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Brownie, all anyone has to do if they think London was dull before 1980 is ask someone who moved there from the N W of England in 1968! In many respects, until I got sick of it in 1975, being there was the time of my life!
Unfortunately the link defaults to the Merc home page for me.
They used to call it 'Hurry up and wait'. Spike Milligan's war memoirs are a good guide to the principle.
Yeah, like when he did such a good job of infiltrating the Northern Soul club.
Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear! They just had an episode where there was modern line-dancing in a 1969 C&W club. Don't expect anything brilliant about skinheads.
I had one skinhead mate who joined the Household Cavalry. But then I had a hairy mate too who joined the RAF.I can only answer for myself. I don't think I would have liked it at all.My general impression was that we enjoyed being 'somebody' when we were skinheads/mods/whatever. We enjoyed the swagger. Once you're in uniform, straight off you're nobody, and the NCOs will let you know that. Okay, having said that, there's one prominent 'original' from this thread who joined...
The extent of the German vocabulary in that comic, and in most of the war films too, seemed to be limited to the above and:"Achtung!""Halt!""Schnell!""Schweinhund!""Donner und Blitzen!"If you were lucky, you got, "Hände hoch, oder ich schiesse!"(Could have been worse. Could have been "Hände hoch, oder ich scheisse!" )Way way way off topic today
My Dad was a bit like that. I could hardly get a word out of him about Yugoslavia. I believe it was to do with a girlfriend he had while he was there, and what he found after they had chased the Ustaše out of her village.
My dad had a story - I think this used to go the rounds and was probably the service equivalent of an 'urban myth' - about a sergeant who stepped up to a young soldier/airman/whatever and said:"Am I 'urtin' you? No? Well I should be - I'm standing' on yer bleedin' 'air! Get it cut!"
I ken fine it is. I was referring to the fact that it wasn't too much of a diversion bringing in the topic of war films, because they were part of our growing-up. War comics too.
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