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I'm cool.
Agreed, but there was a time when it was 'ordinary blokes' - lots of them - who did just that. Mainly in the sixties, but they got the idea of suits, ties etc. from what was already established. This isn't a thread dedicated to comparing our kitenges and sarongs, for examining trends that went way off at a tangent, for example. See what I'm saying?
Just a few remarks about the shirt from the Squire Shop I neglected to mention. This one, I mean, under the Harrington: Only a handful of us bought them round our way. Being an American 'regular' fit - full in the body and wide in the sleeve - it bucked the trend for 'trimfit' type shirts. It looked a bit baggy on. I've been wondering what happened to it. I now seem to remember that in the late 1970s, the Skelmersdale Players in Lancashire put on an adaptation of The...
Yes, I'm an 'Emerson' these days - the first and only member of my family to go bald!
Okay, I've been in the attic today looking for something unconnected, and I turned up the following two photos. The first is myself on holiday in 1967 - I would be 16 going on 17 (please, NOBODY start singing the worst song in The Sound of Music!). The pic is no biggie, because I'm just wearing a white T... This was the first year we ever used colour film. Anyhow, the second is really interesting, because I had forgotten all about it! It's myself in 1970, again on...
I managed quite well, back in the day.
Yep - my mum called mine a monkey jacket, but she was being insulting (she hated the way I dressed). I have been looking for one of these for ages, preferably in red. I think I mentioned before that the ones we had 'up north' in 1967 were, in descending order of preference, 1] dark blue with plain navy collar and cuffs, 2] ice blue with navy collar/cuffs, 3] red with navy collar/cuffs, although only a small handful of the latter were seen. All were unlined nylon.
That was the point!
Yeah, except he wasn't too good at keeping out of sight!Funny thing - I've probably said this before - he was from London and came to live in Blackpool, I was from Blackpool and came to live in London; I used to joke that we were on a kind of 'cultural exchange'!
A bit like this, but with open slant pockets usually. Also goes by various other names.It's what I used to call them in the 60s, because of their association with the Beach Boys.Yep, we've been here before.
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