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We might have walked right past each other at the Top Rank or the Orchid, though I didn't get to either more than a couple of times!Shopped there once of twice - I seem to remember my g/f of the time fancied a walk round Richmond Park.Welcome Chis.
Seconding Flyfronted and Ed!
By the way, please remain in business for at least two years. I'll graduate then and will need a nice new shirt.
On you Irons!
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4NPdjV_eT7cThe whole Ram Jam Band's wellies are pretty atrocious!Interesting that Chris Barber had a good go at German and Dave Lav Trellis didn't.I always rated Cliff Bennet & the Rebel Rousers - liked their version of the Beatles' 'Got To Get You Into My Life'.Good grief! 'My Friend Jack Eats Sugar Lumps' - haven't heard that since it was out! Haven't really missed it.Surely Chas Chandler in the audience at 19:08? Wasn't he Hendrix's...
Feeling pretty good, I have to say.
Here's myself with Miss Mystery, in the West Quad at Glasgow Uni yesterday. Totally proud of her. (This thread's getting like bleeding' Facebook! )
... and 'michty me!'
Smart! Congrats!
My daughter just snapped me on her phone and immediately Facebooked the result. Unfortunately I'm gurning. We were all getting ready to go to her graduation ceremony in Glasgow - if I had been asked to pose I wouldn't have been standing in front of a load of plastic boxes! The jacket, by the way, is a 3-button blazer by Pakeman Catto & Carter.
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