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How do you work that out?
Off topic a bit, but I took this pic today while waiting for a parade of hot rod cars - the Rockabilly Pensioner of Perth!
I was going to say - I'll have that!
'Bucket T' was a surf/hotrod number originally recorded by Jan & Dean. I can see what you mean by 'country', though. I think it's meant to convey the rickety nature of the old Model T Ford the hotrodder found on a Tennessee farm.
When 'guardsman's jackets' were all the rage, there was a lot of 2nd hand stuff in boutiques etc.
It all depended on circumstances. I can tell you that anyone who stayed on at school and therefore wasn't earning wore anything he could get his hands on, anyhow.No one has mentioned knock-off gear yet!
Hey, we're not all called Julian, you know! I never made any secret of my middle-class origins (I wasn't the only one, by the way), nor of being a lefty if anyone wanted to know. But you're not far off with the above. If being a skinhead was about anything, it was - like the mods before - about ourselves, taking pleasure in things we wanted to, not what other people said we should. Oh, personally I might have liked the idea of a revolution, but I wasn't stupid enough to...
I've been looking for a short film that shows a family in a scooter and sidecar, with a trailer that folds out into sleeping accommodation, but I can't find it anywhere.I remember those sidecars, shown at the Crystal Place scooter rally. In fact when I still had my L plates in the 1970s, I bought a 1961 AJS motorbike with a sidecar, and the 'car was one of those. It actually matched the paint job on the bike's tank.
No worries mate - different strokes.
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