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Suits me!
Little more than a week to go until we meet up at the Clachan. Did we fix a time?
Funnily enough, you just brought up another pre-skinhead memory for me.It must have been late 1966 or early 1967 when there was a vogue for surplus scarlet guardsman's jackets. A boutique in Blackpool had got hold of a batch, and I popped in to see how I would look in one. It didn't really suit me, and I never did go down the peacock mod route. However, I tried it on it in front of a huge mirror, and the boutique owner - I recall he had a trimmed George V beard - came and...
Just clarify whether you mean Lee/LeeRider or Lee Cooper there.Ditto, please.The straight-across stitches were what I saw in 1968 on Lee Cooper jeans.
I know what you mean. The only 'never' I can fairly apply is subjective, as in 'I never saw them'.
I'm still busy transcribing. Around pp.1066-1068 there was some talk of 'safari jackets'. That puzzled me greatly. I never saw them except occasionally on the back of Peter-Wyngarde-lookalikes, or Roger Moore, or in old Stewart Granger movies. (see pics below). I certainly didn't see any mods or skinheads wearing them. I did see the occasional 'combat jacket', but that was quickly supplanted by the parka for mods, and combat jackets thereafter were the sign of a 'mid' (a...
I can confirm that the Lee Cooper jeans shown in the photos are totally different to the ones that were about in the late 60s.What follows below is a recap, I guess, of what I have said before.Recollections from Blackpool, 67/68:All of the following brands of jeans were acceptable - Levis, Wrangler, Lee (Lee Rider), Lee Cooper. As I recall, they all looked pretty much the same - basic western jeans, not too skinny in the leg - apart from the stitching on the back pockets....
Hello Kiki2708, and welcome. I can't give you any info on the boots, I'm afraid.
2) was the original reason, as far as I knew, for wearing braces. Turn-ups on jeans was a fashion choice and had been around since mod days - see the pic below - but might also have had something to do with 2). It was a style difference with the late 50s/early 60s rockers, who wore skinny 'Tesco Bombers' with massive turn-ups.As for selvedge, it was simply the way western jeans were made, as far as I can remember. Back in the day I hardly noticed, believe it or not!
Well, Wednesday is charity shop day...
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