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Not a phrase you see often in this thread.
I regularly check out the Perth and Glasgow branches and over the past 12 months have had found some remarkable bargains in Levis gear. Not necessarily 'original' stuff, but stuff I would wear. I've had a decent leather jacket out of there in the past too. You have to drop in at the right time, because 99.9% of the stock is shmatter.
I thought that was crushed blues! I was in there once when someone shouted "Raid!", and so many pharmaceuticals were dumped that we all walked round crunching for hours. Seriously, when I was there the place was too crammed to see the floor, and no one was looking anyway. I have no recollection of talc.
Salut, Vietskin!I wouldn't have worn Argyle pattern at all 'back in the day'. I don't think I saw anyone else wearing it - socks, pullovers, slipovers, nothing - but that's not to say someone somewhere didn't.These days I wouldn't be seen dead in it. I don't want to look like some old tosser on the golf course.
I think I mentioned seeing scooter mods in 1966/67 wearing hooped school capsĀ Ah! The dear old Honda 50.
Are they mentioned in the credits at the end?Incidentally, I'm trying to make out what's printed on the poster at the back of the stage (in the still from the French clip). I can identify the Mike Cotton Sound and Chris Farlowe...I know all of this is a bit off topic, but at least we're in the 60s.
That's why I said "It says here". It's not a crombie either.
I think the guitar in the clip is a Jaguar. It is different from Chris Dreja's axe in the top pic and from the one being used by Clapton in the bottom pic, which is a Jazzmaster. The more I look at the clip and contemporary photos the less sure I become that it's Clapton in the clip.
Indeed it was. I was impressed. Way ahead of my own, and I used to think I was pretty good.
I was wondering whether that was Eric Clapton at 28:15. I couldn't identify that it was the Yardbirds on stage at the time - the camerawork was too quick. I do know that Clapton was still with the Yardbirds in early 65 when the film was made, and that 'Who do you Love?' was in their repertoire; however there's no mention that I can find of Clapton playing a Fender Jaguar.
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