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I am not herbert.
There was never any 'initiation' in the late 60s in Britain. In some places it was just how the kids you grew up with and had been to school with looked; in other places it was to do with where you hung out, or what football team you supported; in other places still, it was just a matter of people recognising your face. In the part of S E London I used to move around, there wasn't much of a cohesive 'turf' attitude at all. We all knew each other's faces from the Savoy...
This one has been up before. Mod-to-skinhead transition period, myself and my mate 'Cockney Bob' wearing Ben Shermans with pocket hankies to match; mine was pale yellow, his was pink. I seem to remember my mate Mark also had a pink BS.
It was like this.
Often known in the UK as 'Charles Az-no-voice'.[Off topic again, but I recall my mum and dad had an LP of French songs, including a version of 'Frappe dans tes mains' by Aznavour.]
Reginald D Hunter's Songs of the South last weekend actually featured the Muscle Shoals sessions, Aretha Franklin and so on amongst other stuff. Next week (he says) it's actually going to be New Orleans rather than Memphis. So expect Louis Armstrong, Dr John, Allen Toussaint, The Meters, and so on. BBC iPlayer also has a documentary about James Brown available.
That has to beat having to transcribe them all!
Hello - light and rest yer saddle.In answer to your question, not that I can remember. I do remember we often tried to bunk in to the cinema through the fire exit though.
tee hee!
Oh well. I'll watch anyway, because it's such an interesting documentary series and he's such a nice bloke. I watched the one about bluegrass and minstrel music.
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