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I had to model it with what I had on at the time. Actually, the blue of the shirt picks out the blue stripe in the window-pane check.The charity shop in question is Cancer Research UK in PerthI didn't buy the jacket, I'm just modelling it for you. It's still on sale at the shop.
You mentioned 'Police' and I was making an obscure Bakunin joke!
Stand still while I beat you with The People's Stick.
There were a lot of these about in mid-late 1969 around my neck of the woods. A lot of the younger birds wore them as school coats apart from anything else.
Thanks for the heads-up!
Wednesday is Charity Shop Day, so I thought I would model some of the new arrivals for you. What was that? No, of course I'm not using the forum to sell them... Firstly, who fancies looking a wee bit like Tinker Dill from Lovejoy? Actually this jacket and waistcoat combo by Mulberry is a brilliant cut. They're labelled at 44". Here's another Mulberry jacket, 42", not really my colour, but again a lovely cut. We have a batch of shirts just in, Brook Taverner, etc.,...
Bearing in mind that what we called a 'Crombie' back in the day was a style rather than a make (it was the Biro or Hoover of dark blue overcoats, if you see what I mean), as everyone above has indicated, then I do recall one or two girls wearing coats that had the crombie idea, but were tailored for the female figure. Also a similar cut was available, in other colours, as a lightweight coat in Trevira.
I don't recall it either.
Damn straight that!
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