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That makes sense. Merci, copain.
I'm just remembering buying an art book in 1973 called Rock Dreams. The artwork was by a Belgian artist called Guy Peellaert and the text was by Nik Cohn, the British rock journo. The idea of the book was to call up an impression of the musicians involved, rather than to depict them as they actually were; thus James Brown was a ghetto godfather revisiting the 'hood' with a flock of children round him, Jim Morrison was one of a louche crowd in a gay bar, the Mothers of...
Oh there is! I'm just having a bit of a dig. In fact I have been listening lately to Okay FM, a British internet radio station that on weekdays plays non-stop soul. It plays rarer 1960s soul of all tempos along with NS 'dancers' and classic soul tracks (by which I mean it will play Motown and Stax/Atlantic, but these are mixed in amongst the overwhelming bulk of small-label tracks). It's quite an education, the main lesson being that there is much more to rare R&B than the...
101 Things To Do With Unwanted Northern Soul Records #1 - Use them as soft porn accessories. I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I recall having a vintage one in the late 70s. Why, I don't know. I just fancied it. Cotton, medium blue, 'Plains Chevrolet Incs' on the back.
My dad was born and brought up there.
Not to mention the Blackpool Mecca!
Indeed. Somewhere on this thread we have photos of a bunch of guys (not sure where from) who called themselves 'soulskins'.
"A large proportion of northern soul's original audience came from the mod movement. Some mods started to embrace the freakbeat and psychedelic rock of the late 1960s, but other mods - especially those in northern England - stuck to the original mod soundtrack of soul and blue beat. Some mods transformed into what would eventually be the skinheads, and others formed the basis of the northern soul scene. Early northern soul fashion included bowling shirts, button-down Ben...
We're trying to, dammit!
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