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Well... hmmm... I did see some turn-ups that size in '68. Not many, but some. As for the hair, I do remember a very short-lived period in Blackpool in 68 when some guys did grow out their college-boy cuts to this length, but as I said it was very short-lived, and everyone went back to short hair again.
Yes please!
We might have walked right past each other at the Top Rank or the Orchid, though I didn't get to either more than a couple of times!Shopped there once of twice - I seem to remember my g/f of the time fancied a walk round Richmond Park.Welcome Chis.
Seconding Flyfronted and Ed!
By the way, please remain in business for at least two years. I'll graduate then and will need a nice new shirt.
On you Irons!
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4NPdjV_eT7cThe whole Ram Jam Band's wellies are pretty atrocious!Interesting that Chris Barber had a good go at German and Dave Lav Trellis didn't.I always rated Cliff Bennet & the Rebel Rousers - liked their version of the Beatles' 'Got To Get You Into My Life'.Good grief! 'My Friend Jack Eats Sugar Lumps' - haven't heard that since it was out! Haven't really missed it.Surely Chas Chandler in the audience at 19:08? Wasn't he Hendrix's...
Feeling pretty good, I have to say.
Here's myself with Miss Mystery, in the West Quad at Glasgow Uni yesterday. Totally proud of her. (This thread's getting like bleeding' Facebook! )
... and 'michty me!'
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