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He used them as air-brakes.
I was just googling around for pics of scooters and came up with three oddments. A rather attractive 1960s model. June Palmer isn't bad either. A pic from 1960 of Hong Kong actress Mai Ling. The ultimate device for escaping from beach battles. Not sure about the hat, though.
"Okay guys - shortest on the left, tallest on the right - get fell in!"Yes, I've seen that one before. Bloke on the left always reminds me a bit of Dave Hill.
Only me!
The title of a song by Mary Wells comes to my mind here!
Yes, the complete image had apparently been posted earlier in the thread. I was asking a specific question about a coat. Hence the crop.
It is alleged. I hadn't heard that until today.
I'm largely with Brownie on this. The only differentiation I can think of was the fact that anything on Tamla Motown was usually referred to as 'Tamla'. Other than that there was just 'Soul', and tunes you did like and tunes you didn't like.
"Yus, my dear."
And nothing new about the image either.
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