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It's a bit like the mint green shirt I had in this picture - pity you can hardly see it - the collar was longer than on my BS shirts, more like a buttoned spearpoint. I can't remember what make it was. I think I bought it at some boutique or other, never looked at the make, just liked the style.
... er... who's looking at the bloke?
I know you're only quoting, but the number of times I've tried to kill this bit of sloppy journalistic nonsense!Some journo heard a Cockney skinhead say "spike 'ead", and wrote it down as "spy kid".
I just came across this pic on line, said to have been taken at a scooter rally in 2014. I know it's not as much fun as a pic from back in the day, but it's nice to see someone you know...
Thanks - a few interesting observations there.
Oh crikey - thank heavens I never go in for that! What I'm usually wearing here at the computer is an odd assemblage of hoodie, Stax sweatshirt, M&S jogging pants, bare feet, and tatty slippers!
I'm not disputing that, I'm not saying I should have won, quite the reverse. I only entered for fun, and the image quality of both and the sartorial effect of the 2015 picture were not winning standard.
Would someone be kind enough to unzip the terms FC, CM, and WAYWRN for me? By the way, I put my plethora of thumbs-up down to appreciation of my hutzpah in posing on the same spot nearly fifty years later. My G9 doesn't look special (in that photo or at all) unless you know what you're looking at. Generally it looks like a grey-ish beige-ish zipper jacket, so it's not going to win any sartorial challenge. Plus if I had been serious about an entry I would have dressed up...
@roytonboy Brian, what I want to know is did anybody (round your way) actually call themselves 'suedeheads', or get labelled 'suedeheads' by others, or indeed is 'suedehead' a description that was given afterwards? You say as a 'look' it only lasted about six months - that rather goes with what I said about it being a look that an individual bloke took three or four paydays to move through, six months would be about right for a whole bunch.
New Posts  All Forums: