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You're not alone.
Maybe not 'our' style, but I like it.
I honestly can't remember. I was 'brand-blind' in 67/68 apart from 'Levis'.
I'm not doing an 'I was there first' thing here, but I recall the type of garment (not necessarily a Fred Perry, and sometimes long-sleeved like a John Smedley) being worn in Blackpool in 67/68. I had a couple by 68. I saw one exactly the same as one I had - blue with white piping - in London (well, Bromley in N Kent actually) being worn by a young mod when I arrived there in 68; he went on to become one of the skinheads of 69, without changing much about his clothes and...
I needed that smile this morning.
No, Perth. How?
My (DM-wearing) daughter, aged 21, was actually at a Ska gig in Glasgow when the helicopter crashed through the roof. She's currently in her final year at Glasgow Uni studying Geography, and one of the minor subjects in one of her last course modules has to do with the historical/geographical aspect of the 'African Diaspora'; on this coming Thursday she is doing a presentation on the development of Ska, believe it or not, and I have provided her with a load of background...
Wow! Gotta get me some!
Not a phrase you see often in this thread.
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