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I remember these businesses that apparently didn't want to make money. Is that cinema a Tesco now?
Re my post above. I clicked on the link for the suede jacket and got a 'Sorry that item is no longer available' message. What??? I did manage to find a pic of it in my browser history (see below). I think that apart from the constantly-selling jeans, Levis do one-offs - limited availability specials - and you have to be quick of the mark to find them. So if anyone is looking for a modern version of something like this (rather than a vintage original) I think a visit to...
Here's the link to the suede jacket on the Levis site:http://www.levi.com/GB/en_GB/men-clothing-jackets/p/723330036The leather is like the pic below, but with a red tag. Very soft leather. My daughter was with me when I tried it on, and she said it suited me. I have to say it's a pretty slim fit.TBH I would have killed for jackets like this back in '68. I had no idea where you got them - I had never seen them in the shops.I recall that you had to be hard to wear a leather...
It always seems to be the youngsters joining in who use the labels.
I tried a couple on.Sizes are the usual S, M, L, XL, but you need to try on an individual jacket to see if it fits.The leather is about £285. I wonder what that would be in 1968 money? The suede is more expensive - £300plus. Frankly, the old 2nd hand Gap suede trucker I have suits me better for colour, but it is a lovely jacket.
I can remember a girl I knew in S E London referred to the post-transition look as 'Wally' - one or two other people did too - a 'wally' being another name for an idiot and specifically (in our time) for a hippy type.
Incidentally, the Levi shop in Glasgow yesterday had suede Levi Trucker jackets with leather collars (Bluesbreakers Beano album cover) and black leather trucker jackets.
I never got the impression that 'suedehead' was coined by the press. My recollection is that it was a rather tongue-in-cheek term used for us at the time we were growing out our crops in 1970. We used it ourselves sometimes with a bit of a grin, if we used it at all, but it never stuck, because by the end of the year we were all glam.
The bit in the film about press blokes paying kids to stage trouble resonated. Back in 69 'Skinhead beats up immigrant' sold papers, 'Skinhead helps pregnant immigrant woman carry laundry' wasn't.Where was I? Oh yes. The Book. Well it's still in progress, and still a damn sight slower than I had hoped. I smurfed out some of the transcription work. Ed, if you think it is a good idea to get Prof. Gildart involved somehow, I'm certainly prepared to hear some ideas.One of the...
Catching it now.Collings at 7:29 still looks cool for an old geezer."These long-haired, mentally unstable petty little sawdust Caesars..." I remember how much I loathed and hated Dr. George Simpson, even though I was only a wannabe mod at the time. I just hated him for this attitude to young people, whether it was justifiable under the circs or not.I think I've said this before, but it's worth saying again, that the press and the older generation back then didn't think of...
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