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Desperately want an A/W 2012 coat from thecorner inexplicably still not on sale... Anyone have any experience with thecorner doing very very late-season/mid-the-following season markdowns?! Or are they selling certain items 'wardrobe staples' like Mr. Porter?
Timpoblete's list said yes, an email I got from Nepenthes NY said no, and the confused, 'foreign'-sounding saleslady there who I called a few days back said yes too, but after a very prolonged pause... Visit at your own risk?
^Noticed Barney's absent from your lists of stockists so far, Timpo. Think they dropped EG? Would be dumb if done purely on movement. The stuff seem to sell, even at retail, and there was a lot more McQueen, for example, leftover to make the warehouse sale, for which the wholesale costs are astronomically higher...
As of yesterday, there was still a size large, olive, lined field parka from F/W '11 in the outerwear section of the LA Barney's Warehouse sale. For an extra 25% the lowest, marked price. Some Japanese dude picked up the last fur, liner vest and some Coleman pants; although I think they had one left of the latter, too.
At what are you looking? Unfortunately the conversion seems different for different styles, or so I remember from jackets in store.
Apparently management is keeping even SAs in the dark, so I'm assuming as late as a few days before Christmas, for additional 30% and, hopefully, finally, first 30-40% off outerwear.
^No such luck for me... Blast, now it's working, NM
The true measure of this thread's success should be taken by on how many pages this question is answered...
I believe Barney's carried these. Trying calling a flagship that stocks EG and see (LA or Madison Ave.). I could be wrong though.
I paid my balance to shoehealer last night and got my longwings THIS MORNING. W/o customs fees, seemingly. Amazing service. Pics forthcoming.
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