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Gilles, is there any note of the year that JS is talking about there?I recall buying a short-sleeved American sports shirt - I've spoken about this before - from the Squire Shop in 1969. That had a 3-finger collar, not a small one. I can only vaguely remember looking at the label inside the collar. I couldn't put a name to it. Tiger's Foot and Dickies do not ring a bell, however.
I think you might be referring to the pic of me pretending to throttle Mark Williams. That was a bog-standard gingham Ben Sherman. There were a lot of them about.Re 'default skinhead uniform', do I recall Robert Elms (or someone) talking about the time a bunch of his older brother's mates called round his house, and they had crombies - one bloke had a sheepskin - tonik strides, and gingham shirts? There's a passage something like that. Anyone?
I agree that there may not be many photos of our generation in check BDs, but we certainly did wear them a lot around SE London. I had several by the end of 1969.
I'm reminded that by mid 1970 the mainstream mail-order catalogues in the UK were beginning to catch up with skinhead-girl styles (well too late, LOL!), and there was a picture in a catalogue (maybe Littlewoods) of two girls posing in Trevira suits with short skirts, looking suitable glum and aggressive in front of a railway engine or something. I'd love to find that pic!
Close. I would wear the jacket with a (white) Fred Perry, though, and I guess I have a 'thing' about not doubling a logo.
I don't mind, DJ. I've long since got used to the idea that photos of me from back then have been pretty-much assumed to be public property!
As you would expect on a thread of this length, we've been here before!I know that I called them 'surfer jackets' at the time because of a well-known pic of the beach boys wearing the style. It's just a generic 1960s American college-boy-style windcheater, I guess. They were nylon back then, and unlined. In the NW of England in 1966/67 they were most commonly navy blue with plain navy collar/cuffs, less commonly light blue with plain navy collar/cuffs, quite rarely plain...
Thanks DJ. The Casanova looks about right. I would have preferred black cuffs/collar, but I forgot to put that in my requirements, dopey git that I am!
Acquired from a vintage clothing shop in Stockbridge, Edinburgh, recently - a vintage Tootal scarf.
Does anyone know where I can pick up a surfer/monkey/bomber jacket to the following specifications: 1. Red (Burgundy is an acceptable alternative) 2. No piping on cuffs and collar (unless I have absolutely no choice in the matter). 3. Absolutely no pilot pockets on the sleeve. 4. non-zip side pockets. 5. No inner whatjamacallit on the zip (i.e. not like an MA-1 jacket has) Thanks.
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