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Okay, I can't resist this one. Our 'democratic' government in 1936 secretly backed Franco. They would have been perfectly happy cozying up to Hitler, as a buffer between them and communism, but he happened to attack Poland, with whom we had a treaty. The rest is history...Speaking of history, I hereby promise to post only about the 1960s from now on.
Well, my sentiments entirely, except for the lads who went and joined CNT and POUM militias, but boy-oh-boy are we way off topic here. The complicated situation of Spain in the late 1930s is really a subject for a totally different forum. That's why I tried to bring us back round to our dads' attitudes in the 1960s.
Then I'm afraid it must have been another bloke, because my dad didn't have a brother.
A lot of blokes who went through it stayed shtum, it wasn't all cups of tea and cheerful Tommies.
I think the story you mention may be here. I would like to write about it, but I know very little about his day-to-day experiences, what they ate, what the 'feel' of the country was like, and so on, for the simple reason that he wouldn't talk bout it all that much. I do have a lot of books about WW2 in the Balkans.Bringing it round to 'our generation' again, many of us had dads who had been in WW2. My dad used to say that when he was in his late teens in the late 30s, lots...
That's interesting - different theatre, different war, different enemy (in Yugoslavia, for example, my Dad's mates were all communist partisans who had the backing of 'Uncle Joe', while later in Korea 'Uncle Joe' backed the enemy). Interesting but way off-topic of course.
My late father (right) - RAF, North Africa, Italy, Yugoslavia.(The beret's another story!)
Yesterday I caught a few minutes of 'Island in the Sun' on TCM. It happened to be a scene where Harry Belafonte was at a smart party. He was wearing a suit and blimey did he look sharp! I can't find a still of the scene, but here he is with MLK. Where would the 60s suit in the UK be without black America's influence on Jamaicans, and their influence on it?
Patching a few holes on my iTunes playlist.
New Posts  All Forums: