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What utter bourgeois twaddle that is! (And I say that as a fully-paid-up member of the middle class - I just know when someone's talking pish.)
In fact it's very close in style to the Norfolk Jacket - though you would expect that to be in tweed. I saw quite a few lads at my old school wearing jackets in that style in the 1960s. I assumed it had been a very brief mod thing and had passed into the mainstream, so loads of 'mids' wore them.It's not a Safari suit.[A 'mid' was a term occasionally used for someone who wasn't a mod, wasn't a rocker, and wasn't a square. He may have had longish hair or even a ted-style...
Blackpool kids used to wade waist-deep into the briny!
Me too.
Lots of people did that!
That's true. I bought my first pair of brown 'Gibsons' in Blackpool. That was, as I understood it, simply the name given to any lace-up shoe with an apron at the front, split-toe or not. I wore them in 1968 when I went down to London, along with my ordinary, black, non-American brogues, and there wasn't anything unusual in either of those shoes back then. Lots of kids and young men wore the same sort of shoe.In late 1968 there was that brief vogue for jodhpur boots in S E...
Worth mentioning, then, that when I arrived in London in 68, the kids were wearing loosely-knotted ties with shirts without a button-down collar.
T K Maxx can sometimes yield some surprisingly nice stuff, if you ignore the James May shirts, the skinny-git shirts with the tiny button collars, and the shirts with the massive polo pony on the front. I've managed to blag a couple of Levi denim trucker jackets and some jeans before now.There's an smaller shop here in Perth that sells end-of-stock stuff, and it had some pairs of Bass Weejun tassel loafers in, a couple of weeks back, but not in my size.
Well when we did go to gigs, nine times out of ten the artistes were wearing nothing like what we wore anyway, so no big deal. I had the privilege of seeing three out of the four BT&MGs here at Perth within the last 5 years. Yeah the Colonel played a Tele for years, until Peavey sponsored a signature guitar. That incredible solo on 'Green Onions' was a Tele.By the way, there's a wonderful, rather piss-takey version of the same number by the Shadows in 1983, if you let it...
I often wonder where we got the 'loosened tie' style from. Maybe Ol' Blue-Eyes had something to do with it... .... not to mention the trilby! Okay this is off-musical-topic, but it shows Frank in relaxed mode with tie loosened, recording a song in a single take.
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