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'Long After Tonight' is a good title, very apt! I foliowed the sidebar link - scenes from that movie have been used in so many mash-ups! LMAO @ "THOSE PIE EATING DOG RACING IDIOTS!"
I can quite safely say that if you want to put me on that thing I would have to be a corpse!@ rotonboy - the one thing I regretted about my skinhead years was the fact that no one in my manor was actually enthusiastic about the music. The clothes were great, the girls were cute, and so on, but the music was just the stuff we danced to, or rather we stood around to while the girls danced. There were maybe only a couple of us who actually bothered about the music, and even I...
Motown was great back then, and I think in a way you have hit exactly on what so much later-discovered Northern Soul lacks - I'll put it in three words. Holland, Dozier, Holland.I think that's why I have this love/hate relationship with NS. I'm typical of anyone from the youth subculture that happened immediately before something else - I'm almost too ready to tell the next lot where they're 'getting it all wrong'. But it's not up to me, it's their sub-culture, and whilst...
No. 2 was bugging me - I knew that I knew it, I just couldn't place it.No. 8 too
Thanks for all the track lists, lads. I have augmented them with some answers from a Northern Soul site. I listened to the Wigan episode - maybe it's just my personal taste, but that seemed to be full of the tracks I have always considered bland, the tracks you find on cheap, NS compilation CDs.
I recognise many of the Wigan tracks... quite a few bland ones there The Wheel and Torch/Mecca episodes were much better. The Torch/Mecca instrumental tracks were pretty good.
Just listened to the Stoke Torch / Blackpool Mecca episode of the Radio 6 documentaries. Up to now I have always considered about 95% of the records touted by Northern Soul fanatics as 'classics' to be utterly bland. However, the tracks featured on this episode were bloody good. Maybe I need to find a NS forum and ask someone what they were, because the R6 web site doesn't give a track list.
Great documentary! Macca, bless him jumping someone else's train. The RSG Motown broadcast is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sp4dWYyLv7U
I wish I had the playlist for the background music of the Wheel episode! There were quite a few I couldn't name.
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