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I think he has an eye for smartness and colour-coordination, I'll give him that.
I went to the Den quite a few times back then. I even went in my Blackpool scarf. Got some heavy ribbing but no aggro.
I was going to guess Man City.I can remember girls in double-breasted tweed coats. As for Trevira suits, I saw girls in all kinds of cuts of jacket, from waist-length (like a bullfighter's 'traje corto') to coat-length, i.e. down to the hem of their skirts, double or single-breasted.Here are some tweed coats.We've had the above before.
Someone was PMing me today and reminded me that the Savoy Rooms in Catford, where I used to go in '68, '69, '70, was the scene of a gang fight involving the Krays and the Richardsons in 1966. I have managed to unearth this pic. It's comparatively recent, and shows the building in a semi-derelict state. The dancehall was upstairs. The entrance was down the side, blocked off now by that grey board. You went in up a covered staircase that seemed to be loosely attached to the...
Just found an interesting couple of pics which illustrate the configuration of the round collars that came in as suedehead morphed into scruffy/arty. These are publicity shots from the BBC Cold War drama series The Game, set in the early 1970s. Although these are shown on a woman's blouse, and are maybe a wee bit bigger than on a bloke's shirt, they do show very clearly the cut of the collar - the outward curve on the outward edge.
Possibly they wrote it when they'd had a Little Weed!
Brownie, all anyone has to do if they think London was dull before 1980 is ask someone who moved there from the N W of England in 1968! In many respects, until I got sick of it in 1975, being there was the time of my life!
Unfortunately the link defaults to the Merc home page for me.
They used to call it 'Hurry up and wait'. Spike Milligan's war memoirs are a good guide to the principle.
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