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I used to do that. It drove my mum mental. If she caught me going out of the house with jeans and my suit jacket she would go on and on and on. She would have been hard pressed to stop me physically, but there's only so much "You're not going out dressed like that!" a kid can take before opting for the quiet life.But that was where a flight bag came in handy. You could pop a jacket or a pair of jeans in it and change in the bus station toilet!Except It was a struggle to...
I recall that any attempt I ever made at dyeing or bleaching always turned out to be an expensive disaster.
I was always led to believe they were too. However, I don't know any of them. There was a hard-core mod crowd in mid 68 and if we didn't know each other's names we knew each other faces. But also there were some newbie 'mini-mods' coming along, and I guess by 69 a whole lot of lads who jumped on the skinhead look, which had taken a lot of the late mod look anyway (old ground here). A dozen or so pages back there was a link to a 'personal journey' from Blackpool mod to...
I first saw leather Levis jackets in 1968 in Blackpool, usually worn by blokes who had a bit more disposable income, and right at that brief moment when a few guys grew out their college boy cut for a couple of months (before having it re-cut). Dave Lee, the bloke in Blackpool you did not want to pick a fight with had one. I bought one cheap from a mate just before I left for London, and within a week I had a frantic letter from his mum to say he'd nicked it and could she...
Well... hmmm... I did see some turn-ups that size in '68. Not many, but some. As for the hair, I do remember a very short-lived period in Blackpool in 68 when some guys did grow out their college-boy cuts to this length, but as I said it was very short-lived, and everyone went back to short hair again.
Yes please!
We might have walked right past each other at the Top Rank or the Orchid, though I didn't get to either more than a couple of times!Shopped there once of twice - I seem to remember my g/f of the time fancied a walk round Richmond Park.Welcome Chis.
Seconding Flyfronted and Ed!
By the way, please remain in business for at least two years. I'll graduate then and will need a nice new shirt.
On you Irons!
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