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Blimey! Where the hell did that come from?
I think the point of the joke was that you didn't have to move far out of Glasgow...
Actually my daughter persuaded me to get this shirt about two summers ago (?), when it came out. She said it would suit me. And it did. A damn sight more than it does the young model. I was wearing it one day with my Levis cord jacket, and a bloke came up to me and said "Class of 69!" I kid you not.
Q: What's the difference between Mick Jagger and an Dumbartonshire sheep farmer?A: Jagger says "Hey, you, get offa my cloud!" and the farmer says "Hey, MacLeod, get affeh my ewe!"
Trawling through my photos I found a pic of a mod(?) girl. No info, no idea where it came from.
I see that cnut Chris Welch gets his fizzog in there.
I wouldn't say they didn't survive past 1965. I had one in 67/68, but I only really wore it when I was planning to get a ride on the back of someone's scooter. Many scooter boys in N W England wore them at that time. Scooter boys in S E London wore them when I was down there in 68/69, though the hard-core, non-mod scooterists wore Belstaffs. What died out amongst 'hard mods' -> skinheads in S E London was the use of scooters at all.
Hey, some of us were okay, you know. I'd have bought you a pint and talked about football.
Funnily enough, wide belts were very much a Monkees thing.
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