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True, but the type of patterned cloth we know today as 'tartan' was an early 19c invention from Lancashire. Hence the Scuttlers' scarves.Interestingly, Roman historians noted that Celts wore 'striped' clothes, by which I guess they could only mean counter-woven cloth (rather than QPR or Glasgow Celtic hoops). Remains of a wandering band of possible Celts were found in the Taklamakan desert, Xinjiang, China, by archeologists, including fragments of counter-woven...
Why not, Roy? Tartan was an English invention!
I seem to remember it was mostly Arsenal fans wore the scarves - 'Royal Stewart' being mainly red.
You have to admit, that's a bloody good name! I was sure we would find familiar echoes there!
Yes, I have seen it before so maybe it was linked on the forum.It's actually not a bad documentary, given the period in which it was made. All such documentaries suffer(ed) from the inability of the middle-class documentary-makers to really understand the working-class people and environments they were looking at and, in particular, teenage groups. Sometimes questions and commentary makes me cringe and feel ashamed of being middle-class. Frankie always meant well, by the...
Now just a cotton pickin' minute! Top right.
Detail from a Japanese ad.
Ed there's loads of interesting stuff on that site. For instance, where do I recognise this bloke from?
It may be that my old memory is gutting impaired, but I don't recognise it. Where's it from?
Is nothing sacred?By the way - 1200 pages!
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