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Just me having a bad brain day, ignore it!
Wait until you've been stopped by a dolly-bird who says "My grand-dad used to dress like you!"
That Noel Redding - such a joker! Baker is the only one still alive.
The 'Beagle ears' of the early 70s weren't quite as long, but had the same kind of flare-back.
It was the 'music question'. The starter was something like, "Identify the two word phrase by which this style of American music is known in Britain" (dead easy - 'Northern Soul' - got it before any of the brainboxes). Then there were three follow-up questions where you had to name the singer. I got two out of three, and I'm rather proud of that, in view of the fact that I don't follow NS all that closely.
I don't believe it! There was a question on Northern Soul on tonight's University Challenge!
Well, it is and it isn't. It all depends what you're trying to do.
I wasn't aware there was a contest.
But on the other hand, if you want to know what tunes were heard and danced to in the skinhead clubs in 1969, it was exactly those 'boring' ones.I was at a revival 'do' last February, and although the music was good, in its own way (except it made conversation difficult), I didn't recognise a single record played.
I tend to agree. I enlarged the photo as much as I could and came to the conclusion it's just an inadvertent 'trick' of the photo. No one of that era would have worn a collar like that. I don't even think they were in the shops yet. None of the hippies at college had 'em.When they did become popular - early 70s, the shape was slightly different. If you look at the pic of JD, you can see a kind of outwards flair to the collar, more exaggerated than on the modern Ivyskin...
New Posts  All Forums: