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If you're talking about The Clachan in Kingly St, then it's a long-ish and interesting stroll from where I intend to stay for the night, so that'll do nicely for me.
The closest the High Street has come yet to the kind of plain blue surfer jacket I knew in 67/68. ('Selected', John Lewis, St James Centre, Edinburgh, April 9th.)
I talked about basket-weave loafers and I find Top Man selling them (a bit naff, but still). If I mention the name of a horse, back it.
I can remember variations on the 'basket weave' theme in the NW in 66-67. I saw the occasional mod in totally basket-weave shoes, but more often I saw loafers and 'Gibsons'* with a basket-weave apron.* I know that at the time in the NW we used the term 'Gibson' totally wrongly, to mean a lace-up shoe with an apron like a loafer.
I'm digging the shades (oh what a surprise!).
So, Wednesday is charity shop day. I was only thinking the other day how much I would have liked a pair of basket-weave loafers back in the day, and today I stumbled across these. Okay, they're a bit lived-in and they're only Claudio Conti, but they're quite... um... cute. Size 41, so not my size. The other pair in today were Samuel Windsor 'monk shoes'.
Thanks Duke, checked it out.By the way, folks, still nada on the email alerts.
@roytonboy The bloke in the check jacket - unless I'm wrong he features in the Richard Barnes book.
On a recent trip to Southport along with Mrs Mystery and family friends, we dropped into what was essentially a handbag shop at one end of Lord Street. They were having a sale, and Mrs Mystery was looking for a new bag. As well as handbags, they had a few items of ladies' leather clothing, and, to my surprise, a small rack of gents'. On that rack were a couple of leather blazers, black, tailored, three-button, flap-pocket, brand name 'Aviatrix'. I tried on the size M, and...
New Posts  All Forums: