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London-centric attitudes in all aspects of culture are well-known. But then a hundred years previously 'The North' would have been three days' journey by stage coach, and almost a different country.I'll never forget going back to Blackpool wearing jungle greens and cherry red boots. I was met with blank stares from my former crowd. Also people stared at my 'riders' (worn with Levis) and wondered why I wore footwear so bad for dancing.
That's how I felt initially, although by the time I arrived in S E London nobody there seemed to be using the term 'mod', and 'skinhead' was a term of abuse. By the time that Sta-prest, Harringtons, and brogues from the Squire Shop became mainstream amongst us in 1969, the style had progressed and formed something recognisably different. Rooted but different. By then the 'movement' was known as 'skinhead' and I simply accepted that. It would have been totally different for...
For Ivy, you can't beat Faber's resident bastard, Doug Niedermeyer, as has already been pointed out.
We have one near us. I might go looking to see if those PoW strides are in stock.
Button-downs were often quite short and always cut square. I can remember seeing one or two blokes around Lewisham in 1969 wearing them loose over their sta-prests.
You could do worse.
To be fair, I listened to Hendrix. I don't think people (hippies) realised how bluesy and funky he was, just how flippin' black he was! I mean he had made his living playing with the Isley Brothers and acts like that.Actually I saw him on the same bill with Englebert Humperdink. Englebert spent the first third of his set crooning his hit ballads, then took of his jacket and started to sing stuff like 'Land of 1000 Dances' and other upbeat soul stuff. I heard more recently...
I flirted with it very briefly, but by the time I got to college where there were a lot of hippy-trippy types, my opinion was that they needed an intravenous shot of reality, which is why I got into radical politics instead believe it or not. They were nice enough people, but when I think just how much of a middle-class pond in a working-class area my old college was, it was no wonder I did about 90% of my going out to enjoy myself outside it.There were no more than about...
I recall wearing a pair of Levi cords, sand-coloured, with a pair of brown Gibsons and a pea-ish/sage-ish green Harrington. Not as ghastly as it sounds.I think desert boots look better with blue denim.
I think it would be the accent more than the fact that they were squaddies.I never went 'Paki-bashing' and never knew anyone who did; but we all knew it went on. The South Asian community in S E London at that time wasn't all that big compared to West Indians and irish. I didn't have anything against South Asians except I hated the way their 'trendy' young men dressed.Funnily enough, even though we got on with kids from West Indian backgrounds, and there were a handful of...
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