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No worries, EddyP, you're welcome to leap in.Those shirts are very much 'peacock' Mod, which is not necessarily what we're concentrating on here, but the whole peacock thing was going on during the same era, and was a development of a look - a different fork in the road if you like - that influenced ours.
Me too! Yeah, it is a nice piece.
Now, that photo shows the style of trilby we used to wear.
Well, Wednesday is charity shop day. This time there was a hacking jacket from House of Bruar, where toffs in the Highlands buy their duds. Once more not exactly what I would have spent my dosh on if it had been full price, but not worth passing by when it's in the shop. Probably more appropriate to the Classic Menswear thread, but I prefer to put it here. I can't do anything about the quality of the model! It's a much better fit than the poke in the cloth...
I'm still transcribing stuff from earlier in the thread, when I can catch an hour to do so. I spotted this one. It rang a bell because it called to mind the cartoons of Ed 'Big Daddy' Roth from the 1960s, and the song by Alan Sherman.
Well - inevitably - there's this photo...but of course the sheepskin covers where my pockets and waistband are. The first thing I can tell you is that when I bought them my girlfriend of the time (Mardie, an ex-mod from Southampton) didn't like them at all. I am racking my brains to remember whether they had fly-pockets or frogmouths, and I'm sorry to say I can't be definite. I have a feeling they are fly. Anyhow, I am sure I saw both on other blokes. They had two back...
A rather scruffy picture of some of my Fred Perrys I actually have two of the black-with-white piping. At one time I had a rather rare one, made by FP but with the Guinness logo in place of the laurel wreath. heaven knows where that went. Lack of colour is made up for by a couple of bright Ben Sherman polos I picked up at T K Maxx I have nothing in green, but I think I'll rectify that this summer.
Somebody'll be telling us the three kids' names and where one of them had a birthmark next!
Okay, forget the suits, I'll run up a photo of my FPs...
Possibly Glasgow.
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