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I'm not convinced that the double-breasted suits that buttoned that high up were as a result of Bonnie and Clyde. That movie came out in 1967, and I remember the high-buttoning d/b suits before then, maybe a kind of mod-neo-Edwardian look. The gangster-style suits buttoned lower. Here's an interesting set of piccolos! The one on the right is more... ahem... gangster era in design, but would probably have been a fairly stock tailor's design in its day. I'm sure I have seen...
Yes, exactly. There was a lot of this about, I'm sorry to say. It was particularly irksome when you consider that the mods who wore braces wore them (according to what I was told, first hand) so that their strides would hang right.Of all the jeans I have worn, Levis are the ones that tend to bag at the knees, shrink-to-fit or not. Braces just lined them up a wee bit better.Okay, my 1967 Westcotts used to bag even worse, now I come to think of it.
Is this still open? It might be the place to experiment with my suit-jacket-and-jeans look (harking back to 1968). Trouble is I won't be able to post until Saturday - too much on.
It strikes me that if you went into a shop and asked for Levis in 1979, you would have been handed a pair of bell-bottoms. Believe it or not I actually had a pair in 1979!BTW those actually looked too big for him. It's difficult to say whether they're actually bell bottoms or just hanging really badly. Injudiciously-placed braces can do weird things to a pair of strides.
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I still groove to Jimmy Smith, Jimmy McGriff, Jack McDuff, and can remember doing so back in the 60s, thanks to some older kids.
That is the closest I have seen so far to the classic non-piped surfer jacket of 1967.
I went through those doors regularly once a week in 67/68.
Still rolling my eyes at the words 'Spy Kids'.
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