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I'll tell you this much - Bella would have had you laughing!
Looks like she might have had a bit of work, but she still scrubs up okay.
You're not alone, pal!
You can blame one of those seaside photographers who used to buttonhole you on the prom for that one.
It has been said before, but many mods involved in the beach fights, when interviewed later, said they were approached by journos who wanted them to stage something. I dare say the same could be said for any youth movement from Teds to Chavs, where journos are concerned.
Not all of us wore turn-ups back then, y'know.
That's what I feckin' MEANT!!!!!
Yep, as I said before, the first time I heard the term 'skinhead' in 68/69 it was being used as a term of abuse by greasers for the mod/peanut/totter blokes.
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