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Generally speaking - and I mean this about all movies, no matter what the period or subject - I have to take my 'anorak' off in order to enjoy a film. I used to be a bit of a Roman Military buff, and when Gladiator came out, I was only 5 minutes into it when I told myself "Forget the inaccuracy, enjoy the film!". I guess it's a bit more difficult when it's about something one was directly involved in. For example, the pre-Northern-Soul soul scene in the North, as shown in...
If she lets go of them she'll give herself something to think about!
That could easily apply to either of us, mate.
Phil Daniels has a bloody picture in the attic!
Again, to be honest - and bearing in mind that this is a much-doctored image - although that's much closer to the type of coat than Sting's, the way he's wearing it it seems to just hang off him.In fact that whole line-up is just so fcuking contrived. I can almost hear the photographer, who no doubt has in his mind some sneering, punky stereotype of 'yoof', saying:"Okay, more attitude... more belligerence darlings... oh yah... oh yah, that's it... give me aggression... oh...
Sounds like my old friend 'Killer', bless her heart.
To be honest, the majority of birds I knew who wore jeans wore them well-fitted and didn't seem to need braces.
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