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Thanks, mate.
Steady on there, Col - only my tailor's supposed to call me 'Sir'!
She became a handsome young woman!
My wife Steph's birthday card to me today. Never mind the big BMW in the garage, give the old boy a Lambretta. Nice one, Mrs Mystery!
I might check that out!
I can't resist nodding to another style icon of the 50s and 60s. Here's Toshiro Mifune in Venice, looking cool or what! That shows David Cameron, Ed Milliband, Michael Vaughan et al how to wear a two-button suit!
Well actually I have been in touch with him, about three years ago, about 'the book'. He was civil, which was all I asked, I'll give him that. I still say that finding his 'I was there' attitude a bit hard to take is fair comment and not 'bitching like a jealous teenage girl'. Or perhaps you don't include my comments in that description.Guys, shall we agree we've had our say on this?
Fair dos, it's Pete Heed's, not mine.I had to giggle, because this bloke is right next to the guy in the Fred Perry, in Pete's photo. To be fair, I do remember a number of blokes in S E London who wore short-sleeved, checked shirts loose over the waistband of their strides in warm weather. These usually seemed to be Jaytex or Brutus checks which were cut short and square in the waist. I think I've mentioned this before.
He's another candidate all right.
I'm going to make an exception with this detail from one of Peter Heed's photos. Pete and his mates identified themselves as mods right through the skinhead era. Some guys simply did, and saw a distinction. Here is one of Pete's mates in 1970. I dare say we wouldn't have turned our noses up at this 'look' - there's a lot we would recognise.
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