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Which, thank heaven, I don't have.
Thank you for the accolade.Actually, I still wear DMs, but not with my strides rolled up. I wouldn't wear them if the local Style Police (i.e. Miss Mystery) didn't approve.An old guy in braces looks like an old guy in braces. An old guy in a cardigan looks like an old guy in a cardigan. An old guy in a button-down Oxford looks smart.In the town where I live, old guys wear jeans, dirty sneakers, and a nondescript zipper jacket or fleece, usually in dark navy. They look like...
We saw them on sale in the Levis retro shop off Carnaby Street last week.
Well, yesterday was charity shop day, and some rotten bugger had been in, tried on a pair of shoes, walked out wearing them, and left a pair of manky DMs on the shelf instead. Even put the price tag on them!I'm thinking of a plain red surfer jacket, wranglers, and desert bootsre 1 - they were tasty!re 2 - not, as Alexei Sayle would have it, DMs!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZy7vEWeTFY
Geoff Boycott eat yer heart out! Another gash photo of the suit. I promise that when I get the trousers altered, I'll post some decent ones.
I didn't realise it was a competition.
Deid richt, the noo!
All I know is they are made in Portugal. Pity they're not on his web site.
Should have gone to John Simons, guys - he has a sale on! 30% off shirts, a little bit off scarves, a little bit off a few other things, and a handful of summer-weight mohair suits reduced from £395 to £99. I've done it again - gone to JS and copped a bargain! Proper photo in due course, but this naffie (naff selfie) will give some idea of the jacket. 3-button, fairly minimal in style, and needs only a minor job doing to it (removal of some styling on the shoulder, which...
Diverse bunch, aren't we!
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