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A couple of thoughts occur to me. Firstly, the public impression of skinheads - boots, braces, football. It was the aspect that the media picked up on, and the most easily-recognised image. I can imagine Joe and Joan Public walking past a queue of teenagers waiting to go into a club and thinking: "What a smart bunch of youngsters in their suits and polished shoes. Nothing like those ghastly skinheads. Hmm... maybe they could do their ties up properly, though." Of course...
I hear you and I know what you're saying. You're right, of course. Tint or not, though, what I said was what I remember from small-town/fringe-of-country scene.
I have reappraised the Charles Trywhitt Oxfords. I could just about live with the small collar, but not the collar insert in a contrasting colour. Scratch the above.
I've been trying not to add comments to the old stuff I've been finding whilst transcribing for the book, but this one rang a bell.I can remember that although people weren't paranoid about perverts in those days, there were a few about. I met two or three in my teens, and knew to walk away. Most of them were just mouth and liked to talk dirty to you. As for finding the woodland stash, yes, if it hadn't been raining you could often find a few pages from Health &...
I've managed to reach page 700. Jeez Loo-eez, this is like straining sh*t through a sock!
I'm having a running go at it, let's put it that way.
Okay so yesterday was charity shop day. Not a sausage! But, I got a Charles Tyrwhitt catalogue through the post, and noticed that I can get 4 of their Oxford weave shirts for £100, plus I have a £10 voucher, so that's £90. Now, these aren't 3-finger collar shirts, but they are so nice that I'm tempted by the green, the blue-and-white check, the dark blue and the Tattersall check. Also, your local branch of New Look Men should have this suede trucker for £90. Worth a...
That was fun!
Just to let you all know that I'm back transcribing material from the earlier pages, with a view to getting the book into shape. I know I've been at it for a long time, but it is more laborious than you would think - if I can cover ten pages in a couple of hours I'm lucky. So I'm still a long way behind, but I'm not at a standstill. I'm going to try to get a couple of mornings a week at it during the summer (May to August, inclusive) and see how it goes.
Sharp as a pistol. M. l'Inspecteur.
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