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Seconded! Happy Birthday, Ed, you young whipper-snapper!
I'm fazed by the braces-and-rugby-shirt images. I've never seen the like before. Suddenly I'm reminded of the kid in the parka and striped rugby shirt who seems to get in the front of every crowd scene in Quadrophrenia - I can't remember striped rugby shirts as any part of mod or skinhead or suedehead gear. Someone post and prove me wrong.Roy's pic of the Italian-made FP brought back into my memory the chunkier, more open-weave FPs that some guys wore back in the day. I'd...
If the stock in the Glasgow FP shop is anything to go by, yes.
Welcome to the thread.I never had mine shaved-in 'back in the day' so I can't help. But plenty of blokes did, and there's even some footage on a well-known documentary film of the day which shows a young lad asking his barber for it to be done. It has been on the thread before, but I'm sure someone can find it and put it up again.
Worth it, just to hear him lip off the Shermans! (Apologies to all our brothers on the thread over there). Incidentally, is that the smallest film part Piers Brosnan has ever had - the gunman in the car?My favourite Bob Hoskins movie is The Cotton Club. He co-starred as Owney Madden.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3SI2DOFcqi8He doesn't feature much in the clip above, but he and the late Fred Gwynne (whom you might recognise as Herman from The Munsters) had a wonderful...
Correcting myself - that wasn't actually his first appearance, but it was an early one.
Of course they had to have 'On The Move' on YouTube! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufVe521quok
You beat me to it! He made his first appearance in a little-known series promoting adult literacy.
 Absolutely correct. We both came from just outside Blackpool.After I had left school and gone down South - like I said before - I used to come up by coach to visit mates I'd left behind. On one of those occasions I dropped in to see the head teacher at my old school. I had cropped hair and was wearing boots, Levi jeans and jacket. Ian would have been at school that day. It would be bloody funny if he had seen me and...We'll never know, of course, because he died in a car...
Small World Department: I just found out Ian Stuart Donaldson of Skrewdriver went to the same school as I did. He would have been a first-year the year I left. Same haircut, different politics, bloody small world.
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