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Well when I bought it I was wearing that outfit, minus the tie, along with a pair of dark navy Levi 514s and my Solovair boots. I couldn't believe how 'right' it looked with all the dark blue, including the shirt, open-necked. It even looked right with the boots!The tie was just an experiment, to see if a bright, clashing red would add anything to it.
Well, it appears to be brand new, never worn - that's all I ever buy from the shop - it even has the spare button in its little packet inside the pocket!
Wednesday is my day at the charity shop, and - blow me down! - I spotted another jacket. Again, it's not one I would buy new, but I tried it on, and both Mrs Mystery and her pal Sue (from Bethnal Green, who claimed to have been a mod in the 1960s), said it looked good with the dark blue shirt and burgundy sweater I happened to be wearing. It's by Daks. I am the most un-photogenic person I know, and I don't like having my photo taken, but I thought I would experiment...
More or less like that.
Aye, thanks mate. I did find that out, as it happens.
Actually it's quite often seen up here, being the classic colour for tweed jackets when worn with the kilt.
Thanks. I think there have been other pics of her from her skinhead period. But the main thing is fixing her geographically.
I've been trying to do a little research, and I came across this pic of a girl. I was sure I had seen it before, either on here or on the Ballroom Blitz blog. Ballroom Blitz does have a couple of pics of the same girl, but I'm sure I remember seeing her identified by name and by where she lived, and there was a post-skinhead pic of her with an 'afro'. Any clues?
I'm on the forum at the moment [9:20am, Saturday] transcribing stuff for 'the book'. I try to do a little when I can. I'm into the 660s, which shows you how slow the going is. I wish I could move along a little faster. I just realised I am into a section I should have left for Little Queenie, but I couldn't see the point in stopping.
Oh stop it!
New Posts  All Forums: