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It has been said before, but many mods involved in the beach fights, when interviewed later, said they were approached by journos who wanted them to stage something. I dare say the same could be said for any youth movement from Teds to Chavs, where journos are concerned.
Not all of us wore turn-ups back then, y'know.
That's what I feckin' MEANT!!!!!
Yep, as I said before, the first time I heard the term 'skinhead' in 68/69 it was being used as a term of abuse by greasers for the mod/peanut/totter blokes.
Pete and his mates called themselves 'mods' at the time (as did Bunty's brother), and I think that we have to give a degree of weight and respect to how people saw themselves and what they called themselves.. If you look at Pete's photos over a few years, you'll see the transition, however. The pics below were supplied by him for 'the book' and I would ask any casual hot-linkers to respect his copyright. The dates of the photos are 1967, 1969, and 1970. You'll easily...
Pete consistently classifies himself and his mates as 'mods', by the way. To me they don't look that much different from anyone else I saw around at the time. Mod/Totter/Skinhead/Whatever.
From Gabriella, via somebody else - a rather naff 'article' in 'Rave' magazine, 1969.
I guess it's well worth thinking about, then.
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