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'Oh Carolina' by the Folkes Brothers was often played in the Savoy Rooms, Catfiord, in 68/69.
An essential part of the mod soundtrack is now no longer with us.
Jings, I know, another one bites the dust.
Funnily enough, that was something that marked the deliberate moving-away from strict skinhead fashion - at least in SE London - and the very swift transition via 'suedehead' to arty fashions. The first things a bloke would do would be to grow his hair and unbutton the collar buttons of the Ben Sherman. The next new shirt would not be a button-down. The next new strides would be a pair of lionels...
Thanks, I believe you're right.
The man himself. Matchless!
Gilles, is there any note of the year that JS is talking about there?I recall buying a short-sleeved American sports shirt - I've spoken about this before - from the Squire Shop in 1969. That had a 3-finger collar, not a small one. I can only vaguely remember looking at the label inside the collar. I couldn't put a name to it. Tiger's Foot and Dickies do not ring a bell, however.
I think you might be referring to the pic of me pretending to throttle Mark Williams. That was a bog-standard gingham Ben Sherman. There were a lot of them about.Re 'default skinhead uniform', do I recall Robert Elms (or someone) talking about the time a bunch of his older brother's mates called round his house, and they had crombies - one bloke had a sheepskin - tonik strides, and gingham shirts? There's a passage something like that. Anyone?
I agree that there may not be many photos of our generation in check BDs, but we certainly did wear them a lot around SE London. I had several by the end of 1969.
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