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Rolling my eyes. My daughter was walking through George Square when this bloody nonsense kicked off yesterday. Honestly, when am I going to be able to say "I was a skinhead in 1969..." without having to say "but not like these blokes you see today"?
There were some interesting checks around back then. I remember my last Ben Sherman was what was described as a 'nubby' check (I remember the word, but not where I saw it - it was maybe on a label in the shop window where I bought it) in two shades of light blue. And yes, I wore braces with it, but in this days more often than not we used to wear a slipover anyway. Some of the American check shirts available in Brewer St were rather... er... noticeable; I've mentioned my...
This is always the problem with adopting a 'look' retrospectively.
Nah, we're all off down the pub, Col.
The result is a dramatic status quo. No, not the band.
We hear you, Ed, we hear you.
Guilty secret: a broad smile came onto my face when Status Quo started singing 'Caroline'.
Oh my stars! Loon pants. Yeah I had a pair in 1971 and split them at the seam they were so tight round the arse! Best forgotten.
I would say so, along with other brands such as the (much later) Gap suede I have.Having said that, the 'Westcott' (?) cheapo I had at the time also had side pockets.
I remember them well. In '68 the side pockets made them distinctive.
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