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Meanwhile, there is evidence from Saalburg that the Romans invented the long wing brogue 2000 years ago.
Stan Ray fatigues regularly retail for £65 in the UK.
They look the business though. Where can one pick up an original pair these days? I dare say like any vintage stuff an original pair's price would have rocketed.Back in the day they cost shirt-buttons. That's how come I could afford 'em!
There's too much non-skinhead stuff on the 'Mod to Suedehead' thread at the moment (that's always the case, but only to keep it ticking over), so I thought I would post this here. I tripped over it on Facebook, and it reminded me that we had been talking about safari jackets over on the other thread.
John, I just chatted to browniecj online during his radio show. He has the date and time noted down.
Aye, right.
Walk Proud I am part way through the 1100s as regards transcription. I have something over 99 thousand words transcribed. It had got to the point in the forum, by then, that people were complaining that nothing new was being said. I think I now have enough basic raw material to start fashioning it into a book, without searching through the rest of the pages. However, if any of you can remember saying something that you think would be very relevant since then, or can...
Whereas today...
Jambo, Bwana!
After that I've GOT to see it! LOL
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