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Obviously I'm not the only bleedin' egghead around here!
I have a Levi Trucker jacket from the late 1970s - might be the early 80s - which I don't wear because it's an M and I'm an L. My last piece of 'original' gear was a striped Ben Sherman I bought in 1968, and which Mrs Mystery wore as a painting smock in the late 1980s. Long gone now.
By the way, my suit looks grey in those pics. Actually it's closer to Lovat green.
Fair enough - let me reprise them.Mr Knightley, make suggestions as to what the guys should focus on for this 'event'. The basic suit maybe?
Where to buy a 3-button blazer, plain navy blue, not too expensive, centre vent preferred, patch pockets would be ok...
I don't think a regular competition is something we could sustain. However, I think we could have an occasional 'event' to show how we mature geezers manage to keep a sartorial sense alive without looking bloody ridiculous. I'm thinking that it could spring from an occasion when someone happens to post a picture - like mine on the previous page where Mrs Mystery posed me after I had come back from that degree recital. Something in a picture could spark off a theme - 'the...
Pub prices. I can remember, in 1968, there was a fairly new pub just outside Blackpool (opposite a row of shops on Hardhorn Way, Poulton) which has since been demolished, and you could still get a pint for just under a shilling.
Try simply dragging them to your desktop.Alternatively, keep taking screen-shots and crop the wanted image from the result.
I névèr hâvë thåt prøblĕm.
Hey, not just me! Roytonboy's on there too. Be fair - the photos have simply been 'harvested' from the web.
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