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Would someone be kind enough to unzip the terms FC, CM, and WAYWRN for me? By the way, I put my plethora of thumbs-up down to appreciation of my hutzpah in posing on the same spot nearly fifty years later. My G9 doesn't look special (in that photo or at all) unless you know what you're looking at. Generally it looks like a grey-ish beige-ish zipper jacket, so it's not going to win any sartorial challenge. Plus if I had been serious about an entry I would have dressed up...
@roytonboy Brian, what I want to know is did anybody (round your way) actually call themselves 'suedeheads', or get labelled 'suedeheads' by others, or indeed is 'suedehead' a description that was given afterwards? You say as a 'look' it only lasted about six months - that rather goes with what I said about it being a look that an individual bloke took three or four paydays to move through, six months would be about right for a whole bunch.
I have a couple of nice Tyrwhitt b/d shirts, with no back pleat and no back collar button. My opinion is that doesn't make them bad shirts, nor does it necessarily destroy 'the look'. Button-downs were around for a lot of the sixties, and we never got to see the back (how many pics of Steve Marriott showed him from the rear?). My old Madras shirt (see the two pics below - me in 1966 and me in 1969 - same shirt) had no back button or pleat, as far as I remember.Although I...
A couple of thoughts occur to me. Firstly, the public impression of skinheads - boots, braces, football. It was the aspect that the media picked up on, and the most easily-recognised image. I can imagine Joe and Joan Public walking past a queue of teenagers waiting to go into a club and thinking: "What a smart bunch of youngsters in their suits and polished shoes. Nothing like those ghastly skinheads. Hmm... maybe they could do their ties up properly, though." Of course...
I hear you and I know what you're saying. You're right, of course. Tint or not, though, what I said was what I remember from small-town/fringe-of-country scene.
I have reappraised the Charles Trywhitt Oxfords. I could just about live with the small collar, but not the collar insert in a contrasting colour. Scratch the above.
I've been trying not to add comments to the old stuff I've been finding whilst transcribing for the book, but this one rang a bell.I can remember that although people weren't paranoid about perverts in those days, there were a few about. I met two or three in my teens, and knew to walk away. Most of them were just mouth and liked to talk dirty to you. As for finding the woodland stash, yes, if it hadn't been raining you could often find a few pages from Health &...
I've managed to reach page 700. Jeez Loo-eez, this is like straining sh*t through a sock!
I'm having a running go at it, let's put it that way.
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