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Just by chance I read the latest comments on hats just before I went off to campus this morning, so I thought I would take a quick snap of the headgear I was wearing at the time. Brown corduroy 'flat bunnet'. It was a gift to me from the daughter of some friends, who is a fashion designer. She gave it to me about 5 years ago, saying it was a sample made up for a company in London. But the thing is... the mark inside is "Tress & Co", and I'm sure they haven't traded in a...
A lot of girls wore Jaytex or Brutus Trimfit, because they were generally cut very slim. I think this might be a Brutus.
They look better in the flesh. Honest.
Forget it, I'm not about to ruin the 'Auld Alliance'!
Awa an' hing upside-doon in a tree!
Awa tae hell, ye lang streak o' dyke-watter!
Just one final comment on this challenge - this wonderful mash-up.
Man that's as cool as polar bear shit! Kudos!
RB4148 Caribbean. They don't sell them any more, but they retailed for about £95 I think.
Well, Wednesday is charity shop day... Today we had one didgeridoo and seven pairs of Ray-Bans, mostly in ladies' sizes, but one pair of gents' that I blagged. Apologies for the quality of the pic, plus the fact that I'm in my scruff. Oh, yeah, fifteen nicker, in case you wanted to know. Style on the cheap, as ever!
New Posts  All Forums: