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Q: What's the difference between Mick Jagger and an Dumbartonshire sheep farmer?A: Jagger says "Hey, you, get offa my cloud!" and the farmer says "Hey, MacLeod, get affeh my ewe!"
Trawling through my photos I found a pic of a mod(?) girl. No info, no idea where it came from.
I see that cnut Chris Welch gets his fizzog in there.
I wouldn't say they didn't survive past 1965. I had one in 67/68, but I only really wore it when I was planning to get a ride on the back of someone's scooter. Many scooter boys in N W England wore them at that time. Scooter boys in S E London wore them when I was down there in 68/69, though the hard-core, non-mod scooterists wore Belstaffs. What died out amongst 'hard mods' -> skinheads in S E London was the use of scooters at all.
Hey, some of us were okay, you know. I'd have bought you a pint and talked about football.
Funnily enough, wide belts were very much a Monkees thing.
I was caught like that by seaside photographers on a few occasions (notably the colour pic of me at Margate, earlier in this thread).By the way, your mate has his jumper tucked into his strides, and has one hell of a belt on. That strikes me as being a bit unusual.
This was in the era before Mickey was into Patsy Kensit. I mean that in the most innocent way.I know this isn't a TV nostalgia thread, but I'm old enough to remember Mickey Dolenz's previous incarnation. He was into elephants back then.
Of course you HAD to post that!
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