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I don't know where you get the idea I'm near Washington. I'm an ocean from DC and a few hours by train from the Washington that sits between Sunderland and Newcastle-upon-Tyne!I'm in Perth, Scotland, and so's the shop. At other times I'm on campus in Edinburgh - and I know where all the vintage clothes shops are in that city!
I'm with you, Boo-Boo!
Back in the day we wen't into a shop and asked for 'Levis' or 'Wranglers', never knew there were different types/models/whatevers.As for 'look wrong', the real answer is to pick a pair that 'look right' on you. That's much better than an 'authentic' pair that don't suit you, I would say. Today's Wranglers seem to suit me better than today's Levis - I don't fight it.
Here's Wednesday's swag.
Average out our hair and you have two normal haircuts!
Part of my heritage! When I first got into mod in the NW they were what you had to wear.
Okay, Wednesday is charity shop day, and today I got a knitted tie, two pairs of cufflinks, and a tiepin.
Make, no. Concept, definitely.
Pretty much so.
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