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For some strange reason I rather like these. They're a bit like... like... I dunno... like an art school mod wore a pair of dezzies while doing his Jackson Pollock session.
Back in the day I always felt that they looked a little more casual, a little less BDSM than a DM. I liked them.
I have to chip in here. Just how many of my personal heroes can you get into a single post? (OK, I mean F Scott Fitzgerald in the case of the top pic, and Anthony Burgess in the case of the two pics of Alex, and I guess 'heroes' isn't quite it either... Oh shut up, M-o-M!)And you ought to be caned for 'Citizen Cane'!
This is surely because a) we didn't get our pictures taken all that much, and b) when we did (by the media) it wasn't when we were dressed to go out of an evening.I know that, exceptionally, I was photographed quite a lot, but I was always short of money and had to save up for a crombie, which I did in fact buy fairly late on. I had my sheepskin before that, of course.
Absolutely not!
I can tell you that they were worn in 1969 down in S E London. Some guys even had them in late 68, unless I'm much mistaken.
Had a go myself, with fairly disastrous results!
Oh ouais, c'est juste ├ža!
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