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Fer sher!
To be fair, the 60s was fifty years ago. Thirty years ago it was the era of Visage, Spandau Ballet, and Durex-Durex... sorry, Duran-Duran.
Adored the cars (apart from the Edsel), and it was great when 'Green Onions' came in.
Snapped today in the local ability equipment shop, Perth:
Regular 'jet' style, as I recall.
British Pathe News item about a 1960s scooter rally. I remember meeting members of the Bromley Innocents Scooter Club, but actually before I moved down to S E London. They had come up to Blackpool ('67? '68?) for a Scooter event at Stanley Park, I think. They were not actually anti-mod as such, but all rode box-standard Lambrettas, all wore helmets, and all wore Belstaff jackets. I cadged a short lift off one of them - he was a bit reluctant because I didn't have a...
It also answers the question about braces worn over FPs.
Yeah, that's Willesden, the well-know suburb of Cork!
Irish? Hmmm... Any guesses, folks?
Like I said, tartan as we know it today. Reputable historians would tell you that before that time you would be hard pressed to tell the clan of a highlander from the colour of his clothes. You might be able to take a stab about his general location from the dyes and cloth of a homespun garment, but that'd be about it.
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