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When I found this forum I had the impression that the people who were already here when I arrived were interested in getting closer to how the 'look' was in the late 60s, wanted to know what life was really like back then, but acknowledged that things had moved on since then. To me, the terms 'Traditional Skinhead' and "Mod to Suedehead' did suggest a particular period, the period I cared about and about which I could make a useful contribution. Maybe it has taken a long...
Seriously, Ed, it's not that heavy.
Not precisely. More like an extended conversation, which is what a lot of this thread is.
Noted, but what I have been doing was agreed - sort of - by a lot of people who were on here, because it was going to be the basis of an 'in our own words' record, rather than a book 'about' us.
It took years of practice! Really I was mostly apologising to the folk who have waited longest for the book, but I extended it to anyone who would simply like to see it.
The first pair of boots I bought in London (and wore when I went back to visit up North) looked very much like cherry red versions of this: The next pair I had were plain brown, without toecaps, and without the cushion round the top, not unlike these also from the William Lennon site. Just posted for what it's worth. I think the answer is go for whatever you feel comfortable in, whatever you think looks best with the other gear you've got.
I was one of the first to welcome you, and I'm glad you're here. Stick around.
I have one, for winter use. Mrs Mystery and Miss Mystery call it my 'thug jacket'. I always laugh about the time I wore one to a West Indian carnival in Liverpool, and I was having a whale of a time with all the Rastas. The only person who objected to my jacket was a white bloke who came up and harangued me about it while I was in the middle of a long queue of black blokes waiting to buy curry patties!
It has not been as easy as I thought it would. I thought I could transcribe stuff from the forum in my spare time, just by cut-and-paste, and it hasn't turned out like that - and at the same time my life got very busy!There are getting on for 1500 pages now, and the thread seems to grow faster than I can keep up. The material on the thread doesn't fall easily into chunks either; let's say I'm looking for stuff about boots, or crombies, or what girls wore, what I'll...
Those. They remind me a bit of a pair I had back then.
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