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I stand corrected. Somehow 'Baracuta' entered the folklore about Slowhand. My apologies for perpetuating it. I should know better, as the owner of a vintage G9 myself.
Ahem. Heat.
Smart, but why has he got his hand in his flies?
Seconded.Does this mean we are the mods?
If we're talking aspirational, then I wish I could look as cool now as this guy in a period Norman Hilton ad.The trouble with photos from back in the day - I could post dozens of pics of Steve Marriott - is that the people in them are young, and I'm not.
Not strictly true, but I know what you mean.A profit would be nice - we'll be trying for commercial publication.
It is she who examines the collars for wear!T K Maxx is a good idea!
Oh no doubt about that. Just asking for recommendations.
Damned if I can spot it. I'll have a look later.
I was in M&S yesterday but didn't think to look in their formal shirt section, I have to say.
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