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Makes you wonder why the Clarks Desert Boot was so popular, Cern.
Just a quick photo. Two loafers from Jones the Bootmaker, Glasgow. One bought several years ago for work from M&S (I think) that are surprisingly stylish when on my feet. Finally, Bass, bought in a local end-of-line shop because they reminded me of the pair of shoes I bought from the Squire Shop with my first wage packet. They could all do with a bit of a polish.
This one?I have to say it looks rather nice. Bloody well ought to be for 320 nicker! It's very like the ones I remember from back in the day, but it looks perhaps to be of a stiffer, grainier leather than the one I remember. That had a smoother finish.
I like the modern ones, because they can be fastened like a 'traditional' trucker.
... and it's them I thought we were talking about in the first place.
Thanks. I was just wondering if you meant 'totters'.
Oh. Yeeeeah!
Whereas when I do that, I get looks that say "What's that old geezer doing dressed like a bloody skinhead?"
I love it. It came from the collection of a fried of mine - now unfortunately dead - who had a house full of guitars. I bought it from his bidey-in. I was certain he had a Les Paul somewhere, but I think his brother blagged that.
Nothin'!Say it again!
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