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Well, Wednesday is charity shop day, and today I picked up a nice pair of onyx cufflinks. Pic below. It was party time for volunteers in the processing room, and I brought in my iPad with its 100% soul playlist. One of my fellow-volunteers (my age, has a tattoo of an octopus on her left arm) came in wearing flat shoes, baggy strides, and a tank top! Bless her heart!
Yeah, you wait forever for a waiter to come, and he never does. You go back the next day, and it's the same thing all over again!
Although I think I would rather have a coffee in whatever was Samuel Beckett's favourite cafe.
Ok Gilles, when we come to Paris there's one place I want to get a piccie taken I include this album sleeve from 1966 simply because a couple of things caught my eye. Firstly Milt Jackson (5th from left) wears a 3-button suit, for which he has done up the top two buttons. Please ignore the fact that his strides seem to have caught a gust of wind. He also wears a puff-style hanky in his top pocket. By contrast, John Lewis (2nd from right) appears to be wearing an...
I wore my blue mohair suit with a striped b/d Gant shirt (inc. cufflinks), black belt, black brogues, burgundy socks, and burgundy pocket hanky, to the postgrad party at uni the day before yesterday. No tie. Got told I looked 'dapper'.
Well, Wednesday is charity shop day. Do you know anyone with a 31" waist who is looking for a pair of white Levi 505s? And for myself, another Tootal scarf.
Thank you. I have now visited that page. I like the gear!
I would second that.I did notice that Northern mods did the 'top-button thing' a lot.The outside influence on most youth-fashion movements is mostly indirect. I'm prepared to bet that somewhere down the line there was an Ivy League influence on young men's fashion in the UK in the 1960s*. That influence contributed to mod, some of it hung over into skinhead, odd little add-ons such as gear from Brewer Street came in... BUT most of the kids would have been influenced by...
Does anyone know where Hardy and Johnson trade from?
And then there's Pakeman Catto & Carter, who do three-button blazers.
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