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"Wot's 'e mean, mum?"
Mrs Mystery and I were married 30 years ago today. Just saying. (c) PT.
Tell you what, Gilles, you take a ride down to NewX with me.I can find a sheepskin - don't know about the rest.
I'll be in London for a couple of days in November. I'm going to try to get to these steps (it means a trip to New Cross) and get a pic of myself now. Should be a laugh.
Today's 'Grauniad' has a photo-article of modern 'rude boys' http://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/gallery/2015/sep/11/sharp-natty-rudeboys-today-photograph
Kenny Lynch was the UK's one (or so it seemed) home-grown soul singer in the 1960s. I remember his biggest hit, 'Puff' (sometimes unfortunately labelled 'Poof'), but he also did covers of Drifters' songs. In the clip posted before, he mentions he never suffered from any colour prejudice. I can remember him appearing as a guest on TV's comedy show 'Twice a Fortnight', in which he took part in a sketch with Bill Oddie which took the piss out of blacking-up, in the style of...
I remember that 'Chuck & Bo' LP at 5:27.
You might be referring to the Chris Welch article in Melody Maker - a load of elitist, snobbish twaddle from a terminally bourgeois journo. Interesting from a 'social history' angle. Sort of.Here's the page header. Do you recognise it?
Fer... fetch a cloth!
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