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You mean this one:Nice shades, though!
You 'ave broken my pointing stick!
I'm a matter of a handful of months behind you.Hippy Happy New Year.
Just picked up a crombie-style overcoat at Debenhams for £99 in the Boxing Day sale.
"Say Merry Christmas, Dick." "Merry Christmas, Dick."
The Saint: Just a completely off-the-wall memory of the 1960s here, but Cliff Hall of The Spinners (the folkies, not the Detroit group) used to do a little 'Saint' matchstick man with a black face whenever he signed his autograph.
I think you've probably got that spot on.
You'd think so.
You're entirely right about one of the aims of the book being to describe in detail (if not illustrate) the original style, and thereby alter the public perception that skinhead was all about boots and braces. You're also right about the scarcity of photos from the era - true we have uncovered some that show something other than boots and braces, but not an overwhelming amount. Maybe we have enough, though.I know the Osprey books too. I have a lot of earlier ones focussing...
Too many 2nd generation Irish lads in our social circle. That version never occurred to us.
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