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I think it was Roy (Lasttye) who said, much earlier in this thread, that where he lived if you weren't a skinhead you were nobody. There were a heck of a lot of us in towns and cities through the UK. Basically the media paid no attention to what teenagers are doing, unless there was something they could make a story out of. Who outside of the kids themselves knew that there were still youngsters calling themselves 'mods' when the skinhead look developed? Okay, people knew...
Oh thank you!
Great pic, Roy!
"A pphhledge pphhin? On your UNIFORM?"
Slightly off-topic. For lovers of 1960s American 'style', YouTube appears to have all the episodes of 'Route 66', a drama series started in 1962 about two young men - one from a wealthy background, the other working-class - who travel across America in a Chevrolet Corvette convertible. Plenty of interesting footage featuring cars, clothes, etc.
[We must be the only people on the planet who watch American Graffiti and Animal House and rave about the fcuking clothes! ]
Excellent analysis, Roytonboy. Maybe we overestimate the Ivy League influence - it would have been mostly unconscious anyway, as are many things in fashion. I can recall being in a B&B in Shrewsbury in 1985 (I had been posted there and was house-hunting). I came downstairs to breakfast one morning, having thrown on a pair of chinos and a t-shirt, and a check shirt worn unbuttoned over the top. An American woman who happened to be staying there exclaimed "You look so...
I can remember the first couple of times I came across the term 'Ivy League' in the mid 1960s. One was in the 1965 book 'Generation X', describing the suits worn by a young mod. The other was of course the name of the British band, formed in 1964 (hits: 'Funny How Love Can Be', and 'Tossing and Turning').
That's right, as far as I remember it. However it's still a lovely jacket! (I meant to reply to M. L'inspecteur, but same point)
The Book: Slow process, still transcribing from the thread. Only got as far as p.514, but at least it's a 'moving vehicle'. Sorry it's taking so long.
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