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Roy is dead right about the 'fashion' angle. That's what it was. Loads of kids jumped into it, and eighteen months down the line they're all wearing 'bee jumpers' and long hair!
You've jogged my memory. When I was running Yell I was contacted by someone from a Gay magazine* and asked if I would be interviewed about the skinhead scene. The bloke dropped in at the IT offices to chat to me about it. I didn't end up doing the interview because I didn't see much point in it, but during the chat he told me that a number of gay blokes were into the look, and that he and his mates had been approached by young skins who were closet gay. Or that could have...
I've said this before, and I'll say it again - not to to say you're not right - I can only go by what I saw. Between 71 and 75 (when I left London) the look was non-existent in S E London, as far as I could see. I went to football matches all over London. My girlfriend and I went all over London by bus and underground, up West or out through the suburbs to the finger of London to the country (we had the 'London Transport Book of Country Walks') and didn't see a single...
I admit that with that pic you've got me thinking.By the 'mid 70s', by the way, that look had died out in London, I'm sure.The trouble with the first pic (the posed trio) is just that - the pose. It looks wrong. Maybe some journo got them to pose like that. If we could figure out what the two little black kids in the background are wearing, we'd have a better clue.
How often do I have to say that these guys didn't have a clue what to wear, and had to be told.When I first bumped into them they were wearing 'Tesco bomber' jeans, button-braces with belts, grandad tops, and God knows what else.
... having said what I said above, this may be the same guys 'clowning around', but it looks more like they're about to launch into a porn scene.
I'm with you on this one, Roy.It's in the pose. Back in the day we would have been more likely to clown around for the camera than pose looking threatening and showing off our crotches.As for the other photos showing 'tight' jeans, they all look like regular-fit Levis to me. Don't forget, folks, they used to shrink.
Everything on 'The Eyes'... ... and moving right along...
That pic completely ruined my breakfast.So I trawled through image after image of Twiggy (oh what a shame!) until I came up with this:
Seconded! Happy Birthday, Ed, you young whipper-snapper!
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