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Go for it!
Including - as far as I can see - a pair of 'jungle greens' / 'dockers' like we used to wear in S E London. Size 52" waist though.
I'm fairly certain that the copy of King Horror's 'Loch Ness Monster' that I had showed the title as 'Lockness Monster'.
Just went into a second-hand bookshop and found out that Geno Washington wrote a novel.
Rather like eczema.
*rolls eyes
This is more my recollection of Liverpool (between about 1975 and 1985 when I worked around there and lived not far from it) than it being a particularly racist city. My mum and my maternal grandma were both Liverpudlians* by the way. I felt safer walking through Toxteth than I did walking through Southport at pub-and-club-chucking-out-time.I had a mate who was a copper on the Merseyside force, and he used to tell some stories about the riots that would make your hear...
There were a handful of kids in the Lewisham Bowling Alley crowd with Jamaican heritage. The Savoy Rooms in Catford always got its fair share of black customers. I had a West African creole mate, from somewhere the other side of the River, called Fred Dove who was a skinhead, and helped out a bit with Yell.Anybody with any degree of hair loss got called 'Kojak' back then.
That was a line in the film A Hard Day's Night. I'm not sure he meant it seriously.
Don't quote me, but some of the academics at my daughter's uni couldn't find their arses if you gave 'em a map.
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