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Well, Wednesday is charity shop day...
Jeremy, 10/10 for wearing a Harrington. 0/10 for wearing beige with beige.
HARRINGTONS: Elvis Presley, Steve McQueen, Ryan O'Neil, Christopher Reeve, and...
Oh heaven help us!
The girl I went out with from late 69 used to say "Blue and green should never be seen," but I always heard "Red and green should never be seen, except on the back of a fool." That was a reference to jester's motley, which was often a combination of red and green.Divvil knows why the 'Irish Queen' bit, unless it was just something thrown in to make it rhyme.
Accepted, but it wasn't what I was saying, or perhaps it's better to say it wasn't what I meant.One of the reasons we didn't wear belts back in the day was because our Levis shrank to fit, and they didn't need a belt.*Maybe the cat in the hat's strides hold themselves up without one. Maybe he's going for a fairly minimalist look. Who can say? My comment was meant to convey the sense of, well, if our thread is about 'the look goes on', then it's just a wee bit ironic if we...
I'm with Duke on the shades. I quite like the dark sheepskin - I have one myself. The boots leave me cold.
Well, Wednesday was charity shop day - not a sausage!Hang on a minute... from 1966 to 1970 I wore Levis and sta-prest and such with no belt, none of us did, empty belt-loops all round!
Oh hardy har har!
Transcribing: Just broken the 1000 barrier. Phew!
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