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Nice. I have one very like it.
I score OODLES of stuff from the shop, if I'm there at the right time - sheepskin coat, whistle-and-flute, ties, pocket squares, a Pierre Cardin shirt in its packaging, tweed jackets from Bruar, Daks, & Brook Taverner. Same as the two recent times I visited John Simons. I'm a regular golden-bollocks!Working cuffs? As in: do the buttons do up? No, they're for show. But it does have the lapel tab that fastens across... for when one's on one's hunter and the weather gets a...
Always been partial to my own family tartan. My daughter had a skirt in that. I certainly have a scarf. I also rather like the Edinburgh University tartan. Campbell of Argyll is quite nice too.
Lads, seriously, jackets with quilting? They look inside-out to me!
I have a hacking jacket from House of Bruar. I got it for £40 at the charity shop, good as new Round here Bruar is thought of as exclusively for country toffs (the sort that wear pink trousers, yellow shoes, green sweater, mauve shirt, and blue jacket), so I love to subvert their clobber.
Link, please (sorry!).
All noted. BUT - and it's a big one - 'You Really Got Me' and 'All Day And All Of The Night', were rock. They had edge. Their later material, classy though it may have been, psychedelic though it can be argued to have been, and as much as I appreciated it, was about as 'rock' as a plate of jelly.
I won't be able to make it, but will gladly come down (up?) next summer.
It's a fine song, but 'rawk' it ain't.
Lots of kids I knew in 68/69 you would call 'lower middle class' (maybe) from the suburbs - the kind of middle-class kids that still had a regional/London accent rather than RP.
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