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No, just to that handful of records I referred to. What marked them apart was that jaunty rhythm that kinda went chicky-tick, chicky-tick, chicky-tick, chicky-ticky, chicky-tick... It was a very short-lived thing.
You said it!
You're entirely correct. Apologies - I did forget Mike Raven (probably because Peel's longevity overshadowed him) and in fact I used to listen to him quite a lot now I come to think of it.
Anybody else from the Class of 69 remember the 'pop-a-top' rhythm which - very briefly - was touted as the 'next' development of reggae? The disc that heralded it was Andy Capp's 'Pop-a-Top'. 'Andy Capp' was Linford Anderson, and the record was a dub version of Derrick Morgan's 'Fat Man'. The Hot Rod Allstars brought out a minimal version of 'Liquidator' called 'Lick-a-Pop'. The Upsetters brought out 'Clint Eastwood'. That was actually the backing track of Lee Perry's...
The Pirates: clumsy - sometimes that was engaging, sometimes it was downright irritating. For example, I'll never forget this line, that I heard from a Caroline DJ with a mid-atlantic accent: "Traffic news now. The North of England is congested, so... avoid the North of England". I kid you not. Radio 1: The dreaded 'playlist'. The first example of the dead hand of the Radio 1 Playlist I came across was in 1967, when R1 wasn't even a year old. Mod/psychedelia band The...
Not in S E London (except with school uniform, as has been said), but brownie's recollections show yet again that there can be variations in fashion over only a handful of miles.I wonder if you could present the pics singly for us, Gabriela. Also, could you ask Tony if he would mind our reproducing the pics?That stripey tank top would have been known as a 'bee jumper' in S E London. 1970/71 style.
I remember being torn. I had a soft spot for Tony Benn but I loved the pirate ships!
Ed, here in the leafy suburbs we call 'em 'Renault Espaces for poor people'.
Great pics of the MJQ - totally cool!
One day, along with two of my mates, I decided to go up to Soho and visit a strip club. We found one and decided to go inside. We paid at the door, and went down a passage where we were told that the payment at the door was for 'membership' and we would be required to pay again for 'entrance'. We grumbled about this, and the guy wrote down the name of another strip club where (he said) they would just let us in if we said we were members at his club and he had sent us. So...
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