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Yesterday I caught a few minutes of 'Island in the Sun' on TCM. It happened to be a scene where Harry Belafonte was at a smart party. He was wearing a suit and blimey did he look sharp! I can't find a still of the scene, but here he is with MLK. Where would the 60s suit in the UK be without black America's influence on Jamaicans, and their influence on it?
Patching a few holes on my iTunes playlist.
I didn't imagine for one minute that they didAcknowledged. I heard it first in about 1966 from my pen-friend (actually the daughter of my mum's pen friend from when she was at school) who was one year older than me.I remember that term too. I heard it from the same person.Ironically the 'blouson noir' was also the term given to old-time French school uniforms - there's a handful of lines in Charles Trenet's song 'Douce France' that goes:Il revient à ma mémoireDes souvenirs...
Strange. I was told the term 'minet' by more than one French acquaintance at the time.
You just reminded me that in 67/68 the resident 'dance band' at the Blackpool Mecca would get a small spot on a Sunday night, between DJ spots (resident DJ was Mick Lee). They would be dressed in black strides and amber, open-necked shirts instead of formal dance-band gear, and played soul/motown standards. A bit weird, a bit naff, but we kind of appreciated the gesture.
Fer sher!
To be fair, the 60s was fifty years ago. Thirty years ago it was the era of Visage, Spandau Ballet, and Durex-Durex... sorry, Duran-Duran.
Adored the cars (apart from the Edsel), and it was great when 'Green Onions' came in.
Snapped today in the local ability equipment shop, Perth:
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