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1971, definitely post-skinhead. My 'Wally' period. Deffo a touch of the Marc Bolan about this. That was my first non-skinhead jacket, and oh those beagle collars! I seem to remember a brief vogue for skinny 'military' jumpers. One interesting thing about this pic, given the discussions over the past few days, is the state of my jeans. I had had this pair since my mod/skinhead days, and you can see that they're well-patched, including one leather patch on my left knee.
Post-skinhead pics from 1970. This is June 1970, on holiday in Spain. It's the first time I started to grow my crop out. The shirt is my first non-skinhead shirt; it's a Ben Sherman, but it's in blue seersucker. Anyone come across one of those? I'm wearing black Levi cords and brogues from the Squire Shop. No idea what colour that dark shirt is - chances are, with my tastes, it's navy. Still had the sheepskin during my suedehead period. I seem to remember swapping it...
Here are some from 1969. Again, click for bigger. The shorter you were of money, the shorter your sheepskin was, LOL. Mine is about as short as you could get away with. Sta-Prest and brown boots. Not sure whether they're DMs, but I think not, I think they're a fairly ordinary pair of brown boots. You haven't seen this one before. With a load of French girls - no wonder I'm grinning! It was taken at a work-camp in West Germany during the summer of 1969. This is mid-day...
I've been crawling around in the loft and managed to find a load of photos. Many of them I've shared before, of course, but I've been able to make better copies, so I'm going to share them again. I apologise for defacing them with a copyright message, but I don't want them pirated all over the internet this time, mainly because they'll be useful for the book [which is making only slow progress due to pressure of other sh*te]. The first batch are from 1968. Forum members...
I like that - you'll not be surprised to hear!
The distinction was said to be between between Catholic (Irish-influence) and Protestant. Liverpool buses used to have the same slogan printed differently on each side. To avoid the rush hour...Treat us fairly, travel airly. (Catholic)orTreat us furly, travel urly. (Protestant)The first accent also has something that sounds like 'neoo' for 'no'. My gran had the first accent, according to my mum, although she wasn't Catholic, but one side of her family was.
'Cockney Bob' (the name by which he was known up North, for having spent two years in London!) would have had something to say about that!That's him in his bus conductor's uniform, showing a gap in his teeth got in a ruck.
Sailors used to knit, but you wouldn't want to pick an argument with one!
Hey, that joke was stale by the time of George II
I can tell you that none of my mates from around SE London spoke anything like the Queen's English. When did you last hear Her Maj say for'y fahzan fevvers on a frash's froa'?
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