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Looking around for something else entirely, I came across the picture below. It was taken at an American High School in 1969. I have numbered a few of the participants. 1. Whatever his aftershave is, I would have wanted some. He seems to have four young women in attendance. He's in a short-sleeved check sports-shirt with a tag and a posse pleat. Can't see a button on the back of the collar. He also has half-mast jeans, or cords rather. 2 could well be a member of staff,...
Just so happens I'm going to one tonight!
On a trip to London in about 1980, I bumped into Rat Scabies coming out of a Tube station. Interestingly, he was wearing a pair of tassel loafers. I kid you not.
Not a lot. They look more intent on whatever it is they're rolling up, I'd say.
I'm not the only person to spot someone from the Piccadilly photo.Incidentally, it is not true that this crew went by the name of 'Boreham Stiff'.
We adore each other really!
Not going to bite!
Mum! Help! They're ganging up on me!
Are you going to keep on saying that?
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