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Now, here's a thing. This advert for a Boston MA company calls these loafers 'moccasins'. I can't shake the thought that's what we called them in Blackpool in 67-68...
I've been hunting for 1960s fashion shots. I was not surprised to come across this 1965 American ad for a Norman Hilton suit, 3-button, in subdued PoW check. Not bad! I'd have worn it in 69, if I could have afforded it, and I would wear it now.
It has been noted before that it's strange how much of a style associated elsewhere with moneyed Americans was plundered by the likes of us in the late 1960s - what we did with it, how it changed into something that never went any further 'up' than lower-middle class, and was more associated with urban dance-halls than with 'ivied walls'. There are one or two interesting photos on this site. Yes, it has been linked to before, for pics like this: I don't see many...
Three Ivy-Leaguers on a scooter, leaving a beatnik to his book of poetry. The pic is flagged up as being about 1969, but I wouldn't know - I can't find any other details.
Okay so Wimbledon started yesterday (I know, I know, but anything to escape the twin disasters of the World Cup and the 2nd Test vs Sri Lanka!), so I thought I'd post a pic from 1968. Difficult seeing who's wearing Fred Perry and who's wearing Lacoste, but L to R the players waiting here are Gimeno, Laver, Stolle, Buchholz, Ralston, Gonzales, and Rosewall. Together they were known as the 'Handsome Eight' (there's one more hidden). Well, I'm no judge of that, but they...
Thanks for the good wishes, everyone. I celebrated with an Italian meal (penne norcina), and for the record, I was dressed in a white BS, 501s, and loafers.
Aargh! This realtime posting's doing my head in!
Thanks, mate.
Steady on there, Col - only my tailor's supposed to call me 'Sir'!
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