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For the record, in the late winter of 1969/70 (i.e. more into early 1970) a large consignment of surplus MA-1s came into the shops in S E London. Skins started wearing them, especially the older skins. However, the vogue was very short-lived because firstly stocks ran out, and secondly by summer we had started to 'grow out of' the skinhead look altogether.
Yes, still E&R, and you could get a 'board for photo sessions, not for the ceremony. I didn't bother because I didn't want to look like a total prat.
Just blagged a pic from Miss Mystery's phone that show the tie a bit better.
It's a Scottish thing.
Having said that, there was a bloke in the Usher Hall bar, maybe a decade younger than me and not one of the graduates, who had a kind of Paul Weller chic, and looked pretty damned stylish. Unfortunately I didn't have a camera at the ready.
The old chap behind me, and the younger dude with the shapeless suit that everyone (else) wears these days!1. It does rather!2. I knew from the word go that the outfit would need a dash of colour.3. Quality is very good, and the service I got was good too. I bought the suit eleven months ago during a visit to London, and having had a fitting and paid, I got them to send the suit and a spearpoint-collar shirt down by carrier. It arrived within a couple of days. They tried...
Unfortunately the gown covers the top pocket, and there were no other decent pics that show the hanky. But... am I wrong, or does this just make me look like an old git in a suit? well, I guess that's what I am. Anyhow, here's me with Miss Mystery. Good grief! I look like bloody Nigel Farage in that one!
Up to my rissole in alligators, I'm afraid - but I'll see you all in July.
I'd have that jacket.
Indeed it will, purchased at the same time as the suit.
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