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They sent me one of those and I sent it back. If anyone nicked it and used it in Perth I would have no way of saying it wasn't me. I'll get an Oyster.
Hello DJ.Boots: You're right, we didn't. Or rather, we wore all kinds of boots, including DMs, at first. I remember some blokes wearing boots not unlike those above.
Dream on, bro.
I have never yet found a monkey/surfer from any revival period that does not feature piping, nor a picture of the 4-skins where any of them is wearing a 1967-style, single-skin, non-piped surfer jacket.
I must admit she has a figure and a half!
Well okay, I'm denying it. They both got zips and cuffs, and there the resemblance ends. Finito.
Thanks for the info.
What on earth is that?
The thing is, the plain monkey/surfer was a garment that totally disappeared, it was never revived, not by revival mods, revival skinheads, no one. It simply vanished off the face of the planet in about 1968. That's why I don't think it could have been any influence at all on the replica MA-1.For one thing, there already was a replica MA-1 going round just after the brief appearance of the batch of surplus originals (winter 69/70). It was in a different fabric altogether,...
I would say so. Youths like me, who were there during the 'transition' can tell anyone that a lot of kids came into skinhead who may not have been all that aware of what went before.
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