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Yes, I sincerely apologise for this. They're actually a Chinese jelly with bogus 'Air-wair' soles, and the brand name is 'Stephan'. I just thought they were too bonny wi' ill for'ardness to miss!
It was actually New Look where I spotted one a few months back. But I can't get onto their web site for some reason.I saw this ASOS offering.¤cyid=1&ppcadref=761030383%7C39786842323%7Cpla-100772289625&gclid=CLC12f3f_dICFcHNGwod7D4HBg
Well, Wednesday is charity shop day. DM jellies - WOO HOO!!!!
Well, Wednesday is charity shop day. DoE youngster James, volunteer at Cancer Research, Perth, gets a sponsored No.1. Suits him!
I'm still looking for a red surfer jacket. Preferred details: Navy collar/cuffs no sleeve pockets slit side pockets no storm flap on the zip At a pinch I would accept piping on the collar and cuffs. Any suggestions?
It might have been Topman - they do a blue suede and a tan faux-suede bomber.
I saw some on the high street a few months back. If I can pinpoint where, I'll let you know.
I just think back to the time in 1968 when my mate 'Cockney Bob' and I turned up at my parents' house in Levi suits, and my mum said "You look like you both go to the same Borstal!"
"Do your tie up and get a proper suit!" The only decent thing ever to come out of David Cameron's mouth! Mind you, have you seen Dodgy Dave's suits?
Yep it was Kinnear.But that look involved buttoning it top to bottom, making it look like a prison uniform.I get away with a denim jacket. I have two by Levis, one 'distressed'. I find the best thing to do with them is not wear them with other denim items (see my post on 'beige' - same thing!) but with nice casual stuff. This gets the approval of the fashion police at home (Mrs Mystery and Miss Mystery).
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