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No need to apologise for that either!
I never got this thing about Donkey Jackets. I never saw any skinhead wearing one anywhere in South-East London (Anywhere from Bromley to Deptford, and from Croydon to Woolwich), from 1968 to 1970, even at football matches. I had a council-issue one when I worked as a parks-labourer in 1970-71, I wore it for work, and I took it off afterwards - end of.
Closest we've got yet.
They sent me one of those and I sent it back. If anyone nicked it and used it in Perth I would have no way of saying it wasn't me. I'll get an Oyster.
Hello DJ.Boots: You're right, we didn't. Or rather, we wore all kinds of boots, including DMs, at first. I remember some blokes wearing boots not unlike those above.
Dream on, bro.
I have never yet found a monkey/surfer from any revival period that does not feature piping, nor a picture of the 4-skins where any of them is wearing a 1967-style, single-skin, non-piped surfer jacket.
I must admit she has a figure and a half!
Well okay, I'm denying it. They both got zips and cuffs, and there the resemblance ends. Finito.
Thanks for the info.
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