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We're not just off topic - we've left the bloody solar system!
Comme d'habitude - I remember that one!I seem to recall Hugues Aufray covered Bob Dylan songs - L'homme orchestre for example (Mr Tambourine Man) - and the Beatles too (Je croyais - Yesterday)As for Johnny... Half-Belgian? Oh what a damning indictment! [Off topic!]
This one's especially for Clouseau. Johnny Halliday sings Steve Cropper/Eddie Floyd. In the late-mid-60s, JH covered some Memphis Soul. The rest of you need not watch.
Ja, gewiss!
Ja gewiƟ!
True, but the sociology in the UK back then was just how roytonboy described it - to 15/16/17-year olds, blokes of 18/19/20 were 'men', and to the latter the former were 'kids'. There was a different feel to the punk era, to an extent.Anyhow, back in the soul era, I already had thoughts of being a DJ and had done a couple of gigs - maybe I would have become one of the name DJs of the early 70s. You never know! Me at the Blackpool Mecca!Just idle dreams!
Given that - thanks to my mum - my 'teenage' didn't really kick off until I was about 17 anyway, I would probably have persisted for a couple of years, pretending to be a bit younger than I was. I would certainly have kept going to the Wheel. I would only have been 20 when it closed.
I must pop down for one of these.
Well I've always loved music, but in the early 1970s when we all grew our hair and stared wearing flares and all that crap, there was no musical sub-culture where I was to keep us interested. I started listening to folk music, classical, jazz - anything except glam rock! - just so that my brain wouldn't die. I got interested in rare rock & roll, rare rockabilly, and Cajun stuff, thanks to Charlie Gillett on Radio London, but again that was just a personal interest. The...
Far be it from me to condone or provoke acts of civil disobedience and vandalism, but once that hotel goes up, there is a handy word in German that anyone in Manchester with access to a spray can might wish to learn: 'Scheisse'.
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