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I'll wait to see what happens.
Hi Fok. Nothing so far.P.
I'm nearly 66 now, so I was in my teens in the 1960s. I don't see my own teenage tribal (for want of a better word) affiliation going back to the earliest Mods, because by the time anyone had heard about Mods in the bit of 'the North' where I was, it was already a big thing down South - seaside rucks and so on - already well removed from the first 'Modernists'. The first Mods I actually knew were mates of my mate next door - I've told this story before. He was about a year...
Nope.Merde.Thanks for the tip about the shirt. I actually got one at the local department store before it shut for good (1868 - 2016) along with a three-finger Gant - light blue with a thin stripe.
Mind you, I wouldn't have crossed the road to see Secret Affair, let alone travelled to Wimbledon and risked a slapping.
Hi.I'm getting no email notifications at all, no matter what my profile says I'm subscribed to. That includes notifications of private messages, threads, whatever. I can't recall clicking any 'unsubscribe' message in an email. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.
Beats the hotly total fcuk out of me. Has always beaten the holy total fcuk out of me.
I have pencilled it in.By the way, I am still not getting alerts from this site, for either thread or for PMs. If anyone wants to update me, please do it by email.
I think the copper on the left is Lord Lucan. NOW at last we know!
I remember hearing it being referred to in 1970 as a 'centre crop'. But the caveat there is that that was also the name given to the skinhead girls' cut in 1969.
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