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The only people I ever knew to admit to wearing camel hair coats were Anthony Newley and Peter Sellers, whilst on the phone to 'Christine Keeler'.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHelogpgkMA
I think the emphasis of this thread has shifted many times since it started. I've learned a lot too, and contributed to some of the ding-dongs too . I thing we old-timers ought to lurk, at least, because our input will be needed from time to time. I have enjoyed and valued yours greatly, brownie.Those James Brown tracks are absolute crackers, by the way! That bloke just about invented funk. I can remember buying another proto-funk 45 in 1969 - Look Ka Py Py by New...
That'll do nicely. Not unlike one I had back in the day (I know, that's no recommendation )
Style tip: Never wear three shades of beige. Unless you're Cary Grant. Nice tassel loafers, mate!
Yes, I found it. The 'Soul Skins' from Market Harborough, Leicestershire, with their hairy mate Andy (rt). I can't say precisely what 'soul' they liked, but JB might well have been up there.
I can say that James Brown was popular 'up North' while I was there, but when moved to London in mid-1968, I found that Jamaican music and commercial Tamla was more popular. I never heard James Brown records played at the Savoy Rooms, for example.But I'll bet it was a question of where you went. I'm sure we had pics on here of a bunch who called themselves 'soulskins'.(Autocorrect, thank you SO much for 'sealskins'. Not.)
Now you come to mention it, I'm sure I remember watching Ready Steady Go! somewhere in the mid 60s, and Cathy McGowan na Moonie were both in shot, and she was suggesting viewers sent in badges for Moonie to wear. I don't think it was the Ready Steady Who! special.There's one photo floating around of me in 68 or 69 with a badge on the lapel of my jacket - I think it was a trades union badge - but no, you hardly ever saw badges back in the day, except maybe for the...
Just mentioning that back in the day 'cheapskin' was the name given to one made from suedette, with MMF fleece lining, and you could spot them a mile away. So if that one is genuine sheep it's kosher.
Yeah I thought I recognised the kid with glasses and blond hair.
Isn't photoshop wonderful! I believe a Dutch member of this forum found this. Have we seen it before? It is of course a phoney, but it should have happened!
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