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Except it is in the spirit of friendly banter.
I believe it's supposed to be satirical. At least they're not saying "Ay up, there's trouble at t'mill!"
At age 16-17 I was going around with the Blackpool mods, at 18-19 I was in S E London with the loose mob there, and by 20 I had grown my hair.
Around S E london all we seemed to see were stone-coloured Sta-prest.
You are? I must be going doolally. I thought it was someone else.
Me neither.
@loempiavreter The two pics below are by the bloke I was hoping to get a front cover from (for the book), but I kinda lost touch with him. And now I am seriously in love!
Okay, I'm stepping back to Blackpool 1968, which is comparatively close to roytonboy's neck of the woods. By 1968 the denim jacket had replaced the plain surfer jacket. Gradually blokes with more money would turn up in wheat-cloured cord jackets, or Levi suede or leather. Just shows how different an experience can be a handful of miles down the road. The greasers did not like us wearing leather, and a Levi leather could get you into a fight.So where I was it went plain...
London-centric attitudes in all aspects of culture are well-known. But then a hundred years previously 'The North' would have been three days' journey by stage coach, and almost a different country.I'll never forget going back to Blackpool wearing jungle greens and cherry red boots. I was met with blank stares from my former crowd. Also people stared at my 'riders' (worn with Levis) and wondered why I wore footwear so bad for dancing.
That's how I felt initially, although by the time I arrived in S E London nobody there seemed to be using the term 'mod', and 'skinhead' was a term of abuse. By the time that Sta-prest, Harringtons, and brogues from the Squire Shop became mainstream amongst us in 1969, the style had progressed and formed something recognisably different. Rooted but different. By then the 'movement' was known as 'skinhead' and I simply accepted that. It would have been totally different for...
New Posts  All Forums: