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Seriously? Has anyone ever used auto-change on an LP and not had every second one give 'wow'?
One of these guys is Bunty's brother.
Your coat is wet!
Okay, me too.
Well just saying, y'know. I remember hearing them referred to as 'albums' by DJs etc in the 60s well before the hairy era.Sorry LQ, but what you're saying is a bit like if I pointed out computer 'files' and 'folders' were named after actual items of stationery, and you said "I thought we were discussing computers..."
From what I recall of the Savoy Rooms, not many blokes actually danced at all. Steve Maxted, the DJ there, would fall somewhere between bracketing and mixing, if that makes sense. Plus he would play the records that people joined in with, e.g. 'The Clapping Song' (where blokes would yell out the words of a rude version) and 'The Same Old Song' (where they would yell out '...old song!').Rolling up sleeves. I was surprised by the bloke in the photo having his sleeves rolled...
In fact it goes back much further than that, to the era of 78rpm records, in the days of shellac rather then vinyl. An 'album' was a set of records, usually by a single artiste, presented in an actual album - something that had stiff covers and opened right to left like a book, same as a photo album.
He used them as air-brakes.
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