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Just got my current crop of loafers out of the cupboard - having a sort out - so I snapped them The tan pair and the ox-bloods are both from Jones The Bootmaker in Glasgow, the tassels are a pair of Bass that I saw going for half price, and the dull black ones are a gash pair I got several years ago God-knows-where (maybe even Markies!)
'Shoogle' and 'shoochle' are variations of a Scots word, related to the English word 'shuffle'. Believe me, the Glasgow trains are still 'gey shoogly'!
Funnily enough, the last time I rode the Underground was this time last week! I was en route from Oxford to Perth, and I did it a roundabout way via Paddington, so I had a short ride on the Circle Line from Paddington to Kings Cross. I found it clean and comfortable, which surprised me greatly, as I remember the tube back when I lived in London. By contrast, I was on the Glasgow Underground on Friday, and you can't hear yourself think! No wonder they call it 'The Shoochle'!
Bang goes my plan to be quiet and unobtrusive, then!
A question for forum members in London. In November I hope to be in London for a couple of days - a Thursday and Friday. On the Thursday lunchtime I hope to be meeting some people from this forum. On Friday lunchtime I have a quick lunch date with an old friend. For the rest of the time, weather etc. permitting, I hope to get an opportunity to visit the steps at Goldsmiths College (where I had that photo of myself in my sheepskin taken) [nearest Tube, New Cross], and...
Just thinking back to 69 at the Savoy Rooms in Catford, occasionally they would have a West Indian band on, but the audience seemed to get bored with it. Mainly we wanted our favourite records, not a band playing stuff we didn't recognise, even if they were musically good.I can't remember the names of any bands that played there, though I seem to remember that the Upsetters (in one of their many line-ups) were there one night I couldn't make it.I can remember one band...
It looks that way!
Thank you - I'll take that! She's an absolute diamond!
Mind you, you could do your bird lime easily enough with Capucine as a cell-mate, I reckon!
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