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The girl I went out with from late 69 used to say "Blue and green should never be seen," but I always heard "Red and green should never be seen, except on the back of a fool." That was a reference to jester's motley, which was often a combination of red and green.Divvil knows why the 'Irish Queen' bit, unless it was just something thrown in to make it rhyme.
Accepted, but it wasn't what I was saying, or perhaps it's better to say it wasn't what I meant.One of the reasons we didn't wear belts back in the day was because our Levis shrank to fit, and they didn't need a belt.*Maybe the cat in the hat's strides hold themselves up without one. Maybe he's going for a fairly minimalist look. Who can say? My comment was meant to convey the sense of, well, if our thread is about 'the look goes on', then it's just a wee bit ironic if we...
I'm with Duke on the shades. I quite like the dark sheepskin - I have one myself. The boots leave me cold.
Well, Wednesday was charity shop day - not a sausage!Hang on a minute... from 1966 to 1970 I wore Levis and sta-prest and such with no belt, none of us did, empty belt-loops all round!
Oh hardy har har!
Transcribing: Just broken the 1000 barrier. Phew!
But he carries it off so well, that's the thing.
Looking good, but the dude with the panama nails it.
This lot certainly didn't decant 'em in 1971!
I'm currently busy 'transcribing'. I came cross a reference on this thread to this track someone found on a Japanese site (ignore the advert that comes up at the beginning). Most of the images are from the '69 era. However, it did contain an "Oh!" moment for me, and here's why: We discussed the 'skinhead' episode in Inspector George Gently, and how the 'skinheads' portrayed were just totally wrong for 1969. One of the 'wrong' items was blokes drinking direct from beer...
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