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That's very true.
RSG stopped in 1966, so no.
As it happens I never did this. I just wore my jeans at a fixed length (i.e. so they didn't drag on my shoes) and didn't bother to turn them up for boots. I can remember other guys doing the same as me.
I'm glad you put the quotes round 'new'. I was aware of the term 'skinhead' at least a year before the media's moral panic about us (late 1969). It was often used as an insult, but was adopted as a jokey term. in early 1969, Chris Welch in the music press was still calling us 'mods'.Were we aware of Jamaican and Ivy League influence? Yes and no. Mainly the stuff we wore was 'ours', never mind where it came from. I was aware that the Harrington jacket had an 'American'...
Actually, neither did I. There was a bloke in Blackpool indoor market who did a roaring trade in out-of-date copies of Parade and Health & Efficiency, but getting them past the Thought Police back home would have made it hardly worth the effort of sticking a copy up your sweater! Apart from anything else, I saved my pennies to get decent duds and to go out on weekends.But yeah, it is a nice little pic.
Okay, I know precisely where this comes from, it's from one of those 1960s 'glamour mags', the sort that featured rather coy upskirt shots. These sometimes appear when I search for 1960s fashions. Anyhow, the young women here are sisters Jennie and Liz, and the photos are from about 1967, and I can remember lots of girls that looked like this. The girl on the right could be the same one I posted earlier - difficult to tell - but they both have the Mod look from 67/68.
I took a step back and thought to myself, "Well, aren't they just doing what kids always do - taking styles from an older generation and fcuking about with them?" The Teds took a trend which was current amongst smart gentlemen-about-town in the early 50s and made it their own. The Mods flirted with French, Italian, and Ivy League style. The Skinheads appropriated the Crombie and the sheepskin. Now these little tossers with skinny jeans and quiffs are making free with 'our'...
Good God no!
Blimey! Where the hell did that come from?
I think the point of the joke was that you didn't have to move far out of Glasgow...
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