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You beat me to it! He made his first appearance in a little-known series promoting adult literacy.
 Absolutely correct. We both came from just outside Blackpool.After I had left school and gone down South - like I said before - I used to come up by coach to visit mates I'd left behind. On one of those occasions I dropped in to see the head teacher at my old school. I had cropped hair and was wearing boots, Levi jeans and jacket. Ian would have been at school that day. It would be bloody funny if he had seen me and...We'll never know, of course, because he died in a car...
Small World Department: I just found out Ian Stuart Donaldson of Skrewdriver went to the same school as I did. He would have been a first-year the year I left. Same haircut, different politics, bloody small world.
From about that period, maybe a little earlier, this is a rather indistinct picture of 1960s club-goers in London waiting to get into a blues club. It's from the BBC documentary 'Can Blue Men Sing The Whites', all about the British blues boom(s) of the 50s and 60s.kid on the left - nicely styled jacket.
Just realised who he reminds me of in that pic.
Am I alone in thinking MB looks like a badly-tied parcel in the top pic?I recall that I went with a whole load of ex-skinhead mates to see T-Rex at the Lewisham Odeon. Someone a few seats away chanted, "Bolan is a fairy!" and one of my mates called back "You are a silly cnut!"Just a passing memory.
That's the geezer!
@ bunty - "Straight glass!"
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