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Ego shmego. I told it like I remember it, which is all I can do, and someone else has been harping on about it. Back off.
... and like I said, enough already about the spurious link between the 1967 surfer jacket and the MA-1! All they had in common was a zip.
Whether the picture is 'original' or not, that helmet made to look like a Deerstalker definitely is. They were marketed in the 1960s. Everoak did one, and I think it's the same one as in your picture above:I thought Kangol made one too, but I think I was mistaken about that.I'm trying to figure out whether the guy in the photo below is wearing one. Difficult to say from that angle.
No need to apologise for that either!
I never got this thing about Donkey Jackets. I never saw any skinhead wearing one anywhere in South-East London (Anywhere from Bromley to Deptford, and from Croydon to Woolwich), from 1968 to 1970, even at football matches. I had a council-issue one when I worked as a parks-labourer in 1970-71, I wore it for work, and I took it off afterwards - end of.
Closest we've got yet.
They sent me one of those and I sent it back. If anyone nicked it and used it in Perth I would have no way of saying it wasn't me. I'll get an Oyster.
Hello DJ.Boots: You're right, we didn't. Or rather, we wore all kinds of boots, including DMs, at first. I remember some blokes wearing boots not unlike those above.
Dream on, bro.
I have never yet found a monkey/surfer from any revival period that does not feature piping, nor a picture of the 4-skins where any of them is wearing a 1967-style, single-skin, non-piped surfer jacket.
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