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You just reminded me of something. In 1968 there was a very brief vogue for flares at the Blackpool Mecca. A handful of blokes wore them (including, I think, Mick Lee the DJ). I even had a pair, wore them once, felt stupid in them, and never wore them again. They didn't go with anything else I/we wore. The vogue seemed to last about two weeks! Thanks, I would rather have forgotten that.
This has been brought up a couple of times before. That's what I used to call what is now more commonly known as a 'monkey jacket'. The ones I saw back in 67/68 were usually plain navy blue, with plain navy collar and cuffs (note, NO piping/stripes); some were light blue with navy collar and cuffs. Usually they were a single skin of mmf with no lining. I called them 'surf jackets' or 'surfer jackets', as one or two other people did, or 'zipper jackets', mainly because of...
I had a pair before 69, but didn't wear them that much - the main look 'oop north' was to have jeans that fitted (i.e. shrink-to-fit) worn without belts, braces, or anything else to hold them up - but nevertheless I did see some blokes with them. The were usually worn under a surf jacket or suit jacket, hardly ever just with a shirt, unless the day had suddenly got hot. I think I mentioned before, but on my first visit to Bromley High Street (N Kent / S E London) in the...
No wonder DM still makes money, eh?
Well, mid-to-late-1960s mods did wear braces to keep their strides hanging right, but didn't tend to show them off that much.
"Le mot impossible n'est pas français." Napoleon I
If you change yours to Commissioner Dreyfus then maybe.
No comment.
That link is telling me that the content is no longer available. If you mean the Windrush event in Glasgow, I hope to be there for the afternoon. I'll be the bloke who looks old enough to have been there the first time (I am!). I share a hairstyle with Patrick Stewart.
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