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Middle-age spread?
'Pragmatic' in what way?
I have mentioned before that a lot of lads in S E London wore MA1s in late 69 early 70, before we all grew our hair, and that I thought it had to do with the fact that a lot of MA1s came on sale in surplus shops.
Odds and ends... Blackpool Mecca in 1968 People ask me if the soul dances at the Mecca were in the famous 'Highland Room'. What I recall is this - that they were in what appeared to be the main ballroom. I can remember that there was a balcony (around two sides) and it may have been up here you could buy refreshments (soft drinks) and look down on the dance floor below. There was a stage. The soul night was once a week (Sunday?). The house band might perform - they...
Col, I was really thinking about the general media. Since the days of the Teds maybe - certainly since the days of the Mods and Rockers - they have been constantly looking for the next teenage 'thing', 'cult', 'movement', call it what you like, so they can generalise about it. They don't care if they get things wrong (e.g. 'spy kids'!) so long as it makes good copy. To give Ian Levine and the other participants in that NS documentary the benefit of the doubt, what we saw...
Did they ever? They didn't about the mods, about the skinheads, about NS, about whatever.
I can think of worse tunes to be stuck in one's head.
Well something made them pick it up.
Hmmm. 'The Night' was a regular Four Seasons single that got picked up, I assume, by NS DJs because of its beat. 'Grease' was specially commissioned for the movie, the song wasn't in the stage musical.
Well... here am I with a foot in both camps. In SE London I regarded it as seamless as well. With the proviso that the younger incomers didn't.
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