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I HAVE to get one!
I remember when a mate of mine turned up in a shirt I hadn't seen before, and said to me "It's American - not a Ben Sherman - from the Squire Shop", and I was down there getting a similar shirt the very next day, so that I could say "It's American, not a Ben Sherman" too.But overall, I would think many of us would agree with your last statement there.
All good points, of course, and perfectly valid.I'd heard of Ivy League because when I was a twerp of 13 or 14 I used to follow around my mate-next-door's mates who were all mods, plus I read the term in the 1965 book Generation X (mate-next-door had it), plus there was a band called The Ivy League...I think the Ivy League influence on skinheads would have been blindingly obvious to an outside observer who saw them in their casual clothes rather than boots and braces,...
They do by me!Like my bleedin' RayBans were recently!
Well now I know where to get a whistle when I graduate!
Firstly, I think he was using that statement to startle his readers and to reinforce his point about Ivy League clothing items having different significances in different places at different times.Secondly, the vast majority of us didn't even know our clothes were Ivy-League-influenced. They were just items of fashion.The guys in the famous Piccadilly Circus photo - let's be fair - were in the minimal skinhead gear. But hey! aren't those American-style button-down Oxford...
I just picked up this suede trucker jacket at a vintage market. I had been looking out for one for quite some time - okay it's not a Levi, but I would have given an eyeball for it when I was 17! It looks good on. There's a story attached to it, though, and as I don't know yet whether it has a happy ending, I'll keep it back for now.
Good grief - the bloke's wearing a car-rug!
Hail Caesar! Is that shirt one of Brutus's?
The pic below is of a young man called Julian Bond. It dates from 1963, and comes from this post at garmsville.com. Worth a read, it's about the semiotics (verbal, visual, cultural 'codes') of Ivy League, and relevant to this thread in its conclusions.
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