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You can't see his left side! Yeah, Mark was a smart dresser, and a good mate.I am trying to remember what that badge was and who stuck it there. Not something I would normally have done. That was a decent jacket!
I just found another face from the past in the Goldsmiths book. Unless I am very much mistaken, the bloke in the 1968 picture below is Mark Cullinan (I never knew how to spell his name), one of the handful of mod/peanut/skinhead types at our college. He was from S E London somewhere. He has a dark scarf turned over cravat style, and a light mack. (c) David Bracher (reproduced here under 'fair use)
I now have Dave Bracher's book about Goldsmiths. It has a lot of other stuff in it, such as street scenes and people from New Cross. I found the pic below there. I can't remember what we were singing, or what the occasion was. (c) David Bracher (reproduced here under 'fair use')
Thanks.p.12 I was at the Joe Cocker and Muddy Waters gigs.I met Muddy. I was 'security guard' at the Student Union offices (because the SU guys reckoned I looked hard), which were being used as dressing rooms for the musicians, and we were all socialising, sitting around at a table. British bluesman Alexis Korner was there with his children, who all called the big guy 'Uncle Muddy' - he smiled at that, but they wouldn't have realised that back where he came from 'uncle'...
Way off-topic-ish but if you go to the web site for the book, one of the pics about two thirds down the page shows a young woman with dwarfism. That's Helen; she went on to be Malcolm McLaren's sidekick. The bloke she's behind in that photo is called Bill Redfern. I recognise other people from the photos too, including the author. Having said that, it's a pity he didn't follow me around, or we might now have an archive of the mob from the Savoy and Lewisham bowling alley.
Bloody Hell!Even I haven't seen that pic! Yep, that's me. Brown suit jacket with a burgundy pocket hanky, white shirt, loosely-knotted tie, burgundy sweater (I think), Levis, and brown commando boots.I remember the young woman foregrounded. The guy talking to the police sergeant is Russell Profitt MBE. At the time he was president of the Student Union, and subsequently he was a prominent local politician. I remember that day. There was a press photo of the Chairman of the...
Memory Lane - Blackpool 1967 I was still at school (Baines). I can recall being invited by a mate from another school (St Joesph's RC) to come out with his mates to a disco in Blackpool. They called it 'The Jakes', but what I didn't realise was that was a nickname. For some reason - maybe religious - they didn't want to let my mate's mum know where the actual disco was. In fact it was at The Queen's Hotel - queens, jacks, jakes, that's the torturous route to the nickname....
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