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Smart! Congrats!
My daughter just snapped me on her phone and immediately Facebooked the result. Unfortunately I'm gurning. We were all getting ready to go to her graduation ceremony in Glasgow - if I had been asked to pose I wouldn't have been standing in front of a load of plastic boxes! The jacket, by the way, is a 3-button blazer by Pakeman Catto & Carter.
Jings! I saw him briefly on TV and didn't realise it was Nastase!
Ah - memories!
I meant too early in the morning - before my second cup of Earl Grey!But talk about an almighty cock-up!
Too early for a Tarantino joke, pal.
1968. Seriously, can any of us actually remember the Queen and Prince Philip looking cool until we see this pic of them... draped over the bonnet of a vehicle! I mean... sports jacket and flannels aren't meant to be cool, neither is a Norman Hartnell two-piece. It all depends how you wear 'em.
Canadian Premier Pierre Trudeau with his cabinet in 1968. Cannuck politicians knew how to wear a suit and step out (although the guy on the right seems to be mincing a bit).
1950s American kids with their car (hmmm... customised Ford Model A?). Note turn-ups, loafers, car-coats, white socks. Compare the turn-ups with the greasers' in the previous pic, and with mod/skinhead turn-ups.
1950-ish, a bunch of New York City greasers.
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