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In 1967/8 in the North West of England, Levis were the jeans to get, followed by Wrangler, Lee (Rider), and Lee Cooper. Same as with Levis, we didn't seem to think numbers etc., we just went into the shops and bought the jeans by brand. Lee had the wavy lines on the back pocket, same as they seem to to today. Wrangler had a W, and Lee Cooper had straight lines. That was all we seemed to know about our jeans!Or maybe I just wasn't paying attention.In 1969 in London, I never...
And here's a blast from the past. How about this for a mix of checks!
No.But if you like them and they look good on you, wear them!
Did I actually say that? I don't think so. If I did, it was a meaning I didn't intend.You and me both, sister!Will do!Selfie, please!
You might take a look at Adam of London for some suit ideas. They carry much more than straightforward skinhead suits, but the cut and detail looks good, and there is a chance to try something on. Nearest tube is Ladbroke Grove, I believe.
Back in the day such questions didn't occur to us. It was simply what we wore. End of.
Thank you for that vote of confidence.
As I recall, back in the day you just went into a shop and asked for 'Levis'. I never heard anyone talk numbers.
Ease, up - you're talking to one! Just to get back to the topic of 'our' era, I think I have mentioned before that the first mainstream mods (short hair, levis, etc. pre-skinhead) I saw in London were in the suburbs.
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