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Welcome to the forum London spike 'ead - hope you don't mind if I call you that, because 'spy kid' was an invention of the UK press. I can't remember which newspaper it started in, but obviously some journalist misheard a cockney saying 'spike head' and printed it as 'spy kid'.Anyway, good to see you, no matter what your screen name is. Glad you're interested in the original look.Having said that, I, for one, can't be much help. Where I was in London at the time (SE), by...
I think I've caught your cold! Nice to meet you, though.
How was the evening do? I see (from Mark) that there were more suits.
After a while I couldn't see anyone's feet, and I certainly couldn't hear anyone's accent! It was a great way to spend an afternoon, and I'l certainly go again. I'll pick a seat further from a speaker, though!
I'm not saying the music was bad - far from it. But there is a whole world of difference between 'period' music and 'enthusiast' music, hence the comparison to Northern Soul.Again, not saying there weren't some nicely-dressed people there, but 'the devil is in the detail' however.For example - lots of Harringtons, but no one with the collar raised.
Okay, the Windrush event has been and gone. I was there for the afternoon session. Observations. As always, brilliant to be with Bob and Suzie! Briefly made the acquaintance of a few other people. Bob grilled me about 'original' era details, of course. Conversation was impossible. It was a bit strange to see a room full of forty-somethings, dressed roughly how I used to dress when I was 18 but not quite. It was good to notice that most of the blokes' Levis were of...
There were probably more Italians than Weegies there!
Walk about with my hand up what?
Off to the Glasgow Windrush event very shortly...
I just wanted to get to this before Clouseau did. I think you've been autocorrected with that acute accent on the 'e', so the title of the film now translates as We've run out of mousse!It was a cracking film, by the way.
New Posts  All Forums: