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I have had a go, with pretty disastrous results!
Trying it en couleur. Not quite as Doisneau, but you get the idea.
Okay folks, forget it. The pic just isn't coming out. Oh well, it was a nice idea.
Trying again. Bear with... click the pic.
It's still not coming out right.
If it's Drugstore era, then the photography has to be black-and-white, with a slight Robert Doisneau vibe, only a decade or so on. And it has to be a trifle fuzzy to cover up the fact that the model is an old git in his sixties, not a minet in his teens. Let's face it, if I could have found a Jacques Dutronc wig, I would have worn it. Anyhow, what we're looking for here is an impression, and this is how I went out this morning, to postgrad open day on campus... NB. CLICK...
Some boss pictures there, Gilles!
Spotted in a charity shop today. Size 42, good brand. I can imagine this would look good with the right gear, collar turned up...
Today's clobber - sorry, no pic: Boots polarised shades - look like RayBans from a distance. House of Bruar tweed hacking jacket, olive drab with faint green and purple chalk-stripe check. I know, it sounds awful, but it's not. As near as damn it new from the charity shop. Black long-sleeved polo shirt by Russell, bought on line. Yellow/burgundy paisley scarf by Tootal, bought from a vintage boutique in Stockbridge, Edinburgh. Brown gloves, M&S. Brown belt, God knows...
You know, I think that hits the nail right on the head.
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