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Groovin with Mr Bloe? My mate's blues band does that one! Has a bit of a ska vibe to it.
What we need is an Italian who has a DVD of the film to tell us what is going on. Looking at other images of Italy in the 1960s, I have to conclude that these lads are atypical, and the shaven heads have some specific relevance to the plot. I have to say they look like they've had their heads shaved in a juvie prison, and the look is more 1980s bonehead than late 60s skinhead. JMO.
You were in Perth? There are two Cancer research shops here.I have a vague recollection of seeing a very light beige BS zipper jacket in a window as I passed by some time during the week. Is that the one you saw? I didn't notice it yesterday.
Yes, it is a bit short etc., but it's a quality item.
WEDNESDAY IS CHARITY SHOP DAY I didn't buy anything this time round, but spotted the following, just for interest. Gents needlecord jacket. 'Harry Palmer' style Mac - size 38" A lived-in Wrangler denim jacket, lined, cord collar, poppers.
I had a yellow paisley one from my dad in about 1966/67. I wore it occasionally with my Crombie in 69/70, but preferred a polka-dot one by then.
Don't worry about that. Everyone does it. And old-timers like me just forget what we posted before!
Transcription news: I'm up to page 875, so I'm more than half way through and hoping to accelerate.
Well... I don't think the illustration has it quite right, mainly because of the apparently lighter hatband. Hatbands were basically the same colour as the hat, i.e. navy-on-navy. Also it's too wide. I know that in the photo the hat seems to have a very wide, light-coloured band, but I'm not convinced that it's not a trick of the light. Our trilbys were very conventional. The hatbands and the brims were very 'standard' - not too wide, not too narrow, very much a 'city...
No worries, EddyP, you're welcome to leap in.Those shirts are very much 'peacock' Mod, which is not necessarily what we're concentrating on here, but the whole peacock thing was going on during the same era, and was a development of a look - a different fork in the road if you like - that influenced ours.
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