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We've had this video before, but if you look at 1:00 you'll see the bloke after to two blokes in shirts/braces has a bomber jacket without piping. This is not unlike the ones I knew 'up north' in 67/68, though that one looks like it might be lined. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tBVQsHVP3Z0&feature=related
Do what? (spotted on a web site today. Unbelievable.)
I certainly recall basket-weave shoes from the 1960s - a very 'mod' thing, slim, and certainly not the 'canal barge' shape of a Solatio. Just saying.
Yes. I even bought one (in my early 30s, probably in an attempt to look young) in blue and grey. It's something I would rather forget.
Close, but not very. Different collar, different fabric, and the original was unlined.
Attitude and style. I'd go along with that.
It's possible, I suppose, but on the other hand I can remember seeing (and trying!) several dance moves in a club in Manchester in 1968, that obviously developed into the Northern Soul style, and that was well before Bruce was famous over here. That included high kicks, which later were compared to kung fu or tae kwon do kicks. Enter The Dragon came out in 1973.
I remember it as 'fair sort'.
It was a slang term for girls in London, back in the day. We did actually use it, although I have to say I never used it to a girl's face.
Y'know... I just HAVE to get a copy of that!
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