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Another memory. I used to go to matches at Millwall quite a lot, because there were a lot of faces I knew from the Savoy Rooms who went there. I can remember round about the time we all started wearing sheepskins, one bloke called 'Steptoe' (because even though he was young he looked a lot like Wilfrid Brambell) had a kind of brown, all-over-fleece-fur coat. He took some stick for it, and had to put up with a chant of "Steptoe's a bear, Steptoe's a bear, everybody knows...
You mean a sleeveless thing like the sergeant wears in The Third Man? Very much a coalman/dustman item. They used to turn up in surplus shops in the high street regularly.
Straying off a little, here's a pic of the late Leonard Nimoy, bless him, along with Zachary Quinto. I don't know what Zach's been drinking, but if you just smarten him up a little... I have been remembering more stuff from back in the day. I recall soon after I got my first Harrington, the toggle came off the zip, just as I was going out. I was vain enough to want to wear the jacket regardless, because they had only just come into fashion around our way. I grabbed...
Yep, you're right, we have been over this. I never saw one worn by a skinhead South of the River, even at football. Trying to figure out why, now the subject is up again. Maybe it has to do with employers. I think the biggest employer S of the river might have been Tate & Lyle. No big factories, no Ford's, and only smaller docks, so mainly smaller employers.
That was precisely the point! LOL
No, but you know what I mean. We squeezed all the juice out of the subject.
Yes, we've argued the hell out of that one, even getting Nick Knight's opinion on the matter.
I think maybe the yanks of the time would have called it a windcheater. It was also known as a 'Windjammer' or a 'Windbreaker', both of which were brand names, (just like we say 'biro' for ball-point and 'hoover' for vacuum cleaner). You can see the similarity with the 'Windbreaker' brand, below. Or maybe just a 'zipper jacket'. Is there a sociolinguist in the house who specialises in US vernacular? LOL.
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