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Tee hee hee.
If I remember correctly, The Faces had a version of 'I'm Losing You' on their first album. I know what you mean about the cat being out of the bag, but what I was referring to was the way that right now, NS is one of these 'yoof' things ripe for making endless documentaries about before the key participants are shuffling around on zimmers. The latest one was interesting, but I had to laugh right at 0:00 when they kicked off with 'Exus Trek', the instant NS identifier.Give...
Well, it's not linked to any injury that I can remember, but I do occasionally find myself either aphasic or dysphasic.And I've never been in Stereo in my life!
That was my dysphasia cutting in.
I did, but I suspect that someone had simply done an indiscriminate Google search for pictures from the Wheel.
More reminiscences. I wasn't the only bloke around at college that had short hair, Levis, Ben Shermans etc. There were a few more. There was my mate Mark Cullinan of course (we had a pic of him a few pages ago) - I can remember no one took much notice of us until the 'skinhead' and 'Smithies' things got into the papers, then he had to take ribbing just as I did. There were other blokes whose names I can't remember. Two guys ran the Shotokan Karate club that were as hard...
I may have asked this before, but did anyone who remembers the 60s remember the term 'Mid'? As a term it was used to describe someone whose clothes reflected some mod influences and some rocker influences or Ted retentions. Does anyone else remember any greasers in 68/69 who wore Levis because they were tough jeans, and DMs because they were tough boots?
The look - indeed, far away from mod. I think the attitude to music and clubbing is what owes the most to mod in that culture.
Thanks. I'll bear that in mind.
Taking another look at Northern Soul We talk quite a bit about Northern Soul in this thread. It isn't really part of the 'mod-to-suedehead' track, but it is interesting, the way that Australian Sharpies and French Minets are, maybe even more so, because we can see the direct path from late mod culture to Northern Soul, and we can see it as a separate fork in the same road. I'm pretty sure, for example, that if I hadn't moved from the North to London in 1968, I would have...
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