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Don't remind me of les Fran├žais de Juillet - the only time I tried deliberately tried to pick a fight was with a young French bloke at the Savoy Rooms! Actually I used to enjoy the French kids being there, up to a point, because it meant I could get a chance to use a couple of sentences in French, in passing. In fact I sometimes used to prevent fights by clearing up misunderstandings. But on the other hand they did tend to get close to our birds! Tangerine/amber was...
As in 'Jane Firkin and Surge Forward', as we used to call them.
Not my thing on blokes either, but I remember when I went over to visit my pen-friend (daughter of my mother's pen friend) in Bayeux when I was about 16, a bloke from the mixed crowd we went about with used to wear a mini-pull over a shirt, the idea being to show shirt rather than navel. Than God!
Gilles, do you remember the 'mini-pull'?
Flemings are still going.
That was mostly the way it was for jackets in 67/68. I think it was the cut of the Levi jacket, without the side pockets that was the deciding factor.I have a few 'trucker' style jackets here in denim, cord, and leather - mostly modern Levis and one by Gap (suede) - and only two of them have side-pockets. Although the side pockets are handy, I prefer the other style for looks. Always did.
I had left the area by then. Were they easier to get hold of, and/or cheaper than Levis? Or had the blokes with influence just taken to wearing them in preference to Levis?
He's no spring chicken, and he's more a 'late mod' at heart (I think the words 'early Northern Soul' are used in the ad) rather than a hardcore NSer, so his dancing style would have to be quite a bit 'cooler'.(Neither can I. Never could, even though there was a bit of that about in my time.)Indeed they were!
I have it playing right now, Col.
'Up North' in 67/68 (and later, I believe) although Levis were the No.1 jeans, you could be seen without any loss of face in Wrangler, and after that Lee Rider and Lee Cooper.I have always found modern Lee Rider's to be a better fit than Levis. Maybe they make them for my odd build.
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