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Next regeneration of the Doctor!
Re belted coats. I remember that part of the later mod look of the 1960s included coats which had belts, in particular leather coats. BUT the belt was usually worn behind the coat, caught casually in the buckle, particularly if the coat was being worn open.The kind of coat, by the way, was not a million miles away from what Sting wore in Quadrophenia, but without epaulettes and without the upper lapel being wider than the lower (i.e. standard notch lapels). It's a style I...
Either that, or the cartoonist just half-remembered some sort of garment that had two or three buttons up the front. I say that because the tennis/polo shirt was very common all over the place. Not all cartoonists have a perfect eye for detail.
Well, Wednesday is charity shop day... I spotted this amusing little item - a surfer jacket, with some kind of wampum design on collar and cuffs.
I kid you not. Back in those days we used to buy unsalted peanuts in a paper bag as a snack. Peanuts with the skin half on were a common sight. Hence the name.The "peanuts rattling in a can" idea seems a lot more involved to me.
Nae bliddy idea, pal!
Back in the day, the Harrington was noted for the variety it could bring to the 'look' simply by minor variations in how you wore it: Collar up, collar down, zipped (never all the way up), unzipped, pocket flaps in, pocket flaps buttoned, hands in stride pockets, hands in jacket pockets. Very handy knacks for someone to know who didn't have much moulah to invest in new gear.
Simpler than that. It was comparing a bloke's head to the shape of a peanut - in particular a peanut with part of its brown skin still attached. The pale bit is his face, the brown bit is his hair.
What's the bloke top left wearing? It looks like a Harrington (rather than a surf jacket) which I would not have expected to see in 1967. And boots too. Before anyone barges ahead with proof-of-this, proof-of-that, proof-of-the-other, I'd say tread with caution when it comes to where and when.Grandad vests. Again, going by personal experience only:The summer I arrived in S E London (1968) was a very warm one. I can recall coming out of the Park in Bromley, by the Churchill...
... cuddly toy... fondue set...DIDN'T HE DO WELL!
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