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Funnily enough, wide belts were very much a Monkees thing.
I was caught like that by seaside photographers on a few occasions (notably the colour pic of me at Margate, earlier in this thread).By the way, your mate has his jumper tucked into his strides, and has one hell of a belt on. That strikes me as being a bit unusual.
This was in the era before Mickey was into Patsy Kensit. I mean that in the most innocent way.I know this isn't a TV nostalgia thread, but I'm old enough to remember Mickey Dolenz's previous incarnation. He was into elephants back then.
Of course you HAD to post that!
Interesting to see an inter-racial rock band in that era. One gets the impression that the only mixed-race recordings were made at Stax, but obviously it ain't necessarily so.
Well, I guess it's nice to see kids looking as cool as me.
These guys appeared in the surf film Bikini Beach. They came on stage with Beatle hairstyles, and suddenly hidden wires whipped their wigs off.
Oh green, definitely.
Got it!
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