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Is nothing sacred?By the way - 1200 pages!
The Scottish Daily Record has this library pic of Frankie Vaughan. Frankie was well known for his social campaigning, and in this pic he is shown with (per caption) four 'gang leaders' from Glasgow. They are obviously youths, and display aspects of the late mod look. the guy on the right is wearing braces. image included here under 'fair use' conditions.
Nice Oxford shirt Hercule is wearing!
Have to say that's sharp.
I was about to say "Did you break his pointing stick?" but the way this thread has been going during the past 24 hours...
Oh my! Just snorted Earl Grey down my nose!
Ta. Checking that out on the map, I think that's about right - not far from where Debenhams is now.
I have been looking for information about what Street the Blackpool branch of the Twisted Wheel was in. If you plonked me down in 1968 Blackpool I could walk straight to it, but locating it today on a map is a different matter. Fail. I found the following paragraph on a page of the 'Soul Source' site: Once some scooter boys followed the coach and parked outside the Blackpool Wheel. The craze that week was school caps - they all had school caps with parkas - cool or what?...
That's the band indeed! This pic below was the one I remembered:I remember 'Colin' looking a bit mournful.
You're right, not 69 style at all.
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