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'Alberts' and 'Georges'. 'Cockney Bob' wore Georges. I tried some, but got pins-and-needles in my fingers.
Thanks, Roy. That's what I would have guessed, based on the way he has his tie, believe it or not!
Do we know who was from London and who was from Manchester in the pic?
@ Gsvs5 - this is the track that really brought back memories! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rURFXWk_5TM
Thanks, an interesting list. I am familiar with a good number of the tracks, had some of them on 45s, have many of them now as mp3s. From what I recall of my days 'oop north', there was a heck of a lot more mainstream Motown/Atlantic/Stax played in clubs, and far fewer obscure 'northern' tracks, than people now seem to want to admit. Having said that, I do recall tracks like - say - Robert Knight's 'Love on a Mountain Top' being played, tracks that went on to be thought of...
Never saw it round my way.
That would be boss, Ed!
I picked that up too, and wondered whether it would spark any comments about the influence of the Capital.I recall my old mate 'Cockney Bob' (I have to put quotes round that, because he was from Thornton Cleveleys originally!), when he moved from London to Manchester he used to tell me that kids would listen, completely enrapt, when he talked bout London fashion etc. "Yeah... go on... yeah..."
Very interesting piece. The guy mentions the exclusivity of his playlist - I wish I knew what was on it, so I could see what tracks I recognised but had forgotten all about.
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