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This thread (and 'the look goes on') has stopped sending me alerts.
We have a (brand new) pair for sale in the charity shop that don't have that kind of laces. Want me to have a look what size they are?
Any idea when/where this one was from? I ask because I'm on record as saying I couldn't remember anyone wearing tattoos back then. I don't doubt there were many, but not round our way.
Interesting to see the snap at the wedding, with the girls with their skirts up to their armpits.
I have to laugh when I hear the term 'suedehead' anyway. Round where I used to hang out, 'suedehead' was a short-lived, non-serious term for a very brief stage between the short college-boy haircut and shoulder-length hair. It was never a 'subculture', it wasn't around long enough.I think that Bronco Bullfrog's promoters have just happened to pluck the word out of the air because it was 'current' somewhere around the time of the film's original release (well about 6-9...
"... shouting, clapping, and generally making their presence felt."Quelle horreur!
Well, Wednesday is charity shop day, and... oh, never mind!
A touch 'Joe 90', but stylish.
Wouldn't say you're tall, Gilles. It's just when we look you up-and-down we leave a chalk mark so when we come back from tea-break we can see where we left off.
Oh indeed, point taken.Anyone who knows me will have seen that I have a broad brown strap for my wristwatch. I have had it since about 1975. It is the only strap I have ever had/tried that is comfortable, and it's one small point on which I will gladly sacrifice style for comfort!
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