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I'll say this - they obviously took a lot of time and trouble over constructing the site.Photos - usual suspects!
Transcribing update: I have now got into the 800s.
By the way, I'm STILL not getting any notifications from this thread, from the M-to-S thread, or from personal messages.
Ah - Jane Firkin and Surge Forward!
They would be tights (pantyhose, to US readers) rather than stockings. I can remember many girls in 1969 who had a pattern down the outside of each leg of their tights.
That's exactly where it was. I was sitting with a young hippy I didn't know from Adam, and a middle-aged ordinary couple who were having a picnic.
Very nice you look too, Duke. In the spirit of WAYWRN (see, I'm getting it) this is what I actually have on at the moment. I've just come back from a friend's music degree recital, and Mrs Mystery insisted I should have my pic took. Just to give an idea of what I actually paid full whack for, the pea coat is from a couple of winter seasons ago at M&S; I think the loafers are M&S too; the pocket square was bought at Austin Reed in Glasgow. The rest I picked up at the...
It's a bit like the mint green shirt I had in this picture - pity you can hardly see it - the collar was longer than on my BS shirts, more like a buttoned spearpoint. I can't remember what make it was. I think I bought it at some boutique or other, never looked at the make, just liked the style.
... er... who's looking at the bloke?
I know you're only quoting, but the number of times I've tried to kill this bit of sloppy journalistic nonsense!Some journo heard a Cockney skinhead say "spike 'ead", and wrote it down as "spy kid".
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