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Mrs Mystery used my last original 1969 Ben Sherman as a painting smock until about five years ago when it finally disintegrated.
Funny, because nobody pulled me up about the mod in a leather coat I saw getting on a scooter in Beckenham, the first day I arrived 'dahn sahf' in 1968.
Met this guy last night and spent the best part of 45 minutes both raving about the Twisted Wheel. Turns out we were both there at the same Ben E King gig in 1968. [For the uninitiated, that's John Cooper Clarke, and we're on a mission from God.]
How big is it? Want to get rid? I wouldn't care if I looked like an Eastern European gangster, bus driver, gynaecologist, or street-sweeper.
'albums' wouldn't scan there.Anyway, folks. Po-TAY-to, Po-TAH-to. Enough is enough.
They probably do no more than I do.I meant by my original statement that some of them were first attracted to 2-Tone and progressed from there.
Not making any kind of joke about this, but any of those young women could be a Sharon Tate look-alike.
It was really good. The music was excellent - all very solid ska, rocksteady, and reggae - and the customers were a good mix. I think I was the oldest there at nearly 65, but there were a lot of people who had been around in the 1980s and had gravitated towards reasonable authenticity in their style of dress. In addition there were kids in their late teens, who were totally into the look and the sounds. Plus there were a lot of 'non-dressers', i.e. people who came because...
Looking around for something else entirely, I came across the picture below. It was taken at an American High School in 1969. I have numbered a few of the participants. 1. Whatever his aftershave is, I would have wanted some. He seems to have four young women in attendance. He's in a short-sleeved check sports-shirt with a tag and a posse pleat. Can't see a button on the back of the collar. He also has half-mast jeans, or cords rather. 2 could well be a member of staff,...
Just so happens I'm going to one tonight!
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