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Yes I agree. 'Mardie' was a mod from Southampton who came to Goldsmiths at the same time as I did. We had a falling out, and I cut her off the picture out of spite. The pic was taken at Margate, August Bank Holiday Monday 1969.
I wasn't going to mention this, as it's a bee in my bonnet. It's one of these things that I always declare "Skinheads didn't do that!", and then along comes photo evidence of some skinheads doing it...... and the next thing you see is hordes of people (later types trying to recapture what they suppose the look to have been) doing it.Damn this bee! Anyone got any insect spray?
Back in the day (for me, late 1967 to early 1970) I had a thing about green. For example, I bought a green surfer jacket with some thin red and white piping down the length of the sleeve. I thought it looked distinctive and Italian. I don't recall having to do much to co-ordinate it with other stuff I was wearing. Our shirts were mostly white anyway, and it looked okay with Levis. When airline shoulder bags were in, I bucked the trend for BEA and BOAC and bought a green...
Looks more like he's scratching his nose. I think that pic's period.
I suppose I can just about get away with claiming this young mod as an 'old mate of mine', having bumped into him several times in the old Three Tuns in Beckenham (though in his 'Major Tom' days). RIP
[quote name="Bela Kun" url="/t/89027/mod-to-suedehead/22665#post_8263461" A question about modern Lee Rider 101's... [/quote] My jeans of choice.
I was about to mention that. I think you're right.
It looks like a Levi leather jacket to me. It has poppers rather than buttons (my modern one has buttons). Yes, they came in both black and brown.The shoes look a little like the jodhpur boots that came into fashion briefly in late 68 to early 69 in London. I believe those boots were known as 'Riders' elsewhere in the UK. I think that what the guys are wearing in the photo are leather 'Chelsea boots' (I agree with covskin), probably bought at a High Street shop, probably...
Historical note:When brogues became de rigeur in N W England, second half of 1967 and early 1968, no longwings appeared, perhaps due to the simple fact of what was available to us from the local retail outlets. The toe outline could be quite round, even blunt; but I would have been more than satisfied if I could have got my hands on a pair like my current browns from Jones the Bootmaker.One thing I can say is that I didn't see any footwear in burgundy / ox-blood until...
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