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You were there too?That was the day that Rod Stewart and I invented the Pogo.
I was just remarking to Mrs Mystery, "The thing about Sten guns is they tended to jam..." and bingo! the bloke's gun jammed! Probably the only moment of accuracy!
AND it had a plain collar and cuffs - no piping!(I keep going on about this)
Who me? How could you think such a thing!
Well, there is nothing surprising about mods with turnups,As for the guy at 3:08, how do you know his jacket is green? It is more likely to be mid-blue, as most surfer jackets were at the time. We've discussed at length the mod influence on skinheads, of course.
Unfortunately I never got to see the Small Faces live, but I did once manage to see the (later) Faces and the Who at the same gig!
Could be, but of course I'm talking about '69.
Typical French - coming over here and stealing our birds!
... the funny thing being that DS John Bacchus has been wearing a Harrington for several years in the series.
Going to break my own rule here. For those of you who don't get UK television, here's an example of 25+ skins in scruffy 80s chic... in 1969. That's what we've (not) been talking about. Actor Jody Latham in Inspector George Gently, 20/05/2015
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