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Military: The jacket I'm wearing in this pic from 2014 is by Pakeman Catto & Carter, who started as makers of dress uniform.Sorry I couldn't find a better pic - I never fill clothes well.
My intention all along.
While I'm here this morning, may I just dispose of this one, which - yes - probably does belong on 'Mod to Suedehead', but it was brought up here.When speaking of the past, one can only refer to one's own experience. Mine, in that era, was in S E London. There the term 'suedehead' was hardly ever heard, and only mentioned for the briefest of moments and with a jokey conotation. It was used to describe a skinhead, usually an older one, who had decided to move out of the...
I could mention the bonehead I saw in a bus queue* in Edinburgh yesterday. It strikes me that military fatigues had influenced his look, but overall - copy MA1, braces hanging round his arse, camo strides, along with ear-studs, shaven head, and a ciggie in his mouth - I think he would have got a rare bollocking from a Sergent-chef!Personally, although I have a copy MA1 for cold weather use, and a pair of plain fatigue trousers for hiking, olive-drab military gear is...
Again, not something I have done, or have intended to do. I have never pretended to know better than anyone else. I merely stated what I thought it was about, what I thought the ethos was from reading the thread.
Pretty much what we do at the London get-togethers!
Difficult to say after almost half a century. I have the impression that the original Levis SPs were more comfortable and a better fit, but this may have something to do with the fact that I have thickened out a bit and getting strides to fit now means getting myself to fit the strides!
Does anyone recall a documentary about John Simons, the trailer for which can be found here? I can't find out anything about it, I'm afraid, because the website is all in Japanese. There's another clip of JS here. I must confess that I no longer know the appropriate thread on which to post this! JS opened in 1955 apparently, outfitted many people during the 1960s, but is still patronised by several people on this thread, myself included. Is looking at shots...
Judge for yourself from this picture (which does seem to get about!), but I get the same impression - I own a pair of modern ones as well.
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