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I really don't understand your last comment, except for the last sentence which is - or so I believe - exactly what I was advocating. I don't want another thread where I sit alone and indulge in sartorial masturbation, I want this one (on which I was actually invited to post, by the way). I am merely saying, and I now reiterate, that whilst this is not a thread for people who wish to reenact a particular period of fashion, it does have, as its point of reference, an...
Not really what I was suggesting. If we don't occasionally refer to the starting point, and indeed to interpretations of the look since then, then in my opinion we run the risk of losing sight of the aesthetic altogether. I don't think it would be helpful for this thread to become nothing more than a kind of "What I'm wearing at the moment" thread, with no reference point.
Very like a coat I picked up from Debenhams in Perth about 18 months ago, and very smart.P.S. I don't think we've gone too far astray during the past few days. Our taste in clothes has a particular aesthetic which, it has to be said, had its zenith several decades ago. This thread started with pics of two young people from the 1960s. IMHO it behoves us to refer back regularly, even to laud now-defunct brands and celebrate a vintage 'find', as well as finding ways to...
Bumped into a bloke in Edinburgh Waverley station yesterday, about ten maybe fifteen years my junior. He had neatly turned-up jeans, dezzies, striped polo, a M51 fishtail parka, and a No.1 crop with sideburns. The latter was more probably due to hair loss - and I know all about that! He actually looked pretty good. I asked him where he got the M51 from and he said on line. BTW I was in my Solovairs, Lees, and G9. A bit of a brutal look for me, but it's what I grabbed out...
Don: "Hey, Mick, get outta my shot!"
I got a 1st degree BA Honours in English Literature. I'm now at the University of Edinburgh studying for a MSc in Literature and Modernity (I know that sounds odd, but even postgrad arts gets an MSc at Edinburgh!). If and when I get my MSc, the Edinburgh ceremony involves being whacked on the head with a cushion made from John Knox's britches. I kid you not. Academia is f*king weird!
For the record, in the late winter of 1969/70 (i.e. more into early 1970) a large consignment of surplus MA-1s came into the shops in S E London. Skins started wearing them, especially the older skins. However, the vogue was very short-lived because firstly stocks ran out, and secondly by summer we had started to 'grow out of' the skinhead look altogether.
Yes, still E&R, and you could get a 'board for photo sessions, not for the ceremony. I didn't bother because I didn't want to look like a total prat.
Just blagged a pic from Miss Mystery's phone that show the tie a bit better.
It's a Scottish thing.
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