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Oh thank you!
Great pic, Roy!
"A pphhledge pphhin? On your UNIFORM?"
Slightly off-topic. For lovers of 1960s American 'style', YouTube appears to have all the episodes of 'Route 66', a drama series started in 1962 about two young men - one from a wealthy background, the other working-class - who travel across America in a Chevrolet Corvette convertible. Plenty of interesting footage featuring cars, clothes, etc.
[We must be the only people on the planet who watch American Graffiti and Animal House and rave about the fcuking clothes! ]
Excellent analysis, Roytonboy. Maybe we overestimate the Ivy League influence - it would have been mostly unconscious anyway, as are many things in fashion. I can recall being in a B&B in Shrewsbury in 1985 (I had been posted there and was house-hunting). I came downstairs to breakfast one morning, having thrown on a pair of chinos and a t-shirt, and a check shirt worn unbuttoned over the top. An American woman who happened to be staying there exclaimed "You look so...
I can remember the first couple of times I came across the term 'Ivy League' in the mid 1960s. One was in the 1965 book 'Generation X', describing the suits worn by a young mod. The other was of course the name of the British band, formed in 1964 (hits: 'Funny How Love Can Be', and 'Tossing and Turning').
That's right, as far as I remember it. However it's still a lovely jacket! (I meant to reply to M. L'inspecteur, but same point)
The Book: Slow process, still transcribing from the thread. Only got as far as p.514, but at least it's a 'moving vehicle'. Sorry it's taking so long.
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