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I like that - you'll not be surprised to hear!
The distinction was said to be between between Catholic (Irish-influence) and Protestant. Liverpool buses used to have the same slogan printed differently on each side. To avoid the rush hour...Treat us fairly, travel airly. (Catholic)orTreat us furly, travel urly. (Protestant)The first accent also has something that sounds like 'neoo' for 'no'. My gran had the first accent, according to my mum, although she wasn't Catholic, but one side of her family was.
'Cockney Bob' (the name by which he was known up North, for having spent two years in London!) would have had something to say about that!That's him in his bus conductor's uniform, showing a gap in his teeth got in a ruck.
Sailors used to knit, but you wouldn't want to pick an argument with one!
Hey, that joke was stale by the time of George II
I can tell you that none of my mates from around SE London spoke anything like the Queen's English. When did you last hear Her Maj say for'y fahzan fevvers on a frash's froa'?
Well I did some of my own, or my mum did it if she was in a good mood. On odd occasions an obliging bird.
Quite the reverse. Depending very much on what scene it was, whereabouts in the country, you could see a denim patch, a leather patch, sometimes even a transplanted pocket (with the distinctive Levi flattened 'V' stitching) on a favourite pair of Levis. Many people tended to keep a worn-out pair of Levis on hand for the very purpose of having patch material.My own preference was for a small piece of leather.It was considered quite stylish to have Levis that looked 'lived-in'.
Could well be. I was actually thinking about the illustrations throughout the book, which have sparked some lively to-and-fro on here.
Indeed! I remember talking to some Charlton fans when it had been suggested that Athletic was about to move to Milton Keynes, or 'Up North' as they put it!But Bedford? Come on, you can spit there from Potters Bar!
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