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You see, that's the awful thing about it. 'Waterloo Sunset' is a really well-written song. It's rightly held up as an example of Ray Davies' songwriting at its best. BUT, it represents an aesthetic when British beat groups had lost their 'edge'. I mean, just compare 'Waterloo Sunset' with 'You Really Got Me' and you'll see what I mean.As for 'Dead End Street', I didn't mention that, you did. Just saying.
Sorry, I couldn't resist slipping this in as a tribute to someone on our forum who looks just like a model on the cover of a magazine. Good grief, that actually is modern jazz giant Dave Brubeck pretending to play the joanna on this clip! Though of course our friend takes her name from the Bill Black version, I think - a Northern Soul classic.
"I wasn't lost!" - Hendrix... but we won't talk about that. I actually saw Hendrix live, twice, both times in Blackpool, one of which gigs was the legendary tour where he was on the same bill as Englebert Humperdink. Neither of these gigs was one you would miss going to, whether you were a mod, a rocker, a hippie, or whatever. It was just such an occasion when a bill like that came round to your town. The tour that included Hump also included Cat Stevens. The second tour...
Having said which, 'Around And Around' was one of the Stones' numbers I really liked. The mid 60s mod mates of the lad next door, when I lived in Blackpool, used to by Chuck Berry records because they were on the PYE R&B label, along with stuff by Willie Dixon and Muddy Waters. I remember I enjoyed the Stones' first two albums, because it seemed a 'new' thing to hear a British band doing so much R&B. But then they went all 'Lady Jane' on my ass!
So what were they when they supported Jerry Lee Lewis on TV then? Hear Eric Burdon singing "Jerry gonna be rockin'" in this version of Chuck Berry's 'Around And Around'.
Actually 'The Concrete and the Clay' was a pretty good disk. The truth is that back in the 60s we all listened to whatever pop music was on the radio, and a lot of the stuff by British 'beat groups' was good.Until they went all 'Simon Smith and his Amazing Dancing Bear' / 'Waterloo Sunset' / 'My name is Jack' on our asses.
If I had a pair.
While I'm on about T K Maximus, it's always an idea to spend ten minutes whizzing round your local store. You never know what's going to be in. On the day when I didn't buy the Racing Green jacket, I spotted this Ben Sherman Heritage shirt going cheap. Three-finger collar, and as close in design to what I would have worn in '69 as you're going to get. I know I had promised not to buy any more check shirts - only plain ones from now on - since I bought a PoW suit (and a...
Under normal circumstances I would not go out and spend £260-£300 on a two-button Brook Taverner jacket. I've nothing against two-button jackets, except the modern fetish for bum-freezer suits that look two sizes too small. I prefer three-button, but if a two-button jacket fits well, is of a respectable length, and looks good, then it's okay by me. The other day I was in T K Maxx, trying on a really nice dark olive, two-button tweed jacket by Racing Green. It was knocked...
Two clues. Firstly the car reg is 1973-74, secondly the scooter has no front numberplate, and they were abolished in 1975. The pic might be a few years later than that, as neither vehicle is necessarily brand new; so I would say that these guys are the immediately post-punk mod/skinhead revival.The bloke on the left actually looks like one of the late 70s 'raincoat rocker' (Joy Division etc.) fans.
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