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Just to let you all know that I'm back transcribing material from the earlier pages, with a view to getting the book into shape. I know I've been at it for a long time, but it is more laborious than you would think - if I can cover ten pages in a couple of hours I'm lucky. So I'm still a long way behind, but I'm not at a standstill. I'm going to try to get a couple of mornings a week at it during the summer (May to August, inclusive) and see how it goes.
Sharp as a pistol. M. l'Inspecteur.
Two G9s in one contest. Mental!
I know what you mean.I'm torn two ways - I still remember the nark who dragged me out of a cafe in Blackpool and hauled me off to the cop shop on suss alone, the Met plod who trod deliberately on my heels when I joined an anti-Vietnam-war march in London (both 1967), the City copper who, when I came across a burnt-out office and said "Blimey, what happened here?" replied "What the fuck does it look like!" (1971), and hearing from a mate who was a Merseyside sergeant about...
I see thumbs and votes do not necessarily tally.
A contest without challengers is boring.
The only footballer in recorded history to be named after two parts of the male anatomy.
Nice sheepie, McD!
Am I allowed to thumb myself, or is that frowned on as... uh... abuse?
A tradition I'm proud to perpetuate!
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