? Call me misguided or just plain foolish, but I want to take a sabbatical from science after graduation next year and work in management consulting.
Anyone for squarecut trunks? Puma action minimal trunks get my unabashed support. - Almost second-skin like thin nylon/elastane so you can fit into any jeans regardless of mooseknuckle tightness. Plus, doesn't absorb moisture for those with ass-wetness problems when working out/playing sports. Another benefit is they stay taught the whole day unlike cotton which stretches out and gives you the old man ass sag. - Trunk styles don't have the problem of the...
The fit of the suit was absolutely spot on like it was custom made for me. At a recent wedding I attended, I wore a combination of the Kent Wang hand-me-down brown pinstripe suit, coupled with the KW exclusive faint-leaf pattern white cotton pocket square and a pink textured tie (yes that's a tiebar too... I'd like to think I wear it with panache instead of an old man stodginess). The outfit was the bees knees with the ladies (albeit a slightly flamboyant ensemble...
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