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Is anything more arranged about the get-together in London on 21st July? I need to start thinking about booking accommodation, travel, etc., as well as some other things I could cover on a trip to the Smoke (like a lunch-date with my cousin, whom I haven't seen in bloody ages).
Lovat green was very much a 'mod' suit colour, around 1967.
Yes, I remember Jan very well, and I remember that story.My old mate 'Cockney Bob' came out as gay several decades later, after marriage, children, etc. This was in more liberal times, and I just shrugged my shoulders and accepted it. I didn't quiz him about whether he had always known it, or felt that way, or whatever. I could speculate that he enjoyed the male cameraderie of late-mod/skinhead 'stag' groups because he had leanings that way; but then a lot of us enjoyed...
A whole shaker-full I would say. However, it was and is typical of stuff that was written about us back then, by people who knew sweet fcuk-all about us.I remember a letter to IT while Yell was live, from some guy who was saying something like: "Like, the way I see it, man, is like the whole skinhead thing, yeah, is like guys with short hair digging chicks with short hair, so it's kinda like they're gay, like, you know, but they're like going with girls. It's like butch...
No wuckies, mate.
Christ-on-a-bike! You know, throughout the very short 'era' I saw some shite written about us, but that takes the holy biscuit!It seems to me that no one could actually handle the fact that, by and large, we were ordinary!
I meant on Rod's Flogs, not here on SF. I can't see any of your 'flogs'.
Duke, your pictures come up with that annoying little question-mark icon for me, except your 'derbies'. Are those the shoes you were referring to?I'm UK 8.5
You should have let me know you were coming.By the way, chaps, I'm STILL not getting any alerts.
The black one I have - bought at the Levis Shop in Glasgow - is very nice. And to be truthful if they had made a button one in 1968, rather than one with poppers, I would have preferred it.
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