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Jamie was one of the crew at IT when I was doing Yell. He was - as I recall - writing Buttons at the time. I seem to recall he was dating Joy Farren, Mick Farren's ex-wife (Mick was in 'proto-punk' band The Deviants). I never read Buttons but did read his novel Harmony Farm.Blimey, that was a weird time in my life!
Yes, that was last year. I was talking about long, long ago...
A few pages ago we were discussing what mods wore instead of parkas, and I mentioned the Pack-a-Mac coat. Today someone introduced me to the R&B CD 'Modernists - A Decade Of Rhythm & Soul Dedication'. I'm putting a detail from the cover pic below - it's a bunch of mid-60s mods - and I'm trying to make out what the guy on the left is wearing. It appears to be an unlined nylon coat, much like what I was talking about. That kind of creases in it wouldn't be there if it was...
I gave a nod to it one page back.
Well it's funny you should mention it. I actually found myself in the middle of something very like this, and it was weird. When I was trying (unsuccessfully, because I was a prize dickhead) to get Yell off the ground, I found myself having to mix with the hippies at International Times, because they were giving me the resources to do it. They let me use a desk in a room on the third floor of the building out of which they operated, and I would just walk in and go up the...
Plenty of us round my way wore monkey boots, as I have said before. Particularly in 1968 and early 1969. They tended to look a little less clunky and clumsy than other boots, but the type you could get in the local shop tended to fall apart with heavy use.These in the photo, on the other hand, look good, solid, and smart.
I might have mentioned this before, but if you remember my talking about the first bloke I saw in a Harrington, waiting to go into the Savoy Rooms in Catford - cocky wee sod with red hair - well he was also the first bloke I ever heard knocking reggae. He was one of the first blokes to start growing his hair out in early 1970.
You were there too?That was the day that Rod Stewart and I invented the Pogo.
I was just remarking to Mrs Mystery, "The thing about Sten guns is they tended to jam..." and bingo! the bloke's gun jammed! Probably the only moment of accuracy!
AND it had a plain collar and cuffs - no piping!(I keep going on about this)
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