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Historical note:When brogues became de rigeur in N W England, second half of 1967 and early 1968, no longwings appeared, perhaps due to the simple fact of what was available to us from the local retail outlets. The toe outline could be quite round, even blunt; but I would have been more than satisfied if I could have got my hands on a pair like my current browns from Jones the Bootmaker.One thing I can say is that I didn't see any footwear in burgundy / ox-blood until...
I know this is heresy, but I always did prefer shortwing over longwing.
In response to a request by Clouseau, here's a pair of brogues I bought a few years ago from Jones the Bootmaker, Buchanan St, Glasgow. I bought them because they are the same colour as my A1 jacket.
Gash pair from Clarks, also donkey's years old. I don't own a posh pair.
Purchased several years ago from Jones the Bootmaker, Buchanan St, Glasgow, because at last I had found a pair of shoes the same colour as my A1 jacket!
It occurs to me that he's got a New Orleans vibe going.
Nice baffies, John.
Two nice pairs of links from Mrs Mystery this Chrimbo!
Something I used to see 'back in the day' around S E London was the occasional skinhead bloke in a mesh-knit Fred Perry like this... ... and also occasionally in a round-necked, mesh-knit FP t-shirt. As far as I recall, these were not usually worn with braces over them. I mostly seem to remember then in the light coffee colour, as above, or light blue. Anyone else remember them?
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