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Cynical, but with more than a grain of truth.
You've not met my daughter.
Script:Man in awful brown suit enters room.Man in awful brown suit: "Marty... Marty!:Man in awful brown suit leaves room.Man in white suit appears out of thin air.Man in white suit: "Jeff... Jeff!"Man in white suit disappears.Man in awful brown suit enters room.Repeat ad infinitum...
But as was said before, we're airbrushed out of it.
Actually, now I come to think about it, his did look a bit more like canvas than denim. It's good to know I didn't imagine it. Anyhow, he was the only person I ever saw in them.
Further surprise - I have that book. Someone bought it for me as a birthday present last year.
Yesterday I was in the local branch of T K Maxx, and I happened to pick up a pair of Levi 514s in 'jungle' green. I thought - Why not? They're a good fit, and as I'm not going to be able to find a pair of 'original' jungle greens (without patch pockets up the legs) I might as well have a pair. T K Maxx does a lot of end-of-line Levis stuff. Anyway, it reminded me of the first time I went back from London to Blackpool for a flying visit. I was wearing jungle greens, and...
Basically everywhere between Berwick and Darlington, I'd say.
Maybe worth picking up if you can find a tatty copy in a car boot sale or a charity shop.
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