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Did they ever? They didn't about the mods, about the skinheads, about NS, about whatever.
I can think of worse tunes to be stuck in one's head.
Well something made them pick it up.
Hmmm. 'The Night' was a regular Four Seasons single that got picked up, I assume, by NS DJs because of its beat. 'Grease' was specially commissioned for the movie, the song wasn't in the stage musical.
Well... here am I with a foot in both camps. In SE London I regarded it as seamless as well. With the proviso that the younger incomers didn't.
Tee hee hee.
If I remember correctly, The Faces had a version of 'I'm Losing You' on their first album. I know what you mean about the cat being out of the bag, but what I was referring to was the way that right now, NS is one of these 'yoof' things ripe for making endless documentaries about before the key participants are shuffling around on zimmers. The latest one was interesting, but I had to laugh right at 0:00 when they kicked off with 'Exus Trek', the instant NS identifier.Give...
Well, it's not linked to any injury that I can remember, but I do occasionally find myself either aphasic or dysphasic.And I've never been in Stereo in my life!
That was my dysphasia cutting in.
I did, but I suspect that someone had simply done an indiscriminate Google search for pictures from the Wheel.
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