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No worries
One Purdey's quite enough, thank you! ("... get the twin Purdeys out..." *shakes head tsk tsk tsk)
Hi.These are, of course, very familiar to us, and have been the cause of discussion and argument, even involving the artist himself.
How the 1970s saw the 1960s: An album cover from 1974
Doesn't stop him being a 'scruffy cnut'!
Here, try on this polythene bag for size.
You're not going to believe this, but I'm actually working on THE BOOK again!
Essential mod kit in t'North!
This'll just alert you that I've quoted you - see above.
@Roytonboy - sorry, the site is acting up and won't let me quote. M-o-M, Now I see a larger copy of the photo, I can see that the seated lad's jacket is not, as I previously thought, denim, but is in fact a needle cord Wrangler jacket (very popular late '68 early '69) I've blown it up as far as I can without losing definition, and I think you're right. You can certainly make out that the label is a Wrangler one. The definition won't let you see the cord, and it still...
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