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Bearing in mind that what we called a 'Crombie' back in the day was a style rather than a make (it was the Biro or Hoover of dark blue overcoats, if you see what I mean), as everyone above has indicated, then I do recall one or two girls wearing coats that had the crombie idea, but were tailored for the female figure. Also a similar cut was available, in other colours, as a lightweight coat in Trevira.
I don't recall it either.
Damn straight that!
Oh. Maybe 'Rennes' was a typo.
Funny, but I was thinking about this subject only the other day. Decades on, and we're still moaning about how somebody else looks!
What? Anyone else heard that one, because I certainly haven't.('wrens', maybe? A regional thing?)And when they did, they would manage to look feminine in them. I can never remember mistaking a girl for a boy.Sorry, but that's arse-up, and over-simplified. The short-skirt look was around well before (some) girls started adopting boy's clothes. The two-tone jackets/suits on girls were all kinds of lengths. My bird in late 1969 had a Trevira jacket in blue that was 3/4...
You reckon?Generally girls' skirts were no shorter than that, maybe a little longer, and either tight-ish or kilt-shaped.And just in case any girls of later generations are reading, NEVER denim.
TBH, in our day a 'skinhead girl' was basically a girl who would date skinhead boys. A mini skirt would be essential, but the rest of the 'look' was bolt-on.
Strikes me he's just pulling your leg.
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