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He's another candidate all right.
I'm going to make an exception with this detail from one of Peter Heed's photos. Pete and his mates identified themselves as mods right through the skinhead era. Some guys simply did, and saw a distinction. Here is one of Pete's mates in 1970. I dare say we wouldn't have turned our noses up at this 'look' - there's a lot we would recognise.
I'm kinda wincing every time anyone takes a clout at Elms - yes, I know it's all fair comment and he gets my goat too with his "I was there" attitude to every youth movement from 1969 onwards. BUT business is business, and his was one of the names punted around when we discussed the idea of getting a 'celeb' foreword to 'the book'. So, how is 'the book' going? Well, I'm about to start devoting time to it again. I'm sorry that life has got in the way over the past two or...
Except Lennon hasn't lit his oily rag!
ROFL!!!!!Ooooh... France Gall! I remember France GallI'll spare you the pic of Sandy!
A handsome lady, Ed. Such a contrast with 'back in the day' when there were a) dolly birds, and b) yer mum, yer gran, and yer auntie. You know what I mean! Nowadays even us old 'uns dress to make the most of ourselves.
Interesting article. 'Hard' as a description of someone who could handle himself and/or came from a tough background is well known. However, the term 'hard mod' has been used more as a description of a 'look' - the more minimalist look of late mods, in contrast to the 'peacock' look - rather than as a description of 'hardness', toughness, etc.
Agreed. A point I think we've made several times on this thread.
Try Craigslist.
Random memories: Early 1968, Blackpool. Levi jackets in order of coolness: Denim - cool; needlecord in stone/wheat colour - cooler; tan suede - seriously cool; leather - coolest. Wearing a Levi leather jacket did bring one hazard though - it was an affront to greasers that a mod should be wearing leather, and there were instances when they would jump someone in a Levi leather and take it off him. The only person I saw consistently in a Levi leather was Dave Lee, who was...
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