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Hi guys, I just bought a pair of Roy RN04 today. Nice fit and great fabric. I really like the streaky look on the fabric but have been reading that the streakiness will go away after the initial soak. I wanted to get your feedback if this is the case with your jeans (i.e. does the streakiness appear after your initial soak)? I would prefer mine to retain the streakiness but I'm also concerned about not doing the initial soak and its potential impact down the road. Any...
I'm debating between these 2 pairs: JL St Crepin double monk Misty Brown vs. Saint Crispin Double Monks in brown They both fit great and priced similarly. I tried searching in the forum but can't find anyone with direct comparison. What do you guys think? Anyone with experience in both? I'm looking to use these for work and occasionallyl wear them casually with jeans as well. Thanks
Went to Zee's recently after seeing some of the photos posted here. I was hoping to get a pair made but must admit that I was quite turned off by the quality of the leather and workmanship. The price quoted was HKD1,500 for the French calf-skin and HKD1,350 for suede. And it should take 4 days. Zee was very nice and friendly and willing to work with you on any pattern. He had a good selection of leather in term of color. With the sample leather that he showed me, there...
Does anybody know who make their semi-brogue shoes? I think the tan one is quite nice. EDIT: Seems like past discussion suggest they are made by Sanders. Can anyone confirm this?
Deleted: Found the answer
Hi I notice that J. Crew sells Cordovan Penny Loafers (made in Italy). Does anybody know who makes them and how is the quality of the shoes? Thanks, b
Would love join but I will be away. Please share some pictures of the gathering as well.
Sorry to have to bring this thread up again. Does anyone know what the sides of the brush for (i.e. the is a rubber piece that stick out from the side of the brush). So am I correct to say that for regular brushing, I should use the rubber brush and only keep the steel for removal of stain? Thank you.
nice shoes
Hi all, Posting for the first time here but have been looking at the forum for some time. I am now considering a pair of Alden Burgundy wingtip in calf-skin, but I have not heard much about its calf-skin quality. Many members here talk about the cordovan line but I'm wondering how is Alden's quality in term of its calf-skin shoes? Also would appreciate if someone can comment on the sizing of Alden as well. I am 8D in AE. Thank you for your help.
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