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These look rather familiar. Under the general title '15 Incredible Shoe Styles History Has Forgotten', MSN News has this picture and description: Bluchers "Bluchers are often called derbys or Gibsons. They are similar to the oxford shoes worn today, but feature open-lacing, meaning that the shoe’s quarters are sewn on top of the front of the shoe. The name comes from an 18th century Prussian general named Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher, who commissioned this style of...
Except it looks like he slept in it.
These days it would be called 'World Music', but it is in fact 'Marabi', a SA 'township' music with slight influence from blues/R&B. `She's singing in isiXhosa, which was her home language.Another musical genre that developed from Marabi was 'Kwela'. Massive Kwela hit in 1958, from the Late Jack Lerole's band. I think the patter at the beginning is in Zulu with a bit of 'English code-switiching', but I can't be sure. My mate next door in Blackpool had this record, and I...
The mod ethos in one single song. Couldn't resist this.
I saw a bunch of mods in 'The Queens' in Blackpool with cufflinks in 1967.
Quincey Jones - Soul Bossa Nova.Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66 - Mas Que Nada. Absolute classic.Jimmy Lipscombe - Pow Pow Pow, a soul version of Mas Que Nada. I don't know how well known it was in the 60s, but it's certainly in the record boxes of a few Northern Soulies.The earlier mods I knew (mates of my mate next door in Blackpool) were into Stan Getz & Joao Gilberto and the like. Of course there's this modern jazz cracker by Dave Brubeck. I just love Joe Morello's drumming...
I smile when I hear this.
There was a bit of a crossover within the West Indian / Black British community, inasmuch as you might have seen a Rastafarian steel band - like I saw in the early 80s in Toxteth (Liverpool) - playing rather ponderous, serious Dreadlock reggae ("I and I... Babylon downpress I... Jah smite dem..." that kind of stuff).
It looks like one of those combs with the long tail on it.
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