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ROFL!!!!!Ooooh... France Gall! I remember France GallI'll spare you the pic of Sandy!
A handsome lady, Ed. Such a contrast with 'back in the day' when there were a) dolly birds, and b) yer mum, yer gran, and yer auntie. You know what I mean! Nowadays even us old 'uns dress to make the most of ourselves.
Interesting article. 'Hard' as a description of someone who could handle himself and/or came from a tough background is well known. However, the term 'hard mod' has been used more as a description of a 'look' - the more minimalist look of late mods, in contrast to the 'peacock' look - rather than as a description of 'hardness', toughness, etc.
Agreed. A point I think we've made several times on this thread.
Try Craigslist.
Random memories: Early 1968, Blackpool. Levi jackets in order of coolness: Denim - cool; needlecord in stone/wheat colour - cooler; tan suede - seriously cool; leather - coolest. Wearing a Levi leather jacket did bring one hazard though - it was an affront to greasers that a mod should be wearing leather, and there were instances when they would jump someone in a Levi leather and take it off him. The only person I saw consistently in a Levi leather was Dave Lee, who was...
Okay, I can't resist this one. Our 'democratic' government in 1936 secretly backed Franco. They would have been perfectly happy cozying up to Hitler, as a buffer between them and communism, but he happened to attack Poland, with whom we had a treaty. The rest is history...Speaking of history, I hereby promise to post only about the 1960s from now on.
Well, my sentiments entirely, except for the lads who went and joined CNT and POUM militias, but boy-oh-boy are we way off topic here. The complicated situation of Spain in the late 1930s is really a subject for a totally different forum. That's why I tried to bring us back round to our dads' attitudes in the 1960s.
Then I'm afraid it must have been another bloke, because my dad didn't have a brother.
A lot of blokes who went through it stayed shtum, it wasn't all cups of tea and cheerful Tommies.
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