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*rolls eyes*
Forgotten how to do that. duh.
Wear it with the collar turned up. You'll find it works!A lot of us wore them like that.
Yes.Next question?
Interesting. As I said, a suit jacket with jeans was a very 1968 look, particularly in the North of England. A quirk of style that worked with teenagers. My mum hated it, but then she hated everything I wore. It is a love-it-or-hate-it look. Some time soon I may experiment with the concept and, if it convinces me, present some photos here. If not, I'll forget it.
Here's a question: None of us here are teenagers. Can we still - or do any of you try to - wear a suit jacket with jeans? That was a big look amongst late mods. [btw, the site has stopped sending me alerts ]
Very interesting answers about tattoos, by the way.
This thread (and 'the look goes on') has stopped sending me alerts.
We have a (brand new) pair for sale in the charity shop that don't have that kind of laces. Want me to have a look what size they are?
Any idea when/where this one was from? I ask because I'm on record as saying I couldn't remember anyone wearing tattoos back then. I don't doubt there were many, but not round our way.
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