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Nah, we're all off down the pub, Col.
The result is a dramatic status quo. No, not the band.
We hear you, Ed, we hear you.
Guilty secret: a broad smile came onto my face when Status Quo started singing 'Caroline'.
Oh my stars! Loon pants. Yeah I had a pair in 1971 and split them at the seam they were so tight round the arse! Best forgotten.
I would say so, along with other brands such as the (much later) Gap suede I have.Having said that, the 'Westcott' (?) cheapo I had at the time also had side pockets.
I remember them well. In '68 the side pockets made them distinctive.
In answer to your first question there, yes, of course you're right about that.
Indeed.Even my daughter wears DMs!
Which was really the point I was trying to make. It was a detail, rather than a red herring - one of those small details that differentiates between one group and a later development. Maybe not very important on its own, but just a little point worth noting.
New Posts  All Forums: