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Point taken.
"...but i guess all the European and American teenagers at the time looked alike..."Now, I think if you actually found identifiable images of groups of French, English, and American teenagers at exactly the same period in history - let's say summer 1965 - you would see lots of differences. Teenage culture wasn't homogenised all over the world, even if you could buy Elvis Presley records and Beatles records in Britain, France, and the USA. Each culture had its watermark,...
Presumably doing 'le Jerk'? I can't see anything in the photo that instantly shouts out 'France' to me. What makes you think that they're French (points of style, etc.)?
In Blackpool, in early 1968, one of the most popular hairstyles for girls was the Vidal Sassoon 'Greek goddess' look.
This is a pic that was captioned '1960s teens dancing'. No idea precisely where or when. Which side of the Atlantic? The boys have a look of 'our' era, the girls about three years or more earlier.
Close. Still no cigar. The ones I remember were navy blue with navy blue collars/cuffs (I had one like that), and light blue with navy collar/cuffs (as in the famous Beach Boys pic), as I've said before.[It sticks in my memory, but is probably inaccurate, that in Blackpool the lighter ones were worn, but not exclusively, by blokes with 'French crops', and the darker ones by blokes with college boy cuts. The exception was my mate Paul Archer (originally from London) whom I...
Thank you.
I am STILL looking for one of those surfer jackets without stripes. I promise you they were as common as anything back in about 67/68 'up North'.
We've certainly had that one, and she's all of about 13...
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