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The 42R fits me. I would have considered it if I didn't already have a dark blue overcoat.The beetle-crushers are size 9.
Wwll, Wednesday is charity shop day... blah blah blah... wool/cashmere, fly-fronted overcoat, 42R... blah blah blah... ... and another one on the rack downstairs 44R... blah blah blah... clumpy pair of burgundy Stead & Simpson toecaps... ... blah blah blah... Well, you get the picture.
Not unlike the one I currently own.
Well, Wednesday is charity shop day... Today we had in a denim Trucker by Gap, size L. Not bad for a fairly modern knock-off. But, more importantly, our local branch of USC is closing down, and selling off Lacoste polo shirts with £16 off the usual price. I thought the red one looked nice, so I bought it. Also I was surprised to see that they had black Levi truckers in cord, with charcoal fleece lining pretty cheap too. Not Strauss's best style ever, but I have worn...
Yes, in 1967 up North. It was very much a minority in surfer jackets, though. The majority were navy with plain navy cuffs, next ice blue with navy cuffs (similar to the Beach Boys' pic), and last red with navy cuffs.But no matter what impression I give, I don't follow a period look precisely.
I'm fancying a red monkey jacket for the coming summer. I realise I'm going to have to put up with piping. Any recommendations?
Following the news about Solovair, I went on line to see about getting hold of a pair of black boots, pref 8-hole, in size 8-and-a-half. I was fairly confident I would find a pair on the web in that size, because my Solovair ox-bloods were bought in that size. But nothing doing! Does anyone know who might do decent (black) boots in half-sizes? AirWair-style soles preferred, but if not, no worries. Late edit: Air Cushion Boot Co. seem to do Solovairs in half sizes...
Interesting to see how it is buttoned in the illustration - top two rather than the centre button with the Ivy League 'roll'.
Next regeneration of the Doctor!
Re belted coats. I remember that part of the later mod look of the 1960s included coats which had belts, in particular leather coats. BUT the belt was usually worn behind the coat, caught casually in the buckle, particularly if the coat was being worn open.The kind of coat, by the way, was not a million miles away from what Sting wore in Quadrophenia, but without epaulettes and without the upper lapel being wider than the lower (i.e. standard notch lapels). It's a style I...
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