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I wish I had the playlist for the background music of the Wheel episode! There were quite a few I couldn't name.
I was going to suggest Millets.
I really wish they wouldn't mix up pictures of 1969 skins with pics of later skins, like when they're talking about girls' fashions and the pics are showing something totally different from a later era (e.g. the wrong hairstyle). I know, I know... it's all been said before.
I am racking my brains to remember where Levis could be bought in Blackpool in 1967/68. I don't recall anyone actually travelling to Manchester for them (of course it's possible, because we were in and out of Manc, going to the Wheel and so on), but by then Wrangler, Lee Cooper, and Lee Rider jeans were 'acceptable' amongst the mod crowd there. I have a feeling that the same shop that sold Wranglers etc. sold Levis. The alternative source for Levi jeans, jackets, etc. was...
I turn my back for five minutes!
God, they're the worst!
I knew someone would say that, and indeed it does.
Remember when I said way back in the thread that the look died out in about 1970, and people were saying, no, no, it kept going? Well...
"Take me with you... I can see... I can see perfectly!"
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