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Yes, that could very well be.
I often wonder how the NS look developed. Early NS people would have looked much like northern mods (see the middle-aged 'coolest dad' bloke in the Shredded Wheat advert), but by the mid 70s it was all shoulder-length hair, tank tops, and baggies.Okay, I can understand the hair - practically no one had a crop in the mid 70s.Also I can kinda understand the baggy trousers. Compare the look of the 'Boot Boy' with wide denims. I can remember in '69, I was sitting by the...
When companies bring out albums like this, the contents are usually rather predictable. In this case I'd be prepared to bet that the tracks will be ones that people 'used to dance to at Wigan', and that's that.I listen to an internet radio station - Okay FM - that broadcasts (weekdays) what it refers to as 'Northern Soul', but in fact includes both mainstream and rare R&B from the 1960s. So you'll hear Motown and Stax alongside Mecca/Torch/Casino tracks and, importantly, a...
I heard them called both. DM used to market 'Dr Marten Airwair' boots (note the spelling).
Give him a Blue Peter badge!
You put me right off my breakfast with that photo! The 'hard hat' was also used a lot, I believe, in student demonstrations in the Far East (Japan?), when protesters faced riot police.
Well I certainly started people posting.
I never said they were!
And a combat jacket... and a scarf thrown over a shoulder. Is this going to give rise to a series of "Did skinheads wear combat jackets?" or "Did skinheads wear their scarves like that?" posts?
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