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Now that is the apron length I remember on Gibsons back in the day. I don't remember them being any shorter (i.e. further back towards the laces) than that.
Typically, girls' suits and minis were made out of Trevira, as a cheap alternative to mohair. Actually, it didn't look bad.
Do you mean 'Jones the Bootmaker' (confusingly, they sell shoes)? That's where I go to get decent shoes, not necessarily 100% 'the look', but good shoes nonetheless.
With all due respect to our Irish brethren, they weren't exactly bang up-to-date with the fashion elsewhere on these islands. I'm not surprised by the 1973 tag.
He certainly is.
Here's a funny thing... Back in the day, I can remember parents, including mine, saying things like "Why do you have to be part of a 'group'? Why can't you just be yourself? Why can't you be an individual?" And here we are, all thinking, "The kids today don't have any of these identifiable groups like we had back in the good old days!" and regard them as being deprived somehow.
I heard the term 'overlooked' used with regard to the 'Northern Soul' singers. I'm biting my tongue here. You know how unkind I can be about the reasons for the obscurity of some of these records.Always interesting to see stuff like this, though, because I can see echoes of the Northern clubs I went in in 67 and 68.
That's how I remember it too.
He and his mates were from East London/Essex, Barking, Dagenham, Romford.
You mean almost exactly like Ron Howard in American Graffiti In 64 I would have been 13/14, and would have given my eye-teeth to have been able to dress like the Beach Boys!
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