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Deid richt, the noo!
All I know is they are made in Portugal. Pity they're not on his web site.
Should have gone to John Simons, guys - he has a sale on! 30% off shirts, a little bit off scarves, a little bit off a few other things, and a handful of summer-weight mohair suits reduced from £395 to £99. I've done it again - gone to JS and copped a bargain! Proper photo in due course, but this naffie (naff selfie) will give some idea of the jacket. 3-button, fairly minimal in style, and needs only a minor job doing to it (removal of some styling on the shoulder, which...
Diverse bunch, aren't we!
Meanwhile, there is evidence from Saalburg that the Romans invented the long wing brogue 2000 years ago.
Stan Ray fatigues regularly retail for £65 in the UK.
They look the business though. Where can one pick up an original pair these days? I dare say like any vintage stuff an original pair's price would have rocketed.Back in the day they cost shirt-buttons. That's how come I could afford 'em!
There's too much non-skinhead stuff on the 'Mod to Suedehead' thread at the moment (that's always the case, but only to keep it ticking over), so I thought I would post this here. I tripped over it on Facebook, and it reminded me that we had been talking about safari jackets over on the other thread.
John, I just chatted to browniecj online during his radio show. He has the date and time noted down.
Aye, right.
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