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Too early for a Tarantino joke, pal.
1968. Seriously, can any of us actually remember the Queen and Prince Philip looking cool until we see this pic of them... draped over the bonnet of a vehicle! I mean... sports jacket and flannels aren't meant to be cool, neither is a Norman Hartnell two-piece. It all depends how you wear 'em.
Canadian Premier Pierre Trudeau with his cabinet in 1968. Cannuck politicians knew how to wear a suit and step out (although the guy on the right seems to be mincing a bit).
1950s American kids with their car (hmmm... customised Ford Model A?). Note turn-ups, loafers, car-coats, white socks. Compare the turn-ups with the greasers' in the previous pic, and with mod/skinhead turn-ups.
1950-ish, a bunch of New York City greasers.
I'd like to share some pics I found on the internet - really they were drawn to my attention. The earliest is 1941, the latest 1968. There's an element of pose and coolness we would recognise in all of them. 1941 first A bunch of African-American kids in Chicago. I know we've seen pics on this thread of people perching themselves on the bonnet (hood) of a car.
Check.I'm sure we'd love to see that pic!
*bites tongue
That reminds me, re Ivy League clothing. It's been said before that hardly any of the 'class of 69' - i.e. youngsters coming into the look fresh - would have even heard the words 'Ivy League'. It might have dawned on people who made the trip to the Squire Shop etc., but to everyone else it was just a street style, end of. I remember where I first heard of it (other than the name of the British pop group), and that was when I was reading 'Generation X', in which it was...
Now, here's a thing. This advert for a Boston MA company calls these loafers 'moccasins'. I can't shake the thought that's what we called them in Blackpool in 67-68...
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