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I remember them well. In '68 the side pockets made them distinctive.
In answer to your first question there, yes, of course you're right about that.
Indeed.Even my daughter wears DMs!
Which was really the point I was trying to make. It was a detail, rather than a red herring - one of those small details that differentiates between one group and a later development. Maybe not very important on its own, but just a little point worth noting.
Whilst being largely true - I was nodding my head a lot - I have to admit that's probably an over-generalisation. I noticed subtle and not-so-subtle differences over the handful of years concerned. When I moved to London in '68, one thing I did was spend a lot of time getting my hands on rocksteady 45s at my favourite West Indian record shop. I wasn't the only white lad doing this, but I was in a minority. It was part of the left-over mod enthusiasm for tracking down good...
Now you come to mention it, quite a lot, really!
Just to be clear, what year was this? I would be interested to know when (other) people stopped using the term 'mod'.Some of the stuff below I have mentioned before.In the summer of 1968, when I arrived in S E London, I used the word to the first bunch of people I met who dressed that way (as I recall, it was in a Wimpy bar in Bromley, Kent). They said "What? What?", so asked them what they called themselves if they didn't say 'mods'. They said "Nothing really... maybe...
Maybe the denim jacket, but that's about all.
Oy Gevalt!
[I'm beginning to feel like I have multi-personality disorder, having spent half of the era in the North and half in the South!]
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