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Did I actually say that? I don't think so. If I did, it was a meaning I didn't intend.You and me both, sister!Will do!Selfie, please!
You might take a look at Adam of London for some suit ideas. They carry much more than straightforward skinhead suits, but the cut and detail looks good, and there is a chance to try something on. Nearest tube is Ladbroke Grove, I believe.
Back in the day such questions didn't occur to us. It was simply what we wore. End of.
Thank you for that vote of confidence.
As I recall, back in the day you just went into a shop and asked for 'Levis'. I never heard anyone talk numbers.
Ease, up - you're talking to one! Just to get back to the topic of 'our' era, I think I have mentioned before that the first mainstream mods (short hair, levis, etc. pre-skinhead) I saw in London were in the suburbs.
Take a look at this pic - it is supposed to show some major fashion trends amongst male 'hipsters'.Now, if asked to describe what a 'hipster' looks like, I would have gone along to a large extent with what's shown above. I would have said: "Bushy beard, shortish hair, checked shirt often with button-braces over it, sleeves rolled up to show an armful of tribal tats, skinny jeans with untidy turn-ups, and clumpy boots."The funny thing is that a couple of months ago I saw a...
Je suis Paris.
I was going to say!
I think in his case it's kind of a 'statement'. I think with the Adam suit you could just about, get away with a [small] polka dot tie, but nothing fancier.
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