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Aye, right.
Walk Proud I am part way through the 1100s as regards transcription. I have something over 99 thousand words transcribed. It had got to the point in the forum, by then, that people were complaining that nothing new was being said. I think I now have enough basic raw material to start fashioning it into a book, without searching through the rest of the pages. However, if any of you can remember saying something that you think would be very relevant since then, or can...
Whereas today...
Jambo, Bwana!
After that I've GOT to see it! LOL
Speaking of suits, Wednesday was charity shop day. A couple of interesting items caught my eye... Some Crockett and Jones ox-blood brogues, needing some TLC. My size, but a narrow fitting. An Italian-made lightweight suit, with four buttons. Size 36". Any of you got a nephew into mod revival?
Suits me!
Little more than a week to go until we meet up at the Clachan. Did we fix a time?
Funnily enough, you just brought up another pre-skinhead memory for me.It must have been late 1966 or early 1967 when there was a vogue for surplus scarlet guardsman's jackets. A boutique in Blackpool had got hold of a batch, and I popped in to see how I would look in one. It didn't really suit me, and I never did go down the peacock mod route. However, I tried it on it in front of a huge mirror, and the boutique owner - I recall he had a trimmed George V beard - came and...
Just clarify whether you mean Lee/LeeRider or Lee Cooper there.Ditto, please.The straight-across stitches were what I saw in 1968 on Lee Cooper jeans.
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