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Again, to be honest - and bearing in mind that this is a much-doctored image - although that's much closer to the type of coat than Sting's, the way he's wearing it it seems to just hang off him.In fact that whole line-up is just so fcuking contrived. I can almost hear the photographer, who no doubt has in his mind some sneering, punky stereotype of 'yoof', saying:"Okay, more attitude... more belligerence darlings... oh yah... oh yah, that's it... give me aggression... oh...
Sounds like my old friend 'Killer', bless her heart.
To be honest, the majority of birds I knew who wore jeans wore them well-fitted and didn't seem to need braces.
Not that many girls went to football, in my recollection. Sometimes you could get away with taking a girl to a match as a 'date'. The last time I took a girl to a match she was wearing well-fitting Levis and a sheepskin.PS. Yeah, I know this is a genuine picture, but I never, ever actually saw a girl in braces myself.PPS. Transatlantic translation: Brit 'braces' = US 'suspenders'; Brit 'suspenders' = US 'garter belt'. Deal with it!
It wasn't unlike that, but that particular coat, as worn by Sting, always struck me as being a little over-styled, a little too 'fitted'. But like I say, it wasn't far off. Dark tan was perhaps more fashionable, particularly if the wearer could get a pair of shoes in the same colour. I think I mentioned before that within a week of my arriving in the S E London suburbs in 1968, I saw a couple of mods getting on a scooter (on Beckenham Rd, between West Wickham and Elmer's...
I recall in 67 in NW England many non-scootering mods carried a Pack-a-mac raincoat - very lightweight, single-skin coat that folded away into nothing. The good ol' fly-fronted mac was another non-parka item.The leather coats I saw weren't really trench coats. Trench coats usually seem to be double-breasted. Mod leather coats were single breasted, almost like a mac or a crombie in concept, slightly waisted, knee-length, rear-vented, and often with a belt which people...
Boiled eggs, prickles, lemons... 'Lemon-head' is one I do remember hearing.Is that Pauline Black of Selecter in the hat and suit?
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